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J.Apo.B. on Facebook


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My briefing for Facebook for the Account Planning class.

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J.Apo.B. on Facebook

  1. 2. what who where which
  2. 3. how why
  3. 4. “… to help people understand their worlds.” (mark zuckerberg - founder)
  4. 7. appreciation contribution
  5. 11. why
  6. 14. the unknown 
 as we know, 
 there are known knowns. 
 there are things we know we know. 
 we also know 
 there are known unknowns. 
 that is to say 
 we know there are some things 
 we do not know. 
 but there are also unknown unknowns, 
 the ones we don't know 
 we don't know. fe bruary 12, 2002 - department of defense news briefing
  7. 16. “ you’ve got to be a really good talent scout because no matter how smart you are, you need a team of great people” May 30, 2007 - D5 Conference
  8. 19. why
  9. 22. explore