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Gdańsk by Night


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Gdańsk by Night

  1. 1. Gdańsk by night Go with us on a fantastic trip.
  2. 2. The Town Hall of the Old City (1587 r.) This is a bulding with many old, beautiful furniture. Let us walk further.
  3. 3. Jan Heweliusz’s monument. He was a very wise astronomer  (1611 – 1687)
  4. 4. Grand Mill, with its characteristic huge, gable roof. (about 1350)
  5. 5. The building of a National Polish Bank (1900 – 1902)
  6. 6. Torture Chamber and Prision Tower (1506-1509). From 1594 there were a hearing room and wards. There was a prision from 1604 to 1858.
  7. 7. The Godlen Gate (1612 – 1614) is the preetiest gate in the Old Town. Above we can see figures of Peace, Freedom, Fortune and Fame. Peace Freedom Fortune Fame
  8. 8. Saint George Brotherhood’s Manor House (1494) Now go with us, to the Long Street. Saint George is overcoming the dragon – it is turret’s finial
  9. 9. The Long Street and the Town Hall of the Main City. Most of tourists and residents of Gdansk love walking in this street. There are a lot of restaurants and coffe bars.
  10. 10. The Town Hall of the Main City and the Long Market Street.
  11. 11. The Artus Court (1350)-a big beautiful manor house in the Long Street. The Figure of Fortune (1616)
  12. 12. The Neptune Fontain in front of the Artus Court (1613– a project, 1633– a start of the fontain). Neptun was a god of a sea.
  13. 13. The Golden House (built in 1609-1618) The base-reliefs are covered with gold. Temida 
  14. 14. The Green Gate on the end of the Long Market Street. (1564–1568 ). But in fact it is not green  .
  15. 15. A view on the Long Seaside. There is the Crane (built in 1442–44) in the center .
  16. 16. The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (built in 1343–1498). The biggest one built with bricks in Europe.
  17. 17. The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary –a view from Piwna Street.
  18. 18. The Royal Chapel (1678–81). It is in St Mary’s Street.
  19. 19. Great Armoury (1601–1609), a view from Piwna Street. Figure near portal A view from the Long Market Street.
  20. 20. Great Armoury (1601–1609 ),a view from the Long Market Street. Gdańsk’s Coat of Arms
  21. 21. The history of Gda n sk started 1010 years ago . For 146 years it belonged to Teutonic Knights, for 125 years it was included in a German Crow n , for 25 years it had the status of F ree C ity. During 714 Gdansk was under jurisdiction of Polish princes, kings and authorities. Our presentation shows how beautiful is Gdansk at night. You are welcome to see it during a day-it would be a big surprise! Good bye to everyone! It was very nice to have your companion.    Gdańsk