Conman 1.0


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Conman 1.0

  1. 1. netindia inspiring.thoughts CONMANTM Next Generation IP Surveillance Secure ur Site Remotely Monitor Attract more NRI base netindia your surveillance partner
  2. 2. Overview CONMANTM is an advanced intelligent Construction Site surveillance & management system. CONMANTM is capable of creating complete security allowing the Real Estate Builders to live at peace. CONMANTM is capable Monitoring complete construction site, as well allow remote access to the videos recorded as well as provide live two-way communication between the Real Estate Builder and the Site. Further the CONMANTM has a unique capability to be accessed remotely either from a Personal Computer with Internet or any PDA / Smart Mobile Phone enabled with GPRS (General Packet Switched System). Features Over the fence Monitor any unwanted movements over the fence and perimeter of the construction site. This feature shall enable the Real Estate Builder with a unique capacity to monitor and control the movement of people along the perimeter of the complete construction site. Theft Control Monitor all your material stocked at the construction site remotely and as well as communicate with the security & laborers on site with unique built-in two-way Voice Over IP Technology. Night Patrol A completely automated Guard Patrol system of the CONMANTM provides motion detection in the Nights and thus enabling the Real Estate Builders to be secure. The CONMAN with its unique Guard Patrol feature can be set to cover the complete construction site by rotating automatically and providing the whole picture together.
  3. 3. Value Added Services Guest Audit This is again a unique feature allowing the Front office Executive available at the Real Estate Site to audit the people entering the Construction Site. Front Office Executive can view and talk to the Guest arriving at the Security or the Parking Lot and decide whether to allow the Guest to Visit or not; or simply record their details for future use. Parking Management Real Estate builders can keep check on the Parking Lot provided for the Guests coming to visit the site. This feature helps in recording any trespassers of Security Gates at entry & exit points of Parking Area. Benefits rol Theft Mo Cont nit or m En s ali t ry an d &E Detect V x it Catch fe ing iter e nc o Br tL ea c e t ke De rs Monit or Crowd netindiainspiring.thoughts
  4. 4. Let your buyers catch a glimpse of progress online netindia Flat no:601, Street no:11, SMR Vinay Vihar Apartments, Kimtree Colony, Tarnaka,Hyderabad-500017. AP, INDIA. Ph: +91(040)42203146