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  1. 2. My roles I did in the group were: Music Genre Research DVD Cover Research DVD cover comparison The Plan for the Group Roles Magazine Cover Photography, Casting, Editing of the pictures Print Screen Annotations for Magazine Cover Audience Feedback For Music Video Work for my blog Filming Of Music Video Editing Of Music Video Hannabella 8111
  2. 3. My roles I did in the group were: Music Genre Research DVD Cover Research The Plan for the Group Roles Flat Plan for DVD Cover Props, Dress Code and Settings Plan Video Comparison Audience Feedback for Music Video Research Photography Annotations Print Screen Annotations for DVD Cover DVD Cover Filming Of Music Video Editing Of Music Video Mudhiah 8082 http:// /
  3. 4. Zoya Butt 8020 My roles I did in the group were: Flat Plan for Magazine Promotion Screenshots For Magazine Promotion
  4. 5. Question 1: In what ways does your short media film use, develop or challenge forms of real media products? In our Music Video We show the female walking away from the male which brings out a negative aspect of this video also creates a hostile and tense atmosphere. This challenges the modern music video in the industry as the video we have planned on purpose challenges the typical conventions of the R&B. Our song is a slow tempo song so the audience can hear the lyrics which link with the storyline. Unlike a stereotypical R&B video the main focus is not always on the star although the song is about the main star persona. This makes it easier to create a narrative and concept which is the main focus in our video. Our concept can be recognised as the visual image relate to the lyrics being sang, almost like the singer it narrating it. Instead of creating a desirable representation our video show the harsh reality of the real world. I think this is so audiences are not fooled and can relate to there own life which makes our video appealing in this way. The video shows that how loves will not always last. We also show the transition from picture to moving image. This is part of the narrative which can be emphasised by the flashbacks. I think using the transition from still image to moving images creates the connection from present to past. This can be indicates through the colour changes from colour to black and white. Mudhiah 8082 http:// /
  5. 6. In our music video we include includes two characters a females and male. These characters are the only characters we have used in the video so the attention in centralised around them. The focus will be on them and there relationship which is the main intension. We have made sure that the female does not over power the male as we want the audience to establish who the main star is. The audience can relate more towards two characters more than if there were 10 people in the video. This is important for the audience to engage with the characters in order for them to relate to them within their own life. We did not use varies locations or settings as it was not part of our planning. We only used a part and green screen which was used for the parts which were mimed. Within the camera we used mainly mid shots which the artist can use non verbal communication to interact with the audience. In the editing we used flashback to create a narrative and a concept for the audience to relate to. Mudhiah 8082 http:// /
  6. 7. Question 1: I feel that our magazines and DVD covers and also in some aspects our video, challenge normal codes and conventions of r&b genres, because of the colours used, black, white and we used a lot of dark lighting to represent the contrast between past and present and also the feelings and emotions displayed in the video, since it’s more of a narrative video, whereas other R&B videos more or less use things like, dancing, the main artist being the centre of attention, more or less showing a ideal lifestyle, but our video however challenges that and shows a realistic lifestyle rather that an ideal. Hannabella 8111
  7. 8. In what ways does your short film , use, develop, or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? <ul><li>Zoya- Our short film challenges the forms and conventions of real media products as we have chosen to use a narrative instead of a performance which is what we normally see on many music videos. </li></ul><ul><li>Hanna- The Music video Develops forms and conventions of media products of today as our video tells a story that the viewers can see and makes the lyrics to the song more effective. </li></ul><ul><li>Mudhiah- Our video challenges and develops forms and conventions as you will not see a typical performance being used where women may be used as sex symbols as they are today but a video that reflects what the song is really about. </li></ul>Zoya Butt 8020 http:// /
  8. 9. Question 2: How effective is the combination of you amin product and subsidery text? Our DVD and Magazine advert is effective as they link with our music video. The relation between past and present is obvious as we used the image of the female in black and white transparent which links to our video with the flashbacks. This outlines to the audience the storyline. Our DVD cover contradicts stereotypical RnB DVD colour as we have used black and more darker colours to reflect the mood of the singer which is pain and the feeling of hurt. Also Instead of everything being centralised around the main artist we have instead included the female actress to add mystery so the audience is intrigued to know the story being this. We have edited the picture to make the girl fade out almost like a ghost this effect is not used allot on Music DVD’s also it would be seen as not eye catching but I feel it adds to the mystery and it is more meaningful. Mudhiah 8082 http:// /
  9. 10. Similarly we have linked these element onto the Magazine advert. But we have purposely made our Magazine contract with a real media product as to appeal to a broader audience we have to appeal to people showing something different which I think there would be a gap it the market for. EXAMPLE: There is a female star centralised on the page she seems to dominate the advert She looks perfect and glamorous something to be admired. Although this is appealing to the audience we want them to see a more unperfected image were by it co-notates negativity more and about how harsh life can be sometimes. The font does not over power the female star but is noticeable against the black background. The words are direct and seem personal to how ever is reading it. We wanted to have the same impact on the audience so they can relate and link our title “all or nothing” to their life. The details of the release date are in smaller text but still noticeable we have done this with our media product as we do not want the reader to feel forced into buying the DVD but still in a way be persuaded through our concept. Mudhiah 8082 http:// /
  10. 11. http:// / EXAMPLE: Mudhiah 8082 The image is of and woman who dominates the page. The lighting is high key to create as positive mood which may contrast with our promotional poster. As we use low key lighting to reflect the mood of the song and how the singer is feeling. Also this poster reflect a perfect image which is not achievable in reality. However our poster symbolises reality and not is not all about a desirable image it is more about the concept of a relationship which does not always last The positive mood is emphasise by the bright colours used on the title. Which seems to be often in a music promotion poster. We have used contrasting colour which are not bright but still eye catching as they contrast (the combination of dark and light-black, white and grey). There is not a visual image of the actual album included which may be a negative as the audience will not know what they are looking for if they want to buy the album. We have included the cover of the DVD cover in a 3d style which will appeal more to the audience as they know what they will be buying before hand.
  11. 12. EXAMPLE: Mudhiah 8082 http:// / Again this shows a poster dominated by one person who a male and looks very masculine. The Lighting is again high key. Similarly to our poster and many more the artist is making non verbal communication which attracts the audience more. The banner across the poster contains the single name and release date. The single is can “ u remind me” which makes it seem like it is personal to however is reading it. The CD cover is established here we can see the poster has the same theme which links between the CD cover and poster.. We had this effect in our poster as we had similar themes as we wanted the two products to link The artist name is establishes straight away and the fact that it is a new single. We have also made this clear in our poster but instead more with the songs name and the artist. I feel this is important in order for the audience to be informed.
  12. 13. Question 2 I feel that our DVD cover/magazine article are effective along side our main video, this is because we used the same theme through all three, with the past and present references, the use of black and white to show this, as black and white is usually used in posters/music videos/film to show a ‘flashback’ or a memory, so when we used black and white in certain parts of our work we’re showing a memory, a flashback from the main protagonists point of view, the lead singer. Hannabella 8111
  13. 14. How effective is the combination of your main product and subsidiary texts? <ul><li>Zoya- Our subsidiary texts are what promote our main product through the use of our themes and ideas for the genre we have chosen to use. </li></ul><ul><li>Hanna- I feel that our product is effective in the way that we have presented it in terms of our use of photography and professional software such as Photoshop and Indesign. </li></ul><ul><li>Mudhiah- Our main product is as effective as our subsidiary texts as we have used Photoshop to edit most of the imagery used and then placed it on Indesign. </li></ul>Zoya Butt 8020 http:// /
  14. 15. Magazine Promotion Hannabella 8111
  15. 16. DVD Cover Mudhiah 8082 http:// /
  16. 17. Question 4 How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? I used many technologies during making my media product: In Design Photoshop Digital Camera/Video Tripod Green Screen Apple Macs This technologies helped us achieve a more professional media product which therefore held us portray our message to the audience. Mudhiah 8082 The Use of Digital Camera For our DVD Cover and Magazine advert which helped us achieve a professional image http:// /
  17. 18. Research & Planning During the planning our group used the internet to research different genres and other music video to develop our ideas. We also used Digital cameras to take pictures of our Planning which included the storyboards and the further planning into what we needed for our music video. Subsidiary Task We used various Technologies to create our DVD Cover and Magazine promotion poster. DVD - Photoshop In Design Digital Camera Magazine Promotion Poster- Photoshop In Design Digital Camera Main Task Digital camera/video Green Screen Sony Vegas Software Apple Macs Mudhiah 8082 http:// /
  18. 19. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages? <ul><li>Zoya- We have used software such as Photoshop and Indesign to produce our DVD cover and Magazine advert. We have mainly produced the text and edited the images on Photoshop and then placed them in Indesign. </li></ul><ul><li>Hanna- I have used my Photography skills to take the appropriate images that we needed for our DVD cover and Magazine advert, as for the editing of the music video we used Apple mat to help with this. </li></ul><ul><li>Mudhiah- We used Apple mat to help us with editing our video, adding transitions and special effects. We did this to ensure that our video was to a professional standard and looked as though it had not been produced by students. </li></ul>Zoya Butt 8020 http:// /
  19. 20. Question 3 What have you learned from your audience feedback? I have learned many things from our audience feedback which helped us realised what specific this the audience wanted which help us realise on improvement we could make, but also established goals we have achieved to appeal to the audience. Linking with our questionnaire we can visual see the overall answer of the audience. We have recognised many things: Q1: I feel the response from the audience was positive as out main aim was to challenge the typical codes and conventions of a typical R&B video. Q2: Most People Liked the narrative which we wanted to appeal to the audience so they can relate to it more rather then seeing and unachievable image or a story which does not fit into reality Q3: We as a group agree with the audience feedback we could have improved on the special effect but we feel the main thing was to get the message of the narrative across about relationships and being heart broken. Q4: We agree with the majority of the audience feedback as we think people younger than 13 would not relate to the narrative which is the main aim of what we are trying to do. Audience Feedback...... Mudhiah 8082 http:// /
  20. 21. Audience Feedback Hannabella 8111
  21. 22. <ul><li>We asked 50 people aged13-21 what they thought about our music video, here are the responses: </li></ul>
  22. 23. Do you think that our music video challenges typical codes and conventions of R&B?
  23. 24. Which of the following did you like most about our video?
  24. 25. Which of the following do you think we could have improved?
  25. 26. Do you think our music video appeals to people younger than 13 years?
  26. 27. What have you learned from your audience feedback? <ul><li>Zoya- I have come to learn that our audience feel that we do not appeal to our age group. However, I think that our audience may have felt this as we did take into consideration more what may appeal to an older audience. </li></ul><ul><li>Hanna- Our audience feel that we need to improve our narrative, I feel that this is something that could have been improved to ensure it appealed more to our age range. </li></ul><ul><li>Mudhiah- From the audience feedback I have learnt that we should have asked what our audience would have liked to see in our short video clip and then perhaps used the input given to help us or use to use that as a guide. </li></ul>Zoya Butt 8020 http:// /