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Advanced Development General Presentation


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Advanced Development provides business consultancy in the areas of Turnaround Management, Project Finance and Portfolio Management. Each of these pillars contains dozens of activities that are interconnected, strengthening the value of our experience in our clients’ benefit.

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Advanced Development General Presentation

  1. 1. All about developmentTM 2
  2. 2. Advanced Development is more than an advisory and management company. It is your trusted partner for measurable results translated into success. 1
  3. 3. Who we are We believe that when developing a project, the most important thing is to have a clear VISION of what that project has to become. We are in the business of making the future clear by looking at the present and suggest the best solutions to our clients in order to achieve success. Advanced Development provides business consultancy in the areas of Turnaround Management, Project Finance, Portfolio Management and Real Estate Development. Each of these pillars contains dozens of activities that are interconnected, strengthening the value of our experience in our clients’ benefit. We invite you to browse through our services and see in depth what Advanced Development can do for you. Of course, we believe that each project is unique and this is why we like to analyze it in detail and come up with a full report that contains a diagnosis and a strategy for the best actions to take. At Advanced Development we are team of senior specialists experienced in business consultancy and real estate development, open to share our know-how to build a better future in the region. Our mission is to provide innovation, diversification and futuristic ideas for maximizing the clients’ development perspectives. We are looking for value within every single project we approach. Because value is what defines, finally, our results. 1 2
  4. 4. Turnaround Management Define Turnaround Management is a change of direction in a company’s life in order to improve performances, resolve a crisis or avoid insolvency. For those who find the strength to recognize the need for change, the rewards can translate into durable success. A sound strategy is critical for developing and executing a successful turnaround plan. Mechanics evaluate an underperforming business to determine the cause of its problems gather information and understand the clients’ business make an assessment on the current estate of the business and decide if the business can be turned around in a positive way develop potential solutions to address the problems, select and implement the appropriate strategies and course of action, adding value to the company make corrections to the plan according to circumstances Our analysis will help you make the right decision and set attainable goals for its execution. 2 1
  5. 5. Details rethink firm’s strategy triage activities due to to market changes improve liquidity against profit restructure corporate debts stakeholder communication evaluate and redesign the financial models in the current market indicate the anticipated return to stakeholders management and collection of debts sale of non core assets including stock to generate cash Visit: When it is needed a response to a crisis a major change in the business lack of operating controls insufficient demand, technology, suppliers not understanding customers and marketplace poor lender/sponsor relationship ineffective management style Our experience spreads across the entire spectrum of organizational entities: public and private, profit and non-profit, large and small business sectors. 3 2
  6. 6. Turnaround Management Approach balancing different viewpoints creditors (potentially new owners) shareholders (potentially former owners) customers (source of revenues) employees (caught in the middle) fresh eye, knowledge and skills with complete objectivity non-political agenda or other obligations What recommends us our restructuring and recovery services are carried out by a dedicated team of experienced professionals dealing with solvent liquidations our approach is strongly focused on meeting our clients’ requirements and concluding processes as quickly and as efficiently as possible our expertise, experience and diplomacy, are all key to helping organizations negotiate sensitive and difficult situations, advising on action that will prevent further problems and will generate positive development Each of our consultants is a professional: we provide superior value to our clients. 4 1
  7. 7. Turnaround Management means finding a new balance for your company, that can lead to incremental development. 5 2
  8. 8. Area of Expertise business and liquidity reviews business restructuring Turnaround Management mediation and negotiation Page 8 comprehensive business plan Page 11 turnaround and interim management EU funding Page 12 stakeholder communication Our goal is to help our clients achieve increasing returns and minimize the risk of investment. 6 1
  9. 9. exit strategy refinancing Page 2 h&b use Project Finance development Portfolio Management project management Real Estate Development management and collection of debts PPP structuring 7 2
  10. 10. Project Finance Define Advanced Development helps clients find out what financing resources they can count on for projects in various areas of activity and also how to obtain them. Our solutions are based upon a complex financial structure where bank debt, mezzanine financing and equity are used to finance the project, rather than the balance sheets of project sponsors. Expect from us A Key moment in the decision making is seeing the Feasability Study that consists of: description of the project detailed business plan portfolio analysis and market studies analysis of investment returns maximization of the economic parameters of the project We will provide you with an info memorandum to raise the financing containing: concise information about the project, feasibility an business plan an indicative term sheet to outline the suitable financing based on the requirements of the project a realistic cash flow estimation including a sensitivity analysis and based on feasible assumptions Best Debt Structure: Tenor, covenants, security, under takings, pricing – all are weighed to ensure the debt is optimized to your business needs clear milestones/ timeframes for delivery/financing 8 1
  11. 11. Private Public Partnership Restructuring Advanced Development negotiates agreements and implements projects between government and the private sector regarding the provision of public services or infrastructure. EU Funds Advanced Development provides advice to clients about opportunities for sourcing of EU funds for specific projects. EU funds are available both at a national level as well as at a European level. Whether expanding manufacturing facilities, implementing new processing capabilities, or leveraging existing assets in new markets, innovative financing is often at the core of long-term projects to develop a company’s operations. Approach consider all financing options: investment finance, project finance, syndicated loans, senior debt, subordinated debt define the main terms and conditions of the financing structure identify a group of banks/investors most suited to provide the financing review responses and negotiate final agreements assist through facility agreements implementation until first disbursement 9 2
  12. 12. Asset Management We have a wide experience in this field, covering the time of investment through the reception time, including acquisition, management, leasing, operational/financial reporting, appraisals, audits, market review and asset disposition plans. 10 1
  13. 13. Define Portfolio Management The art and science of developing an effective functioning frame for the company’s products, taking decisions about investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, and balancing risk against performance. create a product strategy take into consideration the budget or resources available Actions we take identify and prioritize strategic objectives map the project portfolio structure and decision making processes analyze, select and prioritize projects for an effective, balanced portfolio implement a Portfolio Management System create criteria to evaluate projects and programs reduce redundant projects and eliminate non-viable ones Why go for Portfolio Management maximize the profitability or value of the portfolio provide balance support the strategy of the enterprise 11 2
  14. 14. Real Estate Development Define Advanced Development is a company dedicated to developing the next generation of local and regional real estate projects by purchasing and developing property, but also by co-developing property with other stakeholders. Expect from us We provide tailor-made solutions for all types of real estate investments: sale or forward sale of single assets or portfolios through an asset or share deal sale and rent-back, sale and lease-back solutions for commercial real estate raising equity participation from investors placement of property development projects with final investors Visit: project management project development construction architecture management layout planning building system engineering asset management real estate investment analysis residential commercial highest and best use market research and analysis location analysis entry strategy feasibility studies investment analysis business planning property evaluation housing & office construction business parks retail outlets 12 shopping centers hotels logistics parks 1
  15. 15. For us development is not just a step forward. It is the future. With more than 10 years experience in the real estate field, Advanced Development is focusing on both residential and commercial development projects, not only in Romania but also in the neighboring countries. 2
  16. 16. Advanced Development 32, Aleea Alexandru, Apartment 3, RO-014453, Bucharest, Romania Phone: +40-21-409.28.28 Fax: +40-21-230.37.38 All about developmentTM 1