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Screen Shots and constution


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Screen Shots and constution

  1. 1. Screen Shots For Diverse Dec 09 (issue 2)
  2. 2. Front Cover
  3. 3. When I got the template for the magazine, we decided to make it our own so each issue was unique but recognisably an issue of Diverse. So I changed the box and the shadow to a blue to represent the winter colours as I was doing the Xmas issue. I played with the position of the main article title and tested with the fonts. Also I did the text for the strap line for another (or secondary main article). I chose black because it stands out more than white on very light colours like the blue I used.
  4. 4. When I looked at the image, it seemed to stretched so I adjusted the image so it maintained it’s ratio. I also stretched out the bottom strip so it looked sort of balanced. I also changed the font on the main article title to make it more Jappop (pop trendy but jazz cool). I experimented with the size of the main article. I also added the strap line and used black to make it stand out against the blue.
  5. 5. I added in the issue number for the magazine and experimented with the sizes and fonts of the text to create an effect that would attract my audience. I put the issue number to one side and placed in my second picture and made the headline smaller to help the photo fit on the page
  6. 6. I then stretched the photo as it looked out of ratio and I thought if it overlapped the headline it would look effective however I changed my mind as he still didn’t look In ratio. As before I made the headline smaller and added in boxes for my cover lines however I thought it was defacing and crowded the main image so I got rid of the boxes and just used the cover lines as it was. I also made the subheading white to emphasize it and to make it different from the actual headline. and added my barcode and price.
  7. 7. I thought the magazine was finished however when I looked at it closely the main image could do with some blending into the background. So I went back on Photoshop and used the Gradient tool to blend into the background. I also changed the colour of the cover lines to add more interest to them. I then re-imported the final image into Indesign.
  8. 8. Main Article
  9. 9. The first thing I did was add the lyrics in the box and alternate the size of the text. I then made a text box for the title. I typed in the title (it was originally Charlie’s Winter Wonderland however was changed because it was too cheesy.). I then added the main article image and played with the layers the image is behind the title and lyrics.
  10. 10. I then proceeded to add the CD cover in the corner of the page as an advertisement to Charlie’s new album and when it was out. This feature would attract not just a fan but collectors and people who like a bonus when they buy something. I had written out the main article before inserting it into the page into columns to make it look like an actual magazine. I also took out quotes and changed them to blue to stand out and made them a size larger. I then to create space I used back-space to get rid of the large gaps.
  11. 11. I then added the page numbers (Snowflakes because of Christmas) I then made the cd cover larger so it didn’t looked squashed and made the “Fire is out now” bigger and baby blue to make it more of an advertisement.
  12. 12. Contents
  13. 13. When we were discussing the title for the contents Diverse was an option because we wanted something different than other magazines. However we quickly changed our minds as you will see on the next slide. I proceeded to add my first image. The reason it is black and white is because I thought we were doing black and white for our contents images however we decided against it (after I had saved it). I wondered what would happen if I put the white as a shadow and blue at the front after seeing it might not work I changed it back to the original state. I also changed the size of the image because she looked skinny and out of ratio.
  14. 14. I added in my contents for the articles and moved my B+W image down however when I put in my second image it looked crowded at the bottom so I moved my B+W up and moved my contents layout so it would fit and not look untidy and chaotic. I then added a border around my B+W image because when you look at the image it looked as though she was chopped in half as it wasn’t blending in. I then added the final touches with the page number at the top.