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Audio Eye Accessibility Technology

  1. 1. © copyright audio eye, inc.
  2. 2. Grow Your Market and Monetize Your Content Allow web site visitors to listen to all your content (text, RSS, podcasts, video) through the Audio Eye Player. Provides a new revenue stream through advertising and/or sponsorship on the Audio Eye player, or in the audio feeds. Attracts a highly desirable market segment to your site: Consumers currently spend 85 percent of their time with ear-oriented media like radio and television, compared with 15 percent on print formats There are over 76 million baby boomers who are responsible for $2 trillion in income, and has 50 percent of the discretionary spending power in the U.S. (i.e. this same group mirrors talk radio demographics) Attracts an underserved market segment to your site and addresses government legislation The elderly, disabled – visual, learning, or physical, and internet novices and non-English speakers have difficulty utilizing the point and click (mouse), graphical nature of the Internet The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act were enacted to eliminate barriers to information technology for the disabled. Audio Eye is simple to use and there is no technical work required by the site owner. Listen and Surf by Sound © copyright audio eye, inc.
  3. 3. Audio Eye Description What we do Audio Eye, Inc. creates innovative software that enables any content (text, audio, video) to be indexed, converted to audio if required, navigated by audio prompts and keyboard commands, and read out loud. Opportunity The internet was created as a visual medium connected by point and click technology. It can be challenging to use and navigate if you are elderly, disabled, or one of the millions of on-the-go, time-challenged, bleary-eyed individuals who multi-task throughout the day. Solution Audio Eye thinks of the Internet differently, recognizing its possibility to operate as a spoken medium by cataloging and converting content into audio “filing cabinets” with access through a powerful audio media player. Audio Eye addresses the opportunity by empowering the world to “ Listen & Surf by Sound” Listen and Surf by Sound © copyright audio eye, inc.
  4. 4. Benefits Tremendous Commercial benefit Improving and increasing direct response performance, messaging and branding communication. Psychological tests have proven that people remember 20% of what they hear, 27% of what they see, and 52% of what they hear and see. Commercializing RSS (Really Simple Syndication) content in audio format or linking podcasts to an Audio navigation system presents a unique value-add opportunity to sell a new class of effective internet advertising, sponsorships, and paid search. Demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility by providing the elderly, visually impaired and learning disabled with improved internet navigation tools by addressing ADA and Section 508/504 requirements. Addressing a large major market segment. All internet users benefit from audio content management and navigation. Offering site visitors a free, but value–added service. Listen and Surf by Sound © copyright audio eye, inc.
  5. 5. The Audio Eye Service The Audio Eye player will “ load, speak , and display “ a menu of the content available and the associated audio feed. Any information in – Audio Out. By listening to audio prompts and using keyboard commands, an Internet user can navigate and listen to a site's content selections, complete forms and registration information and conduct transactions. Audio Eye allows you to improve your messaging; target a broader market; demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility and address ADA; and capture new commercial opportunities. Listen and Surf by Sound © copyright audio eye, inc.
  6. 6. Audio Eye & RSS Feeds “ RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is in its infancy, but the velocity and mass of its adoption confirms it to be one of the most important developments in the distribution of media”. Audio Eye is unique when it comes to RSS Feed handling in the following ways: Source: White Paper on RSS: the Next Big Thing On line: MediaThink Converts RSS Feeds into Streaming Audio headlines and full stories (Aggregator) Provides audio navigation and search of content choices (Media Player) Reads out loud the headlines and the page content (Differentiator!!) Audio Eye provides a Company branded player so clients don’t leave your site! The Audio Eye player adds space to sell additional advertisement and sponsorships. Utilize your ad inventory, sponsorships or sales staff to generate revenue. The return on investment for utilizing Audio Eye is very High. Listen and Surf by Sound © copyright audio eye, inc.
  7. 7. A Publisher’s Dilemma Publishers of all kinds (web, TV, ,newspapers) have traditionally distributed content in bundles (from content to ads) as part of mass marketing strategies. Clients however, have a real-demand of less time and want unbundled choices. RSS starts to unbundle media programming. Audio Eye is a technology solution that assists in re-bundling according to company or market preferences. (client preferences to come shortly). Through private label of the Audio Eye player and the creation of new publisher bundles, or user preference bundles. Source: TV news in a Postmodern World – The Remarkable Opportunities of Unbunded Media The Digital Journalist – Terry Heaton Listen and Surf by Sound © copyright audio eye, inc.
  8. 8. Internet Access Without Audio Eye offers instantaneous Audio updates. Technical Burden or Boundaries Audio Eye is network-based, so users can utilize all of its functionality across all their potential internet points of entry - school, home, office, library or mobile device. Audio Eye is easily implemented and simply sits on top of a site’s existing security system. Audio Eye setup takes less than an hour and can be done by a non technical person. Listen and Surf by Sound © copyright audio eye, inc.
  9. 9. Distribution and Access is Via a Simple Hyperlink Audio Eye is distributed by placing an Icon on a web page, or through an automated script The Audio Eye player is launched by clicking the Icon, or through an automated script Listen and Surf by Sound © copyright audioeye, inc.
  10. 10. Increase your Market Reach Sizable Market Opportunity Online Radio Audiences are growing – Audio Eye is the first of its kind Radio Player – all content in – all audio out! During the Baby Boomer years, approximately 76 million American were born. Today, this represents 28 percent of the American population, and be responsible for an estimated $2 trillion in income. Approximately 25 percent or about 33 million computer users according to a Forester/Microsoft report have some form of visual impairment.. The President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities reports that there are 54 million individuals with permanent disabilities that have a combined income of nearly $700 billion Government Agencies from all branches and companies doing business with the government must address ADA 6.6 million children in the United States receive some form of special education instruction . Listen and Surf by Sound © copyright audio eye, inc.
  11. 11. Audio Eye and Web Accessibility Enable Everyone to Listen to your Web Site Audio Eye can assist you in communicating to all site visitors and demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility. Audio Eye addresses a major social issue in terms of web accessibility by providing affordable, easy-to-use audio navigation on your web site for the elderly, learning disabled, visually impaired, and non-English speaking web site visitors. In light of government regulatory requirements (Americans with Disabilities Act & Section 508/504) in respect to web site accessibility, Audio Eye allows you to address federal guidelines and reach more effectively an underserved market segment. Audio Eye is free to your site visitors; can be personalized with human voice; is simple to implement; fully supported by Audio Eye; and inexpensive. Audio Eye benefits your company’s mission, and the elderly, disabled clients and employees. Listen and Surf by Sound © copyright audio eye, inc.
  12. 12. How Will You Benefit from Audio Eye? Makes your Web Site(s) dramatically richer, fun and a more productive experience for all types of users. Improves communication through personalization! Allows web site visitors to navigate and use your web site via Audio prompts. Addresses a major social issue of internet accessibility for the disabled, vision impaired and elderly. Audio Eye is offered free to website visitors. Is easy to use and presents no technical hurdles in installation. Audio Eye RSS presents revenue opportunities for your RSS feeds. © copyright audio eye, inc. Listen and Surf by Sound
  13. 13. Learn more © copyright audio eye, inc. Contact Us [email_address] “ For Americans without disabilities, technology makes things easier. For Americans with disabilities, technology makes things possible.” – The National Council on Disability Listen and Surf by Sound