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Haccp Power Point


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Presentation for HACCP/SOPs training

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Haccp Power Point

  1. 2. How many of you know what a HACCP System is?
  2. 3. For those of you who do not know what a HACCP System is... HACCP is an acronym for H azard A nalysis of C ritical C ontrol P oints
  3. 4. It is a system where hazards or potential hazards are identified (known as critical control points or “CCP”). Once identified, procedures and documentation are set in place in order to make sure these hazards are eliminated.
  4. 5. Can anyone give me an example of a procedure we already have set in place to eliminate a potential hazard?
  5. 6. 1) Taking Temperatures 2) Washing Hands 3) Sanitizing 4) Recipes
  6. 7. Essentially we have been performing a loose version of the HACCP System.
  7. 8. What does this new HACCP System entail? We have restructured all of our day to day procedures and compiled them in a book.
  8. 9. This book is our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). It has procedures for when we receive food to when it is thrown out.
  9. 10. We have added some new procedures, but a lot of the procedures you already know. They are just in a different format.
  10. 11. We have also reformatted and included additional daily logs. These logs will need to be recorded and filed appropriately.
  11. 12. Flow of Food Chart
  12. 13. This flow chart shows the process where our potential hazards (CCP) may be. There will be a log for every step in the process.
  13. 14. Our recipes will now be in HACCP format.
  14. 16. Now let’s go through the SOP book!
  15. 74. THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!!