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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Banana leaf school Phuket
  2. 2. It is important for schools to have networks so that it could be the learning source for students to have a world wide mind!
  3. 3. -Each student has a computer. -Each teacher has a computer. so BNL will have 1070 computers.
  4. 4. Its necessary that everyone has a computer because:
  5. 5. Teachers Some teachers doesn’t have a computer at home so if they need to work (the tests/some paper work etc.) they could just take the computer home so they wont have to waste our learning time by doing their work at school.
  6. 6. Students Each student gets a computer because they would have a broad knowledge and not only the knowledge in their books.
  7. 7. They’ll be Headphones Photoshop all the Microsoft program So all students knows how to use these programs.
  8. 8. The network that the school should use is the LAN network. Because LAN network covers the whole geographic area.
  9. 9. School’s network Building 1 building2 building3 building4 Teachers building
  10. 10. BY… IDA RUBY YOK #25 #20 #24 m.4/12 ♥