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EC4024 2008 Lecture1


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Published in: Business, Technology
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EC4024 2008 Lecture1

  1. 1. EC4024 Financial Economics Lecture 1 Introduction Dr Stephen Kinsella
  2. 2. Introduction Prob. Theory Markets & Finance Risk & Uncertainty Portfolio Analysis CAPM APT EMH Options, Futures, BS Behavioural Finance
  3. 3. @ Site: Lecture Notes Course Pack Podcasts Office Hrs Handouts Slides Rss Feeds Etc
  4. 4. Mini Presentations
  5. 5. Grading PS1 10% (Due week 4) PS2 10% (Due week 8) Midterm 30% Final Exam 50%
  6. 6. Policies Do reading before class Do exercises Show up to lectures, check site daily. Email whenever, but... Don’t send me text messages!