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  1. 1. Week14 About DVD-ROM ● About MP3 ● About Wi-Fi ● About PVR ●
  2. 2. About DVD-ROM With DVD for exclusive use of the reading,it is the CD-ROM saying with a CD. Distribution or a movie of software for computer are used for the distribution of the picture work.
  3. 3. About MP3 The MP3 was developed as an audio system standard of MPEG-1 which was a video compression standard. It is irreversible compression and hits MP1 which is a standard before it and the thing which improved MP2. The MP3 can compress sound data without being accompanied with the deterioration of extreme sound quality. The compression quality is big, and the MP3 changes depending on the implementation of the encoder to perform the compression that used the human hearing psychology such as the phenomena that are hard to come to hear the direct back and a small sound of near frequency just before that when the difference of the easiness of hearing of the sound by the frequency and a big sound sounded.
  4. 4. About Wi-Fi WiFi is a trademark for the wireless connection, router, and gadget using wifi technology WiFi connection is a hub for the information on the home entertainment system. In the future, we will able to download and listen to the music with only MP3 player, without PC. Also we will able to listen to the music at our car. Then that music file will be transferred by WiFi connection.
  5. 5. About PVR Personal Video Recorder, PVR, stores TV programs so you can watch them later. These programs are stored on HDD. In the nearly future, PVR will download the TV program information from the Internet and store the scheduled programs automatically.
  6. 6. References FOTOSEARCH ●