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Referral Program


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Put a little green in your pocket during these crazy economic times.

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Referral Program

  1. 1. Earn a 10% referral commission for every order placed by a referred company for an entire year. Average 12 month referral commission: $500 With the reality of both corporate and personal challenges facing the economy these days, we decided to develop a program that would truly present a win/win/win for everyone involved. Ultimately we hope this program enables us to grow and provide more jobs here at 18 Stories, make the companies we connect with better – improving their competitive advantage and increasing their revenues, and provide an excellent, supplemental source of income for those helping build these connections. Here are the core objectives of the program & the benefits to all who participate: 18 Stories develops new networking connections with those who provide referral opportunities. We also gain new customers who might otherwise be difficult to get in front of. Our job is to take referral opportunities and turn them into long term business partnerships. The referred organization is provided an opportunity to explore the benefits that doing business with 18 Stories brings. Our focus is on protecting our clients’ brands and building stronger connections between these brands and the customers they serve. These companies will receive unique creativity and a level of service that will ultimately make them better. The simple act of an individual building a bridge, connecting us with a new client, can end up being the seed to something truly rewarding for all involved. The referrer will receive a referral commission* that is second to none! Our objective is to provide an attractive incentive that motivates individuals to help us build business connections that last for years to come. By providing residual commissions on every paid project for 12 months**, we know we can provide some welcome funds for individuals during these challenging times.
  2. 2. How do I become an 18 Stories referral partner? You become a referral partner the moment you help us build a new connection. If you have a potential connection who might benefit from what 18 Stories offers, there are two simple ways to make this happen: 1. Actively make an introduction by sending a simple email along with our Why 18 Stories? PDF, being sure to carbon copy (required). This will let your contact know how 18 Stories might be a beneficial partner and strengthens the referral connection and potential. Additionally, complete the Referral Connection form and forward it along to us in a separate email. This is an easy way for us to log your information in conjunction with this potential connection. We love this method! 2. Allow 18 Stories to reach out for a potential connection by completing the Referral Connection form and submitting it to us by email or fax. Again, this form is the best way for us to log your information in conjunction with this potential connection. Armed with the contact’s information, we will reach out to them with the message that you thought they were someone who might be a great fit to benefit from our services. At that point, business develops as it always would. If there is a great connection with a win/win opportunity for 18 Stories and the referred customer, we will pay a referral commission on each and every paid project for 12 months! *This program is designed to be a win for everyone involved. There are a few cases in which individuals may wish not to receive a referral commission. In these cases, 18 Stories is happy to commit the 10% commission to the charity of your choice or offer your organization a 10% rebate on all purchases for 12 months. If you are a current customer or receiving a commission would create a conflict of interest, you are disqualified from the referral opportunity. This program is designed to encourage people to help us build connections, reward those efforts and to bring value to those referred through a partnership with 18 Stories. We have customizable discount and rebate programs to service clients - the referral program is not available as an additional discount. The referral commission calculation is based on the product portion of each project invoice. Shipping and sales tax collection totals are not eligible. Referral commissions exceeding $600 will require 18 Stories to generate 1099 documentation for income tax filings. **Referral commissions will be earned on all paid projects for a twelve (12) month period beginning with the original referral date.