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Spelling List


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Spelling List

  1. 1. Colegio San Patricio Spelling Bee List 5th grade School Year 2009-2010 Name__________________________________________________________L.N#_____5th_______ 1. method What is the best method for learning spelling words? 2. tissue Use a tissue when you sneeze. 3. advance We bought the tickets in advance. 4. native Palm trees are native plants in Florida. 5. item Which item is on sale? 6. agent The story is about a secret agent. 7. charcoal Dad filled the grill with charcoal. 8. maintain Who will maintain the new garden? 9. needle A dropped needle is hard to find. 10. denying There is no use denying that we like snowy days. 11. admitting Are you admitting that you did it? 12. occurring Accidents keep occurring on that road. 13. mustn’t You mustn’t tell my secret. 14. hadn’t Maggie hadn’t been there before. 15. could’ve I wish we could’ve visited you. 16. southern The southern states have a warmer climate. 17. establish Let’s establish a plan for getting the work done. 18. astonish Did the surprise astonish you? 19. shelves The shelves are filled with cans. 20. dominoes John put the dominoes in the box. 21. buffaloes Many buffaloes once covered the plains. 22. pioneer The pioneer family moved west. 23. beware Beware of barking dogs. 24. sword The blade of the sword is sharp. 25. toboggan Our toboggan slid down the hill. 26. chuckle Tim’s joke made me chuckle . 27. wooden Dad carved a wooden toy. 28. surrender He had to surrender his pass. 29. glimmer Stars glimmer in the night sky. 30. sensor A sensor will trigger the alarm. 31. kingdom The king ruled the kingdom. 32. humidity Before the storm, the air was full of humidity. 33. jewel The jewel fell out of the ring. 34. courthouse The judge works in a courthouse. 35. earthquake An earthquake shook the house. 36. spotlight The team stood in the spotlight. 37. schedule The schedule shows that the game is today. 38. fascinate Stamps fascinate me. 39. pledge I made a pledge never to smoke. 40. committee The committee planned the party. 41. accomplish We can accomplish this task. 42. opponent His opponent won the game. 43. disadvantage Our team has a big disadvantage. 44. uncomfortable The cold room is uncomfortable. 45. unemployed The unemployed man got a job. 46. canyon The canyon was deep. 47. barbecue We cooked on the barbecue pit. 48. stampede The cattle raced down the street in a stampede. 49. undercurrent The ocean’s undercurrent is strong. 50.overcast The overcast day turned sunny.
  2. 2. 51. output The printer’s output is 60 pages per minute. 52. through I cut through the fabric. 53. whether Did you decide whether to have carrots or corn? 54. chilly It is damp and chilly outside today. 55. washable Cotton fabrics are washable. 56. forgettable The boring movie is forgettable. 57. fashionable People like fashionable clothing. 58. independent Cats are independent animals. 59. immature The immature boy is acting silly. 60. illogical He has an illogical fear of the dark. 61. substitute I substitute milk for ice cream. 62. meteorite I saw a meteorite shower in May. 63. curiosity Cats and reporters are full of curiosity. 64. foreign The foreign visitor had a wonderful time. 65. fatigue The runner was overcome by fatigue. 66. condemn They plan to condemn the building . 67. blood Do you know your blood type? 68. atmosphere Earth has an atmosphere. 69. technology Progress comes from technology. 70. thermostat Set the thermostat on low. 71. auditorium All auditorium seats were taken. 72. decimeter A decimeter is one-tenth of a meter. 73. audience The audience loved the play. 74. resignation Her resignation was accepted. 75. majority He won the majority of votes. 76. signature I added my signature. 77. exhibition There is a new exhibition at the museum. 78. attraction Moths have an attraction to light. 79. humorous The humorous card made us laugh. 80. appearance The team made an appearance. 81. conference The conference lasted a week. 82. insurance Safety is the best insurance. 83. protein Fish is a source of protein. 84. relief I finished the test and felt relief. 85. shield The officer showed us his shield. 86. password My computer uses a password. 87. fingerprint They found a fingerprint on the window. 88. skateboard I like his skateboard. 89. immobile The rock was so heavy it was immobile. 90. finally They were finally finished. 91. medal The diver won a silver medal. 92. shuttle The space shuttle landed safely. 93. mustard Do you like mustard on your pretzel? 94. channel The boat sailed up the channel. 95. vital The heart is a vital organ. 96. spider A spider catches bugs in its web. 97. climate People who live in a cold climate need warm clothes. 98. sneeze Some flowers make me sneeze. 99. arrow An arrow points to the exit. 100. speech Do you enjoy making a speech?
  3. 3. 101. qualifying Qualifying for the playoffs is hard. 102. delaying Delaying the game caused a penalty. 103. including Everyone, including me, left early. 104. weren’t We weren’t allowed to go outside. 105. shouldn’t You shouldn’t have done that. 106. couldn’t We couldn’t see through the fog. 107. ethnic Each ethnic group has special customs. 108. attach Can you attach the nametag with a pin? 109. hyphen Use a hyphen to divide the word. 110. volcanoes Active volcanoes can be deadly. 111. scissors All the scissors are in the bin. 112. thieves The thieves were soon arrested. 113. engineer An engineer drives a train. 114. volunteer Who will volunteer to help out? 115. smear The wet paint will smear if you touch it. 116. scramble When the bell rang, there was a scramble for the door 117. double Two puppies are double the fun. 118. fossil The fossil shows a fern leaf. 119. sticker I put the sticker on my notebook. 120. refrigerator Put the milk in the refrigerator. 121. helicopter The helicopter took off. 122. gasoline The car ran out of gasoline. 123. terrific What a terrific idea that is! 124. illustrate Draw a picture to illustrate your story. 125. barefoot It is fun to walk barefoot on the beach. 126. postcard Send me a postcard while you are gone. 127. countryside The countryside is full of trees. 128. smudge The ink made a smudge on the paper. 129. muscle Exercise builds muscle. 130. scene The picture shows a winter scene. 131. broccoli We had steamed broccoli for dinner. 132. immediate I need an immediate answer. 133. possess Jay hopes to possess the new video game soon. 134. deodorant Put deodorant in your locker. 135. discomfort A cold causes discomfort. 136. unpredictable The weather is unpredictable. 137. kiosk I bought the newspaper at the kiosk. 138. banquet Thanksgiving dinner was a banquet. 139. safari They went on an African photo safari. 140. subdivision A subdivision is being built near our apartment. 141. outfield The ball was caught in the outfield. 142. subheads Outlines have subheads. 143. allowed Pets are not allowed in the zoo. 144. threw The pitcher threw a curve ball. 145. aloud I like to read poetry aloud. 146. reasonable That store has reasonable prices. 147. valuable Gold is valuable. 148. reversible My coat is reversible. 149. inappropriate They laughed at inappropriate times during the play. 150.inexpensive That meal was inexpensive.
  4. 4. 151. cylinder A can is a cylinder shape. 152. mosaic The mosaic is made of clay tiles. 153. intermediate I am taking intermediate diving classes. 154. fascination He has a fascination with cars. 155. cordial Our host was cordial and generous. 156. anxious I feel anxious before a test. 157. sergeant The sergeant shouted orders. 158. astronomy Astronomy is the study of the stars. 159. asterisk An asterisk looks like a little star. 160. meteorology The meteorology center tracked the storm. 161. sociology The sociology class studied social conditions. 162. injection An injection can prevent disease. 163. audition I want to audition for the lead role. 164. territory The territory was occupied by settlers. 165. inspiration I find inspiration from music. 166. unity A team must show unity to win. 167. equation An equation is a math sentence. 168. inspire The speech was meant to inspire. 169. politics Compromise is good in politics. 170. explanation His explanation made sense. 171. nervous The nervous cat twitched its tail. 172. furious She was furious because her brother lost her ticket. 173. relaxation A vacation is time for relaxation. 174. ambulance The ambulance raced to the hospital. 175. persistent The mosquito is a persistent pest. 176. evidence The criminal evidence is missing. 177. receive You will receive it by mail. 178. neither I know that neither you nor I are going. 179. ceiling We painted our ceiling sky blue. 180. newspaper My newspaper didn’t come today. 181. teenager I will be a teenager in three years. 182. keyboard I found the delete key on the keyboard. 183. effect What is the effect of the experiment? 184. adapt We adapt to our environment. 185. cancellation I was upset by the cancellation of my favorite show. 186. prescription My doctor wrote a prescription. 187. glamorous The model was very glamorous. 188. mysterious A mysterious family moved next door. 189. administration The school administration hired more teachers. 190. iridescent The coating on the inside of the shell was iridescent. 191. coincidence It is a coincidence we both arrived at the same time. 192. convenient Let’s decide on a convenient time to get together. 193. significant A birthday is a significant event. 194. alliance The nations formed an alliance. 195. diesel The train has a diesel engine. 196. retrieval That dog is expert at retrieval. 197. unwieldy The mattress was big and unwieldy. 198. grievance Take your complaint to the grievance committee. 199. deceitful That crook is very deceitful. 200. air conditioner The air conditioner cooled us.
  5. 5. Colegio San Patricio Challenge Words 5th grade School Year 2009-2010 1. blood pressure Her blood pressure is normal. 2. worldwide Their packages are shipped worldwide. 3. straightedge A straightedge is used to draw lines. 4. cross country My family loves to cross country ski. 5. personal This matter is personal. 6. personnel She is the personnel director at her company. 7. proceeding We are proceeding forward. 8. preceding The preceding summer, I went to camp. 9. immigrate Many people immigrate to America. 10. emigrate Why did they emigrate from Poland 11. documentary The television news story was made into a longer documentary. 12. stegosaurus Only fossil of the stegosaurus dinosaur remain. 13. pediatrician A pediatrician cares for children. 14. mediocre Today s performance was only mediocre. 15. simultaneous The explosion and fire were simultaneous. 16. bureau It is in my bureau drawer. 17. reminiscent The story is reminiscent of long ago. 18. adjective An adjective adds meaning to a noun or pronoun. 19. flawlessly She delivered a ten-minute speech flawlessly. 20. environment Recycling helps keep the environment clean. 21. psychology The psychology book tried to explain why people act and think. 22. anthropology Anthropology is the study of humans. 23. thermoelectric Thermoelectric has to do with the flow of heat and electricity. 24. astronomical The cost of the car was astronomical. 25. microbiology Microscope are used by students taking microbiology courses. 26. terra cotta The vase was mad of terra cotta clay. 27. subterranean The gold was kept far down in a subterranean vault. 28. conjecture The detective s wild conjecture proved to be true. 29. trajectory The trajectory of light is always a straight line. 30. terrestrial Cows and lions are terrestrial animals. 31. magic We enjoyed the magic show. 32. magician The magician pulled a rabbit out of a hat. 33. remedy Bed rest is one remedy for the common cold. 34. remedial I went for remedial help in reading. 35. individual Each individual is given a turn. 36. individuality Some like to express their individuality through fashion. 37. papaya I love the taste of papaya juice. 38. artichoke It is fun to peel and eat artichoke leaves. 39. sauerkraut Some like to have sauerkraut and mustard on their hotdogs. 40. succotash Succotash is a dish of lima beans and corn. 41. tsunami The earthquake under the ocean caused a huge tsunami. 42. overwhelm Beautiful scenery can overwhelm my senses. 43. superimpose To make purple, superimpose clear red plastic over blue plastic. 44. underestimate Never underestimate the goodness of people. 45. underprivileged We collected clothing for underprivileged children. 46. subcommittee A subcommittee was created to make new school rules. 47. counsel A lawyer offers legal counsel.
  6. 6. 48. council The city council voted to install a stop light. 49. bizarre Some things are meant to be strange and bizarre. 50. bazaar The open-air bazaar had food, clothing , and crafts for sale. 51. patients The patients read magazines in the doctor s waiting room. 52. patience I do not have enough patience to solve that puzzle. 53. noticeable The new paint made a noticeable difference in the room. 54. conceivable It was conceivable that the reporter misheard the information. 55. disposable Let s use disposable dishes at the party. 56. biodegradable Grass clippings are biodegradable. 57. collapsible The collapsible table was stored in the closet for later use. 58. irrelevant Those minor details are irrelevant to the main idea. 59. irreparable A broken balloon is irreparable. 60. intolerant Some coaches are strict and intolerant. 61. indisputable The game s outcome was indisputable. 62. impersonal The movie star s attitude was impersonal. 63. rehearsal The play rehearsal went well. 64. salamander A salamander looks like a snake with legs. 65. prominent The mayor is prominent citizen. 66. significant You made a significant improvement in your grade. 67. parakeet I taught my parakeet to speak. 68. sledgehammer The worker broke up the concrete with a sledgehammer. 69. brokenhearted I was brokenhearted when my best friend moved. 70. chalkboard The answer is on the chalkboard. 71. straightforward He gave a straightforward answer. 72. granddaughter The man took a walk with his granddaughter. 73. extraordinary You have extraordinary talent. 74. reminisce Do you ever reminisce about the old days 75. acknowledge I acknowledge that you are the champ. 76. prejudice Some people have a prejudice against cats. 77. allergic Are you allergic to milk 78. silhouette The artist cut a silhouette from black paper 79. millionaire A millionaire donated the money. 80. dilemma The two choices present a dilemma. 81. embarrassment Sue blushed in embarrassment. 82. compassionate Some compassionate people rescued the kitten. 83. unnecessary A coat is unnecessary today. 84. disobedient The disobedient pup ate my sock. 85. de humidifier A de humidifier prevents mildew. 86. disinfectant Use disinfectant on your cut. 87. disenchanted We quickly grew disenchanted with the new toy. 88. emphasis Our emphasis is on safety. 89. sophomore My brother is a sophomore in high school. 90. athlete Phyllis is a talented athlete. 91. phenomenal The outfielder made a phenomenal catch. 92. chimpanzee A chimpanzee swung through the trees. 93. bailiffs The judges appointed new bailiffs. 94. wharves The wharves were lined with boats. 95. mosquitoes Buzzing mosquitoes kept me awake. 96. armadillos I saw many armadillos when I lived in Texas. 97. desperadoes The posse chased the desperadoes. 98. impair The wrong glasses may impair your vision.