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Advice from Steve Gianaca on how to get, work at and utilize a successful internship.

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Welcome -Steve G. Advice based on my internship with:
  2. 2. Getting the Internship -Steve G. Prepare to invest a lot of time• Exhaust personal connections and network • Create Reasonable Goals•
  3. 3. Getting the Internship -Steve G. Internet Use it wisely, search job listings at companies you want. • Use job listing sites•
  4. 4. Getting the Internship -Steve G. These are sites suggested by
  5. 5. The Interview -Steve G. Many places will have a preliminary phone interview • Research your company and interviewer • Keep your résumé, company website and a notepad handy •
  6. 6. The Interview -Steve G. Dress above the position you are interviewing for • Be nice to EVERYONE, even the doorman. • Be pleasant, they want good attitudes •
  7. 7. The Interview -Steve G. Be confident about what you know • It is okay to sell yourself, not to be arrogant • Follow up with a “thank you” card or email •
  8. 8. The Internship -Steve G. Never have nothing to do• Actively seek feedback• Network, network, network!•
  9. 9. The Internship -Steve G. Always keep records• Backup everything you create, even if it seems trivial • Always get permission before reposting as your own creation. It is technically someone else’s intellectual property. •
  10. 10. The Internship -Steve G. Perform Random Acts of Kindness• Maybe bring in breakfast one day• Help a coworker in a non job related task. •
  11. 11. The Internship -Steve G. Accept ALL invitations• A simple lunch outing can make lasting connections. • Your JOB is to be social•
  12. 12. The Internship -Steve G. Ask for career advice• These people are experts, use their knowledge • A good time to feel for any hints they may want you beyond the internship. •
  13. 13. Final Thoughts -Steve G. People don’t hire those who seem unconfident • A complainer is usually avoided, stay positive; get more work • Always maintain communication, even after the internship is over •
  14. 14. Final Thoughts -Steve G. Thank YouFor more info, please email me at: And visit my website at: