February Community News


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February community news provided by the Brambleton HOA office.

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February Community News

  1. 1. Brambleton Town Center Awards $1,000 to Legacy Elementary School The merchants of Brambleton Town Center school. Prior winners include Stone Hill donated $1,000 to Legacy Elementary Middle and Briar Woods High school. School as part of the shopping center’s “Holiday Shopping Spree” promotion. The school received the donation thanks to Jennifer Nyce. She listed Legacy Elementary School as her favorite school on February 2010 the entry form she filled out for a shopping spree drawing. In addition to a $1,000 donation to the school, Jennifer won a $1,000 shopping spree to Brambleton Town Center for herself. Brambleton Town Center merchants presented the $1,000 check to Rob Duckworth, principal of Legacy Elementary School, who said the “donation will be Pictured left to right: Rob Duckworth, principal of Volume 9 Issue 2 placed in a general fund to be divided Legacy Elementary School; Dr. Haress Rahim, owner of Bloo Dental, opening soon at Brambleton Town Center. among a number of projects.” This is the third year Brambleton Town Center merchants have donated funds to a local INSIDE THIS ISSUE Don't Miss Casino Night Comments on Covenants ....2 Tickets on sale now! BOD Summary ................3 Stop by the Community Center News From the Developer ..4 F, to M - F, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. BYOB ......................... 7 For more information, Sport and Health .............8 contact Christine Elansary Ask the Brambleton Vet.....10 christine.elansary@brambleton.org or 703-542-6263.
  2. 2. Comments On Covenants Rosemarie Linder, Covenants Manager All of the Brambleton Community Association The Covenants Committee meets once per governing documents and forms are available on month. Please submit all of the required the Intranet. If you have any questions or information with your application so as not to concerns regarding the governing documents, delay review of your project. Submit completed rules or policies of the Association, please applications to the management office at 42645 contact the management office at 703-542- Regal Wood Drive, Brambleton VA 20148. 6263 or e-mail Dates may change due to unforeseen conflicts. rosemarie.linder@brambleton.org. Notice of changes will be posted on the Intranet. Application Deadline Meeting Date February Thursday, 2/4/10 at 5:00 pm Monday, 2/8/10 at 7:00 pm March Thursday, 3/4/10 at 5:00 pm Monday, 3/8/10 at 7:00 pm April Thursday, 4/8/10 at 5:00 pm Monday, 4/12/10 at 7:00 pm Dates may change do to unforeseen conflicts. Notice of changes will be posted on the Intranet. Save the Date – March 23, 2010 The Residences At Brambleton Condominium Unit Owners Association will transition to homeowner control at a Transition Meeting scheduled for March 23, 2010. At this meeting, a majority of the directors shall be elected by the unit owners. Eligible unit owners have the opportunity to serve the community by becoming a candidate. A mailing is being sent to all unit owners and the Board would like to encourage all residents to participate in the election process. Click the link below to view the mailing: http://ivic02.residentinteractive.com/programs/download.pdf?xinput=38341324&sid= Finance Committee Members Wanted The Brambleton Community Association Finance Committee is seeking volunteers. The primary responsibility of the Financial Advisory Committee is to advise the Board of Directors, in a reasonable and productive manner, on issues affecting the financial position of the Association. For more information about the committee, please contact Rick Stone at 703-542-6263 or e-mail rick.stone@brambleton.org 2
  3. 3. The Brambleton Community Association Board of Directors Met on February 2, 2010 and Took the Following Actions: • Adopted the minutes from the December 2, 2009 Board meeting. • Approved the transfer of the current money market funds to the FirstService Financial Cash Reserves Program as recommended by the Finance Committee. • Approved the expenditure of Association funds for the purchase of a new dump trailer to aid with in- house maintenance operations. • Approved the expenditure of Association funds for the purchase of a new computer to be used by the newly created administrative assistant position. • Denied staff’s request to attend the CAI National Conference. • Appointed Mr. Mullins to the Covenants Committee with the term expiring December 31, 2012. • Appointed Mr. Norden to the Facilities and Grounds Committee with the term expiring December 31, 2012. • Directed management staff to draft a letter in support of proposed legislation HB 1100 and authorized the President to sign such letter on the Association behalf. • Approved High Sierra as the 2010 Pool Management Contractor. • Approved LetSwim as the 2010 swim lesson provider. • Adopted the new assessment structure for townhomes with Association provided grounds maintenance. Such assessment will only apply to townhomes in the Overlook. • Took action on several delinquent accounts as recommended or requested by legal counsel. • Adopted legal counsel’s recommendation regarding enforcement measures for chronic violations of the Association’s Property Maintenance Standards. • Reviewed Orange Tip parking concern and requested the Developer to confirm that street has been built and striped according to the County-approved plans. 3
  4. 4. News From the Developer Insight Eye Optique construction!! bloô dental has started construction !! At Insight Eye Optique, we have had a great first few weeks and would like to thank the Brambleton Community for the warm welcome. We are very excited about meeting more members of the community as our practice grows. Start your lifetime of healthy vision care with Dr. Sutaria! We accept most major vision and medical insurances including Vision Service Plan, EyeMed, Davis Vision, Medicare, and more. HELP FOR HAITI: We all know the devastation Dr. Haress Rahim and his team are excited to that has occurred in Haiti. There has been a announce some updates: tremendous loss of life, homes, well-being, as • Construction began January 11th, 2010, we well as possessions. Let’s not forget that many anticipate completion to be March 11th, 2010 people have also lost their glasses, making it even more difficult to rebuild their life and care • Our website www.bloo-dental.com is now live! for themselves and their family. At Insight Eye More information will be added to the site in the Optique we are trying to do what we can to help coming weeks by collecting donations to give to an organization called Optometry Giving Sight. This charity is • Conveniently located at the Brambleton Town committed to funding sustainable, quality vision Center above The Pink Polka Dot care services in Haiti and other countries in need • We will be open at the end of March and will around the world. Please stop by our office and start scheduling patients in February donate what you can to help give sight to people desperately in need. For more information about • You can become a fan of bloô dental on Optometry Giving Sight, please visit: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/ www.givingsight.org. Ashburn-Virginia/bloo-dental/249649438928 For more information about our office, visit • Contemporary office design (see 3Ds of the www.insighteyeoptique.com or call (703) 962- office on our website) 1010. 4
  5. 5. Our whole team is excited to be part of the Brambleton community and offer state-of-the-art dental care for adults & kids. For more information or if you have any questions please visit: www.bloo-dental.com or e-mail: info@bloo-dental.com Blue Ridge Grill Dust off your tennis shoes and join us on Bring your Valentine in to try our tasty new menu Satur day, Mar ch 20 th for the Bramble t on Saturda March day Bramblet items: Asian Chili Shrimp appetizer, Fried Ribbon Run/Walk 5K The event will benefit 5K. Calamari, Marinated Teriyaki Ribeye Steak or the The Step Sisters, a team of women and men Fried Jumbo Shrimp entree. Celebrate your in Brambleton who have joined together to fight loved ones throughout the week with our great breast cancer. This is the team’s fourth year value nights: Half Price Burger Nights on fundraising for the cause, and they have now Mondays, Wine Nights on Tuesdays, and raised more than $250,000. Wednesday is Discount Crab Cake Night where our delicious Crab Cake Entrée is only $14, or The event includes: add a Crab Cake to any steak meal for an · run/walk—race will start and end at 5k run/walk additional $3. Blue Ridge Grill is celebrating the Brambleton Town Center, winding Valentine’s Day all weekend! In addition to our throughout the residential areas newly expanded menu, our Valentine’s Weekend Menu will feature a Mini Crab Cake appetizer · Vendor Fair in the Brambleton Welcome Fair and Seafood Platter as well as Lobster Tail Center entrees, Surf and Turf, Chilean Sea Bass, and Seaside Linguini. Additional desserts for the · Community Shred holiday weekend include Strawberry Shortcake · Sidewalk Sales and Chocolate Mousse. No reservations are necessary, but please call ahead to minimize If you would like more information on this event, your wait: 703-327-1047. please visit: www.brambletonribbonrun.vpweb.com 5
  6. 6. A.A. Family Dentistry Dear Dr. Jafari, making teeth stronger and more resistant to future acid attacks. What is the real simple answer to relieve the throbbing pain of If your water isn’t fluoridated, please let us a toothache? know. We can prescribe fluoridation that will keep you smiling! University dental researchers may have found a new way to Routine dental visits for professional teeth relieve the throbbing pain of a cleaning is an essential part of a healthy smile. toothache. It doesn’t require Together we can keep your smile healthy for a taking any medication. Apparently, it works lifetime. Please call us at 703- 542-6434 or visit within a couple of minutes. Try applying a cube of our website, www.creatingdazzlingsmiles.com ice on the web of the skin between your thumb and index finger for several minutes until the area is numb. (Do it on the hand that’s on the same side as your toothache.) Briar Woods High School In studies at McGill University, this ice technique temporarily relieved the intensity of toothache presents pain by about 50%! Of course this is only a short- term solution to toothache. If you are having “Hard Days Night the Band" dental pain of any kind, please make an (Beatles tribute band) appointment to see us. Remember, the ache is only a symptom. Even if the pain subsides, the March 20, 2010 problem will remain. School Auditorium Can you explain the benefits of fluoride please? 6:00 p.m. I would love to tell you about the benefits of Doors Open at 4:30 p.m. fluoride. Bacterial plaque, which is constantly for Silent Auction forming on your teeth, produces acids that can begin the process of decay. This acid Tickets on Sale Now demineralizes your teeth, dissolving calcium and $10 prior to event phosphate (critical components). Fortunately, $15 at the door saliva helps to flush away bacterial acids, and it’s also naturally rich in calcium and phosphate to Contact Jan Mathov j_mathov@yahoo.com remineralize your teeth, putting those minerals back into your enamel where they belong. Tickets are required for the concert, but not for the silent auction. Fluoride is like a jump-starter for your saliva. Scientists found that calcium and phosphate For more details, click below: were incorporated back into teeth at a much faster rate when fluoride was added to saliva, http://cmsweb1.loudoun.k12.va.us/bwhs/cwp/view.asp?A=3&Q=613875 6
  7. 7. BringingYou Our Business - BYOB Introducing You to The Brambleton Town Center's Resident Business Owners Dr. Elizabeth Zapp - Loudoun Medical Aesthetics How long have you How do you differentiate your business been living in from the competition? Brambleton, and why did you decide to move My aesthetic business is unique in the level of here? professional care that my patients receive. All consults and treatments are done by the We moved here in July of physician -- you can be confident in the level of 2003, when the Navy training and expertise. By applying a medical transferred me to model to cosmetic treatments, the patient can Bethesda from Chicago. be assured that they are getting safe and We loved the idea of a effective treatments. new family-oriented community where lots of people would be moving in at the same time. Describe your vision of Brambleton in the next 5 years, and where do you see your What compelled you to start a business business? here in Brambleton? I see Brambleton continuing to grow and evolve After living here for a few years it was obvious with even more opportunities for health and that Brambleton was full of active people with wellness . The opening of Sport & Health, more the knowledge and means to take care of their restaurants and stores, and the addition of more physical and mental well-being — a perfect group recreational facilities will position Brambleton as for my practice. a vibrant, healthy, and active community. I plan on growing my business along with Brambleton, What are some of the challenges of providing even more aesthetic services to the owning a business in the community where community. you live? Patients might be concerned about their privacy in any close community, but I really enjoy the opportunity to work with friends, neighbors, and aquaintances on their goals and concerns and strive to keep that care confidential. February Special Interestingly though, sometimes the results are Receive 20% off light and laser packages, so stunning that patients have a hard time including treatments for hair removal, keeping it a secret themselves. Word-of-mouth wrinkles, age spots, acne scarring, from my patients is my biggest referral source! stretch marks, and leg veins. Call 703-881-6207 or e-mail info@loudounmedicalaesthetics.com 7
  8. 8. n. 8
  9. 9. You to Thank You t o Our Gold Sponsors! Briar Woods High School would like to thank Great Clips and The Brambleton Group for their generous sponsorhip for the Hard Days Night concert and Silent Auction 9
  10. 10. Ask the Brambleton Vet Dr. Nancy DeSantis, Animals Medical Centers of Loudoun Dr. Dear Dr. Nicole - will likely perform pre-operative bloodwork to assess Suzy’s kidney and liver values. Once I love my dog Suzy but her breath stinks! Suzy is safely under anesthesia, her teeth will be I have never tried brushing her teeth. Will scaled using an ultrasonic scaler. This is similar to this help control the odor? Is there the procedure performed at human dental anything else I can do? offices. The ultrasonic scaler works rapidly to remove tartar without damaging the underlying Sweet but Stinky Suzy’s Mom tooth structure. The technician or doctor will then polish the teeth to smooth out any remaining Dear Suzy’s Mom, scratches on the tooth surface. This is essential to preventing future tartar buildup as microscopic This is a very common concern among pet abrasions can provide a nice place for bacteria to owners. Sweet smelling puppy or kitten breath collect and multiply. The doctor will also closely fades and is oftentimes replaced by an examine Suzy’s mouth using a probe to detect unpleasant odor as pets age. The odor arises abnormal, deep pocketing along the gumline as from a buildup of bacteria, tartar and plaque in well as loose or fractured teeth. Any diseased the mouth. Brushing your dog or cat’s teeth daily teeth can be removed at that time. Not only are rotten teeth often the cause of bad breath but will help prevent tartar buildup. However, this is they can be painful. Many pets will noticeably eat not always an easy task! Most owners do not better after a dental cleaning. Cleaning the teeth think about brushing their pet’s teeth until after and removing rotten teeth if necessary should the bad breath is noticed. Once this occurs, it is significantly improve Suzy’s breath. impossible to “brush away” tartar. It is best to start brushing regularly at an early age before There are many veterinary dental products tartar accumulates or after your pet has had a available that help prevent further tartar accumulation as well. These include prescription professional dental cleaning. Make sure you use diets, treats such as Greenies, or appropriate toothpaste specifically formulated for pets as chew toys like a kong. It is not recommended to human toothpaste can be toxic to dogs and cats. give extremely hard treats such as cow femurs as Start gradually by introducing Suzy to the these can actually fracture teeth. Remember to toothpaste as a treat. Eventually you can work always select an appropriate size treat for your your way up to gently brushing the teeth using a pet. Monitor them closely and remove the treat if finger toothbrush. If you only have a limited time, they ingest large pieces without chewing properly. As always, contact your veterinarian to determine aim for the back, upper molars as this is where what treatment options will work best for you and most tartar will accumulate. Suzy. Good luck! You can also ask your veterinarian to examine To our friends in the community: The Animal Suzy’s mouth to see if she would be a good Medical Centers of Loudoun will be offering a candidate for a cleaning prior to starting your 20% discount on dental cleaning procedures for brushing routine. Professional dental cleanings both dogs and cats during the month of February. are performed under general anesthesia. If Suzy Please call our office for more details. could benefit from a cleaning, your veterinarian 10
  11. 11. UPCOMING EVENTS 2010 Advertising Rates (Color) Casino Night February 20 1/8 Page (3.5" x 2.25") - $50 Flashlight Egg Hunt 1/4 Page (3.5" x 4.624") - $75 March 26 1/2 Page (7" x 4.625") - $100 Easter Eggstravaganza March 27 Contact Christine Elansary for more information 703-542-6263 or christine.elansary@brambleton.org Brambleton Community Association - 42645 Regal Wood Drive - Brambleton VA 20148 Phone: 703-542-6263 - Fax: 703-542-6266 - E-mail: HOA@brambleton.org - www.brambletonHOA.org 11