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Michael L Kobielak Senior Management Executive


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Senior Management Executive Profile

Published in: Career, Business
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Michael L Kobielak Senior Management Executive

  1. 1. Michael L. Kobielak, Chief Financial Officer<br />EXECUTIVE SUMMARY…<br />President/CEO/COO<br />CFO/Vice President/General Manager<br />Start-up / Turnaround / High-Growth Operations<br />Global Market Penetration / Performance Improvement<br />Acquisitions / Divestitures / Alliances<br /><ul><li>A high-impact, accomplished Senior Executive with a successful career demonstrating visionary leadership, expertise, and distinguished achievements.
  2. 2. A catalyst for change, combining tactical execution of strategic initiatives with strong leadership revitalizing a company’s organizational infrastructure, products, technologies, processes, measurement systems, and accounting/finance strategies.
  3. 3. A leader with an interactive, motivational, decisive management style who is assertive, competitive, intuitive and innovative achieving expected results.</li></ul> Mike is a CPA with over 30 years of diversified senior financial management experience.<br /> Held positions in a fortune 100 company as well as small and medium size privately owned companies<br />
  4. 4. Michael L. Kobielak, Chief Financial Officer<br />LEADERSHIP…<br />As a leader, Mike strongly believes in goal direction and defining a strategic vision and holding people accountable to ensure expected results.<br />Mike is a strategic thinker and visionary with a 32 year record of achievement and demonstrated success. He believes a course must be established for the company to follow, to ensure everyone is working in the same direction.<br />Mike has the extensive experience and working knowledge of the potential risks and opportunities that lie ahead for the company.<br /> Mike’s Characteristics<br /><ul><li>Leader & visionary
  5. 5. Innovator
  6. 6. Inspire others for top performance
  7. 7. Can smoothly introduce change
  8. 8. Intuitive decision maker
  9. 9. Knowledge of key markets
  10. 10. Loyal, well respected
  11. 11. Sophisticated
  12. 12. Source of ideas that work
  13. 13. Successfully promote new ideas
  14. 14. Tactician/strategic thinker
  15. 15. Likable, friendly
  16. 16. Customer oriented
  17. 17. Can perform against tight deadlines
  18. 18. Highly organized & professional
  19. 19. Knowledgeable with a lot of common sense
  20. 20. Remain calm under pressure
  21. 21. Genuine & sincere
  22. 22. Grasp technical matters quickly
  23. 23. Ambitious and action-oriented
  24. 24. Decisive and diplomatic
  25. 25. Self-motivated & resourceful</li></li></ul><li>Michael L. Kobielak, Chief Financial Officer<br />EXPERTISE…<br /><ul><li>Strategic & Tactical Planning
  26. 26. Sales & Marketing Planning & Execution
  27. 27. U.S. & International Markets
  28. 28. Accelerated Sales & Market Growth
  29. 29. Supply Chain Management
  30. 30. P & L Management
  31. 31. Product & Brand Management
  32. 32. Continuous Improvement Practices-Lean
  33. 33. Establish Goals, Benchmarks, and KPIs
  34. 34. ROI Team Accountability
  35. 35. Organizational Leadership & Development
  36. 36. Change Management
  37. 37. Domestic & International Multi-Site Operations
  38. 38. Productivity & Cost Reduction Improvement
  39. 39. Team Performance & Staff Development
  40. 40. Acquisitions, Divestitures and Alliances
  41. 41. Mentor/Coach</li></ul> Mike is a driven professional leader with proven and diverse experience in public accounting, manufacturing, distribution and consulting.<br /> Mike is a loyal, hardworking professional with demonstrated communication skills and team building abilities with customers, employees, multiple levels of management.<br />
  42. 42. Michael L. Kobielak, Chief Financial Officer<br />Mike’s diverse industry experience allows him to quickly analyze all aspects of the business to identify problem areas and develop solutions that work.<br />His understanding of finance and operations allows him to develop the financial systems to support the company’s operations as well as metrics quickly tell the health of the organization.<br />
  43. 43. Michael L. Kobielak, Chief Financial Officer<br />EXPERIENCE<br />Ort Companies, New London, WI; 2005-2009<br />A family lumber and hardwood flooring operation owning 80,000 acres of timberland in Northern WI and Upper Michigan.<br />Chief Operating Officer<br />Aspen Fixtures, LLC, Capitol, Inc., Peshtigo, WI; 2002-2005<br />Manufacturer of custom wood retail store fixtures, fitting rooms and décor products for national and regional store chains.<br />Chief Operating Officer<br />Kobielak & Associates, Green Bay, WI; 1993-2002<br />Business Advisor for small and medium size companies providing support to executives and management.<br />President/CEO<br />Badger Wood Products, Inc., DePere, WI; 1992-1993<br />Manufacturer of flat, raised panels and kitchen cabinet parts for the OEM cabinet industry.<br />President, CFO<br />Campbell Soup Co.-Vlasic Foods, Inc., Farmington Hills, MI; 1986-1992<br />Controller<br />Milwaukee Cheese Co., Inc., Waukesha, WI; 1985-1986<br />Controller/Chief Internal Auditor<br />Wipfli, Ullrich & Company, Inc., Green Bay, WI; 1982-1985<br />Staff Accountant<br />Pikle-Rite Company, Inc., Pulaski, WI; 1977-1981<br />General Manager/Controller<br /> Mike possesses high-level skills in strategic business planning, establishment of operational/financial controls, cost reduction, systems integration, human resources, and risk management.<br /> Mike has years of experience developing financial forecasts that have been used to raise capital and support business plans.<br />
  44. 44. Michael L. Kobielak, Chief Financial Officer<br />EDUCATION & AFFILIATIONS<br />Certified Public Accountant<br />Bachelor of Science, Accounting<br /> University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Green Bay, WI<br />WMEP (Wisconsin Manufacturers Extension Program)<br /> Lean Leadership Training<br />Treasurer and Board Member, MFMA (Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association, Past Member<br />Wisconsin Institutes of CPAs, Past Member<br />Finance Committee, Ss Edward & Isidore Parish, Past Member<br />Pulaski & Green Bay Chambers of Commerce, Past Member<br />Optimist Club, Wahpeton, ND, Past Member<br /> As a lean practitioner, Mike brings a strong, grounded understanding of efficient operations to accurately define, measure and analyze problem areas and then implement solutions.<br /> Mike has consistently assumed leadership roles in diverse industries and in the process has gained a fundamental understanding of the critical success factors necessary for companies to achieve and maintain growth and profitability.<br />
  45. 45. Michael L. Kobielak, Chief Financial Officer<br />KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS…<br /><ul><li>Developed and implemented a turnaround plan for an industrial table-top manufacturer with annual sales of $24 million. They became profitable within a year of implementation.
  46. 46. Saved a failing lumber company by developing a turnaround business plan and refinanced the company. Their annual sales grew from $22 to $70 million and became profitable within two years.
  47. 47. Developed and implemented a strong business plan for a cutting-edge company in North Dakota manufacturing an all-natural, environmentally toxic-free particle board made out of wheat straw. Mike established financing with banks and utilized Federal, State and local government financing programs. They immediately grew sales and their work schedule went to three shifts, seven days per week.
  48. 48. Consulted for a private jet seat manufacturer and developed a strategic business plan to aid in an IPO program. We were able to secure subordinated debentures to help with the company growth. </li></ul> Mike is an extremely high-energy and innovative manager who leads by example.<br /> Mike has the capacity to harness the enthusiasm and talents of others, identify core issues, and exploit the necessary resources to direct companies to grow.<br />
  49. 49. Michael L. Kobielak, Chief Financial Officer<br />Strong Traits…<br /><ul><li>In a fast environment, Mike can display sincerity, integrity, and candor in all his actions.
  50. 50. Mike is an inspiration to others to help them reach for new heights and can take charge when necessary.
  51. 51. When working with people with diverse personalities, Mike can control anger in a healthy manner knowing how to converse as a professional.
  52. 52. Mike is able to handle a demanding environment and meet challenges, analyze situations, make decisions and align staff towards common goals.
  53. 53. Mike listens to understanding his atmosphere, the organization, competition and the marketplace.
  54. 54. Mike tenacity and resourcefulness gets the job done.
  55. 55. Mike possesses strong communication skills and utilizes his time efficiently.</li></ul> Mike really enjoys working with others, showing compassion, empathy, honesty, and kindness. On a daily basis, you will see him committed to excellence, where second best is not a choice.<br /> Mike is not afraid to role up his sleeves and get dirty. He leads his life with enthusiasm, passion and dedication as a leader.<br />