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  1. 1. “ Everyone who works for Nokia is a brand ambassador. That means we all need to know our brand, we need to understand what we are telling consumers, and we need to act accordingly.” Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo/ President and CEO Поляков Е.В. 4 курс. Маркетинг
  2. 2. In a crowded marketplace, our brand needs to cut through and stand out. We want to grab people’s attention and get them talking about us. Stand out! P ark bench series of ads… … a really good metaphor for human communication and connection. The ads were quirky and funny . We had all sorts of people sitting on our park benches. One ad even featured the entire line-up of the Finnish rock band the Leningrad Cowboys. “ We had to find an extra large bench for that one.”
  3. 3. “ Advertisers need to stop thinking they can reach people by interrupting what they are interested in. They need to start being interesting and useful themselves.” Neil Christie / W+K London How? We never start off by trying to create advertising. Our fear is that, if we jump straight into ad-writing mode, then we’ll get advertising that looks like advertising. We want stuff that’s got a brand or product idea first, rather than an advertising idea. Why? The strongest brands represent a meaningful emotional relationship – they have fans not consumers. The most effective brands are provocative – they change people’s minds, they disrupt the market place, they change the consumer culture. Regent street lights
  4. 5. “ Being human. It’s a simple idea, but back when Nokia moved into mobile telephony, it was an approach nobody in the industry was taking. Everyone else was talking about the technical details of their products. We never wanted to let technology get in the way of what people wanted to do, and our advertising reflected this humanity: it was straightforward, with a subtle sense of humour that made Nokia feel less like a big corporation and more like a friend you could relate to. It was a fresh approach to mobile telephony: Nokia offered high technology on a human scale.”
  5. 6. The Matrix Rock’n’rolla S hopaholic Taxi 4 Britney Spears – Womanizer Christina Aguilera – «Keeps Gettin' Better» Pussycat Dolls – «Jai Ho!», «Hush Hush», Katy Perry – «Waking Up In Vegas».
  6. 8. We need to make our brand idea and point of view clear to people. We need to promote and feature only content that has a positive impact on people’s lives. What kills a brand is overpromising and under-delivering. And what makes people love a brand is to consistenly over-deliver against the consumer’s expectations.
  7. 9. Playfulness is an optional characteristic – to be used where and when relevant.
  8. 10. Consumers need to be able to identify our brand clearly and rapidly across our communications.