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The Marcus Graham Project Bootcamp

  1. 1. THE MARCUS GRAHAM PROJECT Brand Bootcamp Proposal
  2. 2. The Marcus Graham Project > Brand Bootcamp Background: The American Advertising industry has been asking a question lately, partially in fear of a looming class-action lawsuit regarding the lack of diversity amongst general market ad agencies on New York’s Madison Ave: “Where are all of the diverse talent?” In response to this issue, The Marcus Graham Project has created a bootcamp, to launch Summer 2009, teaching transferable skills to potential and future advertising professionals. This idea was posed in a blog written by Tiffany Warren, Chief Diversity Officer of Omnicom: An excerpt from Ms. Warren’s blog is as follows: “One idea proposed is the creation of an industry sponsored advertising quot;boot camp.quot; Such a camp could assist those agencies who need to diversify, but are worried about lack of advertising experience in potential candidates. This would also help professionals yearning to be free from other sectors hit the ground running when they enter ours.” (Source: Ad Age Blog “The Big Tent”) The goal of this bootcamp is to do just as Ms. Warren suggested, identify opportunities in the industry and those interested in pursuing them. Objective: The field’s primary purpose is to provide diverse aspirants in the field of advertising & marketing with the exposure and experience necessary to solidify careers within the industry. Think, “The Apprentice meets a modern day Putney Swope in his attempt to revolutionize an industry of MadMen” Synopsis: A group of young men get a glimpse into what it really looks like working in an industry of persuasion through words and images, as they attempt to create advertising campaigns for some of America’s top brands. They will enter an advertising bootcamp in which they will push their creativity to the limits and see if they have what it takes to become the next team of brand producers. Throughout their trek, the experience of creating a 360-degree marketing campaign from the ground up will be filmed and turned into webisodes used as instructional videos for high-school and college training programs and awareness campaign. 2009 Bootcamp Topic: “Green is the New Black” The team will be challenged to create a strategic marketing campaign highlighting the importance of sustainable living to the cross cultural urban (18-34) audience and the impact of their energy consciousness in other countries (particularly African nations) The campaign will be created for the bootcamp’s main client, Broccoli City, an organic urban lifestyle company.
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 The Team (To be announced May 15) • Graphic Designer • Copywriter • Video Editor • Videographer • Account Executive / Producer • Account Executive / Producer • Account Planner/Researcher • Media/PR • Project Manager Host/Sponsoring Agencies & Mentors • The Design Factory • Culture Lab • The MasterMind Group • En Vivo (To be determined) • M Strategies (To be determined) • Agency 29 (To be determined) • The Akita Group • ROM 122 Potential Schedule (subject to change) The bootcamp will last for approximately 11 weeks beginning on June 8 th and concluding on August 15 th . Bootcampers will meet with sponsoring agencies each Tuesday evening with sponsoring agencies for a mentoring session and check in on progress. During this time, bootcamp members will have the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas & get feedback on progress. June 15 – 26 • Orientation Activities o Daily Lunch & Learns, Tours & Immersion Sessions at various companies including ad agencies, media companies, production studios including:  TracyLocke (Shopper Marketing)  The Marketing Arm  Agora Entertainment  Moroch  WFAA/Dallas Morning News  Reach Media  TPN  Imaginuity  Sanders Wingo (Field Trip to Austin)  Plus various agencies via Skype or teleconference
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 June 29 & 30 • Assignment Session o Two Day Topical Combine in Green Living, Sustainability & Community Development  Green Dallas  Trinity River Project  Project Green WFAA/Chevy/DART  Newflower Market & Nutritionist – or- Central Market  Habitat for Humanity  Current Energy o The assignment: Develop a 360 marketing campaign encouraging the young urban audience to live a more “sustainable” life including:  Community Development & Redevelopment  Health & Fitness  Energy Efficiency & Sustainability o Target Audience: Young Urban Audience (16-34) o The Deliverable(s):  Events  Viral Videos  Web Banner Ads  Print Ads  Radio PSA  TV PSA July 1 – 5 ‐ Cultural immersion field trip o New Orleans, Louisiana  Essence Festival Weekend  Tour topic, study of communities that have been rebuilt thru grassroots organizing July 7 - August 7 ‐ Campaign Development o Research o Ideation o White Paper/Concept Development o Testing August 11 th ‐ Final Presentation of concept to client group ‐ Location: Trinity Trust ‐ After-Party: The Apartment ‐ Sponsored by partners of the bootcamp 

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 Sample Webisode Treatment: Episode One – Meet Mr. Graham Showcase young men who have an interest in breaking into the advertising industry. The video will follow several young men who have transferable skills, but have not worked in a major advertising agency Episode Two – Each One; Teach One • The team of rogue professionals has been tasked with creating a fully integrated digital campaign promoting green living to the Urban audience in the D/FW Metroplex, as an assignment from a client. The team has been asked to integrate as much social media into the campaign as possible and has certain criteria that they must present. With digital content being king in this advertising economy, the focus of their projects will be around creating several TV and Radio programs for local Dallas celebrities and influencers. They will concept, develop, shoot and market this new series of programming for release in the Fall 2009 time frame and beyond. • The team will interact with various agencies across the nation, meeting with industry professionals to learn the process and key pieces of success by industry professionals. Episode Three – Get it Poppin! • After their “training” sessions with various industry hall of famers and experts across the nation, the men get settled into their live work space, a high rise penthouse in the city of Dallas, where they will begin going through the process of creating their campaign. • The team will be asked to divide themselves into sections, each having a very specific responsibility Episode Four – Welcome to Texas • The group will be introduced to the state of Texas and meet various movers and shakers in the city to get a real sense of the culture and the history of Dallas. The men have been asked to create a series of events where they can conduct research on what makes the city tick, culturally as well as finding out specific information on the target demo’s knowledge of sustainability in their own homes & community. Episode Five – The Brain Storm • The men must now take their insights and start brainstorming on campaign ideas and must present their ideas and concepts to the client, where they will likely have to make revisions and corrections, hopefully not having to go back to the drawing board • The time is ticking and so is the client’s budget Episode Six – Lights! Camera! Action! • After their creative is finally approved, the men go thru the entire creative production process inclusive of talent casting, celebrity negotiation, 

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 scheduling, photo shoots and laying the creative into the campaign look and feel Episode Seven – The Plane boss, the plane! • Now that the campaign has been created, it must be launched! The team scrambles to plan an event for the client where the campaign will be launched. • The event has some mandatories, that make the success of pulling this event together, even more demanding: Celebrities, Logistics • The men will have to create a seamless experience for an event that will be inclusive of highbrow guests, clients and friends. Episode 8 – The finale Shown live during Advertising Week in New York City, the team’s campaign will be broadcast live at a charity fundraiser celebrating the. launch of the campaign. 
 the marcus graham project
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 Sponsorship / Partnership Opportunities We are currently seeking in kind donations and fiscal sponsorship for the bootcamp and show: ‐ Computers ‐ Digital Technology ‐ Energy Drink, Water ‐ Wardrobe ‐ Hospitality ‐ Transportation ‐ Automobile ‐ Living Space for up to 12 In kind product donation & sponsorship will be reciprocated with integration within the programming and potential for creation of a specific campaign developed by the team. Campaign development can include: • Digital TV Commercial • Web Banner Advertising • Web Mini-Series • Sponsorship mention within all press and marketing material 
 the marcus graham project
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 About Us Founded in July 2007, The Marcus Graham Project (MGP) is a network with the intent strategically focused on building the next generation of diverse male leadership in the advertising, media, marketing and entertainment industry through mentorship, training and career development. MGP is supported by a collective of non-profit initiatives as fiscal partners & supporters of the program. Core Values Integrity Forward Thinking ‐ ‐ Leadership Responsibility ‐ ‐ Professionalism Selflessness ‐ ‐ Founder Lincoln C. Stephens Founding Advisory Committee Malcolm Gillian, VP Music & Entertainment at Momentum World Wide • Dr. Jason Chambers, Author of Madison Ave and The Color Line; • Advertising Professor at The University of Illinois Courtney Hill, President of Market M • Jeremy Hodges, President of Entity Global (An Omnicom/GMR Marketing • Agency) Aubrey Walker, Associate Creative Director at Carol H Williams Advertising • Jamil Buie, Freelance Marketing Professional • Rudy Duthill, Director of Zoom Media • LH Whelchel, Chief Talent Officer, Y&R • John Casmon, Advertising Manager at General Motors (Pontiac) • Richard Harvey, Associate Media Director at Carol H Williams Advertising • Chris Surrey, Founder of Paintbox Laboratories & Project54 Tour / Diversity • in Media Kenji Summers, Millennial Evangelist & Jr. Media Planner at Media Edge • Brandon Byrd, InterACT Associate • 
 the marcus graham project