Selected Projects 10 02


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A brief selection of project in the UK and aborad,

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Selected Projects 10 02

  1. 1. Stephen Robins selected projects Chesterfield Waterside, Chesterfield. Masterplan to outline planning submission and canal basin to detailed planning ap- plication. Associate Director overseeing the preparation of a 24ha mixed use waterside masterplan on a brownfield site adjacent to a town centre. The redevlopment involves the creation of a mixed use heart set around a new canal basin serving as the terminus for a newly revitalised 40 mile stretch of canal. Proposals also include a new navigable canal arm, 1,200 homes, shops bars, cafes, reasturants, office space, an ecological park, homezones and an extensive SUDS network. Client: Chesterfield Waterside Partnership
  2. 2. Stephen Robins selected projects Lower Broughton, Salford Manchester Development framework toward SPD Associate Director overseeing the design aspect of a 50ha+ regeneration scheme in the heart of Manchester. Regeneration proposals involve the repopulation of a failing neighbourhood, provision of new jobs a renvis- aged local centre and the creation of a city significant waterside park. Client: Countryside Properties
  3. 3. Stephen Robins selected projects West Ruislip, Hillingdon Masterplan to outline planning submission Project leader for the redevelopment of an ex Ministry of Defence brownfield site in the London Borough Of Hillingdon. The redevel- opment proposes 500 new homes, a community hall, school and new playing fields. Client: St. Modwen & Vinci
  4. 4. Stephen Robins selected projects Tattenhoe Park, Milton Keynes. Development framework to outline planning submission. Project leader for a 52ha site proposing a new neighbour- hood of over 1,300 new homes, with shops and community facilities, public open space and a new primary school. The aim of the master plan is to deliver an attractive, well de- signed place to live, with strong connections to surrounding neighbourhoods and the wider city. Client: English Partnerships.
  5. 5. Stephen Robins selected projects Ipswitch F.C, Ipswitch Initial Ideas Masterplan Design leader investigating the redevelopment potential of Ipswitch F.C’s training ground facilities.
  6. 6. Stephen Robins selected projects Armstrong Creek, Melbourne, Australia Transit-Oriented Development Hub Design Concept Design leader overseeing the concept design of the Arm- strong Creek Station interchange and a mixed use local centre. Services include site planning incorporating urban design, landscape architecture, engineering and transport planning. Located to the southwest of Geelong on the Geelong-War- rnambool railway line, the concept incorporates design and infrastructure elements such as station architecture, street design, SUDS, PSD, and green roofs. The design provides for maximum long-term flexibility, anticipating change both in future travel behaviour and future land-use patterns. The development proposes a sustainable community that sets new benchmarks in best practice transport-oriented urban development. Client: Department of Transport and the Greater Geelong City Council.
  7. 7. Stephen Robins selected projects Diriyah, Riyad, Saudi Arabia Masterplan Design leader overseeing the design of a new expatriate community in Riyad, Saudi Arabia. Located western Riyad the proposal incorporates over 1,000 new homes in a mixture of apartments and terraced, semi detached and detached houses. The heart of the scheme provides a range of community facilities includ- ing a souk, ciniema and community club house all set in generous, spectacular landscape. Client: Millenium Development & Saudi Oger
  8. 8. Stephen Robins selected projects National Institute of Technology, Raipur, India Masterplan ability, education, residential, landscape design and transport planning to deliver a new exemplary integrated campus environment with the The guiding vision for the masterplan is to: specific remit of promoting an international standard of learning. Set around a beautiful central park, academic residential, sports, leisure Deliver a world class National Institute of Technology for Raipur in and residential uses are connected by a network of pedestrian paths and order to attract the highest of quality of student and teaching staff. The cycle ways. International standard architecture that respects the unique centre of excellence combines best practice in urban design, sustain- building heritage of the region provides a backdrop for creative learning.
  9. 9. Stephen Robins selected projects Oak Park, Detroit, United States of America Resilient Cities Compeition (2nd Place) Detroit exemplifies the typical American city suffering from declining fortunes of the car industry and empty abandoned streets caused by the sub prime mortgage crisis. With large areas of Detroit abandoned and left to decay its time to re-evaluate the fundamental struc- ture of the city alongside recommendations for a new denser suburban grain to create a true resilient city. By giving back swathes of land within the city to urban agriculture, bio fuel crops and renewable energy resources such as solar farms can we turn abandoned parts of the city to the advantage of all and instil a shift to localised urbanism and sustainable living post peak oil. The subsequent reduced city area available for residential use enables the opportunity for the intensification and restructuring of the remaining suburban areas into local centres capable of supporting themselves from a social, environmental and economic standpoint. All this must be in keeping with the American Dream of freedom of choice. Opportunity for every person to choose how they want to live, whether to redevelop their plot of land on their own, or perhaps with a neighbor, or maybe a developer, or to keep the big house and all the land. Broad choice of accommodation is at the heart of our proposal to foster diverse social sustainability.