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Executive Profiles Introduction

  1. 1. com Executive profiles
  2. 2. Executive Profiles is synonymous with excellence. Executive profiles
  3. 3. Executive Profiles Executive Profiles is synonymous with excellence. Drawing on global resources, we pinpoint high calibre individuals, securing consistently outstanding placements, bringing a unique perspective to the process. As European market leader in several sectors we have a technical bias, yet our approach is highly successful with a diverse range of global service providers and trading companies. Clients with challenging assignments turn to us with confidence. Our access to candidates knows no limits. Strategic alliances in Europe, America and Asia, extend our reach to pre-eminent candidates worldwide. Executive Profiles provides exceptional people for outstanding organisations.
  4. 4. Understanding Client understanding has been critical to Executive Profiles delivering a success rate significantly higher than average. Our consultants' seniority and consequent depth of business knowledge guarantees precise analysis of all relevant factors. We gain an understanding of your company's environment and culture, working effectively within rigid or fluid structures. We define the role, establish key competencies and agree timescales - essential functions before we agree a search strategy. Research Research is the bedrock of Executive Profiles' function.We monitor market data, studying growth patterns and identifying trends. Our professional researchers conduct an ongoing programme, monitoring specialist areas using a sophisticated series of business search tools, including the full range of internet options. Dedicated researchers, identifying tomorrow's information today, ensuring that our service is built on solid foundations. 95% of cold approaches are said to fail. Ours succeed. Knowledge itself is power - Francis Bacon
  5. 5. Campaign Management On occasions it is appropriate to use an open campaign which can establish positive foundations by enhancing your company's brand and shareholder value. Using new and established media, Executive Profiles formulates and implements carefully considered campaigns to ensure that no stone is left unturned in our search for the optimum solution. We are monitoring the ongoing penetration of new media closely, including the influence of new technology on people's lives. Pro-active Search Whether it is used as part of a search that includes an open campaign, or as a totally discrete standalone method, a pro-active search has the benefits of being both company and competitor sensitive, whilst ensuring precise timing and targeting. As a recognised leader, our high business profile in our geographical markets facilitates exceptional networking ability, giving us access to all levels of seniority. Combined with our research programmes, this enables us to pinpoint less obvious, but equally talented, candidates submerged within a large corporation. Our consultants explore the match of candidate to opportunity through 'offline conversations', using skill and sensitivity, drawing on established business and personal relationships. As a result, the business credentials of all our candidates are verified prior to introduction.
  6. 6. Candidate Motivation Executive Profiles focuses on the image and the shadow, revealing the complete candidate. Verification is essential. Candidates make presentations - on video if required, whilst technical competency interviews reveal depth of business knowledge. Every facet of the candidate, including recent events, family and lifestyle, is closely scrutinised - we are aware of every factor that will influence the decision. Multimedia based presentation of candidates and global interviewing services are available, and when the time comes to discuss the offer, we have considerable experience in salary and contractual negotiations. Executive Profiles manages the whole process, involving partners, ensuring they are positive. We handle the change in partners' careers, even helping to find a new home anything to minimise disruption. Ensuring the placement is rock solid. Taking nothing for granted.
  7. 7. Executive profiles
  8. 8. Executive Profiles Terms & Conditions for the Introduction of Permanent Employees 1 Definitions 4 Indirect Introduction In these Terms and Conditions the following definitions apply: The Client shall be liable to pay The Search Consultancy 's fee in accordance with quot;The Search Consultancyquot;: means those trading names of SSR Personnel Clause 3(B) if the Client engages or refers the Applicant to any third party Services Ltd. within 12 months of the initial introduction and that third party engages the quot;The Clientquot;: means the person, firm or corporate body to whom the Applicant or in any event where an engagement results directly or indirectly from Applicant is introduced. the introduction of The Search Consultancy . The Replacement and Refund quot;The Applicantquot;: means the person introduced by The Search Consultancy to Guarantee shall not apply to any indirect introductions. the Client for an Engagement. quot;Engagementquot;: means the appointment of the Applicant to perform services for or 5 Replacement and Rebate on behalf of the Client whether under a contract of service or for services. (A) If the Client pays The Search Consultancy 's fees within the periods quot;Remunerationquot;: means the total of all taxable emoluments payable to or prescribed in 3(B) and the Engagement terminates within the specified receivable by the Applicant pursuant to the Engagement. rebate periods and written notification of termination is received within 14 days the Client will be entitled either to a Replacement Applicant or a 2 The Contract rebate in respect of the fees paid. (A) These Terms and Conditions are deemed to be accepted by the Client by (B) In the event that the original Applicant is subsequently re-engaged by the virtue of an interview with or the Engagement of the Applicant. Client, its subsidiary or associated companies or any third party (B) No variation or alteration to these Terms and Conditions shall be valid introduced by the Client within the period of 12 months from the date of unless approved in writing by a Director of The Search Consultancy. termination of the Engagement the Client shall pay The SearchConsultancy's fee calculated in accordance with Clause 3(B). 3 Notification and Settlement Terms 6 Suitability (A) In the event that the Engagement is accepted by the Applicant the Client The Search Consultancy endeavours to ensure the suitability of the Applicant: shall notify The Search Consultancy immediately and provide details of Notwithstanding this the Client shall take such steps as it deems necessary to the Remuneration. satisfy itself as to the suitability of the Applicant and is responsible for taking up (B) The Client shall pay The Search Consultancy's invoices within 14 days of any references provided by the Applicant and/or The Search Consultancy before date of invoice. The fee payable by the Client is calculated in accordance engaging the Applicant. The Client shall be responsible for obtaining work and with the accompanying scale of fees according to the Remuneration other permits, for the arrangement of medical examinations and/or investigations payable to or receivable by the Applicant during the first twelve months of into the medical history of the Applicant, and satisfying any medical and other the Engagement notwithstanding that the Engagement may be terminated requirements or qualifications required by law. ruing that period. All fees are subject to the addition of VAT. (C) The Replacement Guarantee permits one replacement Applicant to be 7 Liability appointed within 26 weeks of the original Applicants starting date. Otherwise the rebate terms will apply as detailed below. The Search Consultancy shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, expense or damage suffered or incurred by the Client arising from or in any way connected with the introduction or Engagement of any Applicant or from the failure of The Search Consultancy to introduce an Applicant. The Replacement Guarantee Introduction Fees for Retained Search If an applicant introduced for a permanent position should leave within 26 Assignments undertaken for quot;Retained Searchquot; will be charged at 25% of the first weeks of their engagement, a replacement applicant will be provided FREE OF year's salary, payable in three instalments:- CHARGE or the following rebate scheme will apply:- (i) 33% on acceptance of assignment. (ii) 33% upon presentation of shortlist. 100% Weeks 1-4 Weeks 17-21 30% (iii) Balance on Candidate's acceptance of the post. 90% Weeks 5-10 Weeks 22-26 10% 50% Weeks 11-16 Such expenses as pre agreed with the Client will be charged at cost. The replacement guarantee and rebate scheme are subject to the payment of These terms are effective from 1st January 1998 accounts within the stated settlement terms.
  9. 9. iles. Executive Profiles 5 Blackhorse Lane, London. E17 6DN Tel: 020 8626 3100 Fax: 020 8626 3101 E-mail: executiveprofiles@ssr-personnel.com Web: www.executive-profiles.co.uk