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  • **At the logon screen type in your username & password
  • Corporate Logon Info

    1. 1. **At the logon screen type in your username & password If you do not have a corporate account please proceed with creating an account .
    2. 2. For large corporate orders use the Excel spreadsheet If you have a small corporate order use the web form
    3. 3. For Large recipient List, download the blank Corporate order form first to your computer and save to your computer once it’s complete. Once you have the Corporate Order complete you can upload it to the website. **Note your Corporate order has to be in our format, or it will not upload.
    4. 4. Please select your desired arrival date. Enter your recipient information one person at a time by clicking the “add recipient to order” button after each one. Once you have everyone added click “checkout” to proceed to the cart. Here you can name your order, i.e. Christmas Client List, etc. If you’d like your order to be gift wrapped, select the box here. By choosing this option your whole order will be gift wrapped.
    5. 5. You will see this screen once your order is being added to the cart. The time it takes to load depends on the size of your order.
    6. 6. Once you have your order added to the cart click the “checkout” button again. This will take you to your billing information.
    7. 7. Verify your information then click next to proceed. This should automatically populate with the information that was given to set up your Corporate Account.
    8. 8. If you have any gift certificates or promo codes enter them here, otherwise click next to proceed.
    9. 9. Enter in your credit card information, or click the checkbox to be invoiced . Once you have everything entered, click “next” to proceed. **Note you have to be set up to be invoiced. Contact Tootie Corporate Sales for more info.
    10. 10. This is your order verification screen. Verify your billing, and recipient information. If all the information is correct click the “finalize” button to place the order. This is where you enter your Greeting. *Note there is ONE greeting per order.
    11. 11. This is your order confirmation which will give you your order #. You will also receive an email confirmation that your order was placed. If you have any questions, or something is incorrect please contact Corporate Sales to assist you. 210-737-6600 option 2