What You Learn In A Semester


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What You Learn In A Semester

  1. 1. Relations, a word that brings  Public about many meanings. Image management, marketing, advertising, social networks and more. This semester I learned that Public Relations is more than just these words, it is a series of actions that one must know and be able to do. Here is my list of the top ten things I learned this spring…
  2. 2. Being a PR professional, you must learn to be a team  player. Working in groups is a way of life when working for a PR firm or department so you must be able to take and give constructive criticism, realize your way is NOT always the right way and that two, three or twenty heads is ALWAYS better than one. Perfect example: WKRP CINCINATTI: Turkeys Away episode.
  3. 3.  The PR world is one that requires you to be able to deliver a pitch or message to several different groups. A closed mind will get you no where in this field and if that is what you have, YOU’RE IN THE WRONG MAJOR! I read a great web site from the Council of Public Relations firms that explains just how diversified the PR world is. Check it out!
  4. 4. Yes, ladies that’s right! It is said that this field is  one where women excel. It is a field where strategic thinking meets relationship skills and where creativity meets analytical reasoning. Not to say men don’t do well either, it just helps to be a women who knows how to market to a male dominating business world!
  5. 5. We now live in an age where technology is not just  something fun and exciting, it has become a way of life and without it, we are lost. Especially in the PR workforce, you must be up to date on the who, what, when where and why of everything going on. Blogging, email, video news releases, twitter and more have really taken a hold of PR. Make sure that you start a blog now, employers will look at what you have done to see if you are current with the social media world.
  6. 6.  Thispoint was made extremely clear after learning of the Domino’s crisis in class. I did some research and found a website on how to handle a crisis in the business world. It further explained PR Crisis Management and what to do in the time of a crisis. PR is a field that is constantly being judged by the public and their opinions so being able to handle a crisis and fix it promptly is of utmost importance. Check out my blog post for more information!
  7. 7. When you get out into the work field, it is  absolutely vital that you are able to write well. PR is all about news releases, designing brochures, creating presentations and more. If you can’t write, or you make simple grammatical errors, a company will assume you either don’t care enough or that you are well, to put it harshly not well educated. Taking writing classes in college seriously is probably the best way to prepare yourself for the work force. I know that taking more writing classes instead of electives may be killing me now, but in the future will help me so much more.
  8. 8.  Yes,maybe this point seems ridiculous but let me tell you, I can’t begin to stress how many connections you can make just by being on and keeping up with Twitter. Like I said before, PR is all about the social media world these days, and by getting on Twitter you are already making connections and who knows maybe even finding somewhere you want to work. To be honest, I found this concept stupid at the beginning of this semester, but now I realize how helpful it really is!
  9. 9. When I think of ethics, I think of someone I would want to  do business with. Having good ethics is key when dealing with companies or individuals in the PR world. No one wants or will deal with a firm that has a reputation of not keeping promises or not performing the duties they need to fulfill to get the job done the right way. So be smart and be honest! It is the only way to be if you plan on getting anywhere in the PR world.
  10. 10. In terms of being professional, it is more than  okay to be old school. Yes, the business world is all about new and hip but when it comes down to it, companies still want employees who have a good work ethic, look professional, are prepared for the day’s work and most of all reliable.
  11. 11. “There are no failures, just your experiences and your  reactions to them.” –Tom Krause.  The more you do, the more you will learn. You can never have enough experience. Companies look for the future employee by what they have done and what they have accomplished, not whether or not they had a 4.0 GPA or graduated top of their class. Being able to handle situations is essential and if you’ve got that, you’ve got it all.
  12. 12. semester has flown by and I The can’t believe that it is already over. I want to thank Dr. Nixon for everything she has taught me and thank the PRCA 2330 class in general for making it enjoyable to come to class everyday. Good luck to everyone!