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Issue #5 Summer 2010 editionof BachLife Magazine from Wainui Beach

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Beachlife #5

  1. 1. Wa i n u i • M a k o r o r i • T a t a p o u r i • S p o n g e B a y ISSUE 5/Summer 2010 Online at | Free to every home | Extras $5.00 • Things to do this summer • Cycleway concept dropped • Local group up and running • The Joan Coates story • Beach Babes • Beach Parties Local surfer rides biggest ever NZ wave Summer At The Beach • Local News • Wave Rave and more
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  4. 4. Head outdoors this summer EXCLUSIVE TO FENNS FURNITURE EDEN OUTDOOR FURNITURE Eden is premium quality handcrafted wooden outdoor furniture, designed and manufactured in New Zealand by Danske Møbler. Created in 1998, Eden has grown steadily to become one of New Zealand’s leading outdoor furniture brands. WIN A NEW 2009 SUZUKI SWIFT XE Every $100 spent at Fenns gets an entry into the draw. Spend $500, get five entries. Drawn on Christmas Eve 24th December 2009. 4 | BeachLife 415 Gladstone Road • P. 06 867 9300
  5. 5. M A G A Z I N E Delivered free to every home from Sponge Bay to Makorori. contents beach forum & intro .................................. 5-6 Letters, opinions and editor’s soapbox – the cycleway decision, Tsunami Bar closure PUBLISHED AND PRINTED BY Design Arts Ltd beach news .................................. 8-15 Tsunami alerts. Cycle track plan shelved. Big wave adventure. Eye-catching new school PUBLISHING EDITOR library. Local girl models for Fashion Week. Residents association up and running – call for Gray Clapham members. Moko makes himself at home. Griffiths head to town. Chalet back to work. 90 Moana Road, Okitu Wainui Beach, Gisborne Phone 868 0240 Fax 867 7010 beach babes .................................. 16-17 More babies – that makes it 32 beach babes since the first issue just over a year ago. CONTRIBUTORS Kelly Ryan, Tom Grimson, Phoebe beach life Gander, Hayley Dalton, Mike King, 18-27 About kahawai and how to eat them. Tall tales from the Murphy Road ditch. Surf club Tess McCormick, Cory Scott summer season gets underway. Photo fun from the Gisborne Herald 1/4 Marathon, parties .................................. and celebrations, beach life in general and Wainui School athletics. ALL LETTERS, ARTICLES & CORRESPONDENCE TO beach people .................................. 28-36 Troy Conole’s love of the beach reflected in novel art creations. Daren Coulston is on a ADVERTISING mission to make a change in the way this country catches fish. The Joan Coates Story – Gray & Sandy Clapham a look back at the colourful life of our former Mrs New Zealand. We celebrate the lives Phone 868 0240 Fax 867 7010 of two Wainui men who made untimely departures this winter – Dean Craig of Douglas Street and Bert Cotterill of Moana Road. Local boy Matt Clarke celebrates gallery success. .................................. Extra copies available at $5.00 beach history All issues will be archived after 40 More on Frederick Ottaway – the man who built the windmills. publication on the website surfing 43 Wave Rave with Kelly Ryan: Surf stories, results and what the groms are up to. All BeachLife pages can be viewed online at Cover: Wainui girls Sophie Pearce and Laura Quilter epitomize the joy of a summer’s day at Wainui as they set out for a long day at the beach. BeachLife’s mission is to provide a positive community publication celebrating life at the beaches between Sponge Bay and Pouawa. Contributions in the way of letters to the editor, photographs of Historical photographs and assistance events and celebrations and written articles are gratefully received. courtesy Tairawhiti Museum P I L AT E S • MASSAGE • REIKI • STRETCH Aertex Shirts Suit Hire Catering for big sizes. Collier’s Menswear Ltd WENDY SHUTT 110 Gladstone Road • Phone 867 3447 55 Lloyd George Road GENERAL MENSWEAR Wainui Beach & SUIT SPECIALISTS Phone 863 1087 Collier’s Menswear is a Wainui Beach owned local business. BeachLife | 5
  6. 6. beach forum Please email your thoughts and opinions to Cycleway This 1994 issue of Beachside (later BeachLife) magazine heralded the news that a cycle track and decision a big walking path could soon be built to link Wainui Beach and the city. Fourteen years on we report the news that the plan has now been shelved due to changed roading priorities. disapointment AS A WAINUI BEACH resident I am perturbed by the decision to scrap the Wainui Beach to City walkway and cycle track. I have lived at Wainui Beach most of my life and know how dangerous the Highway from Okitu to Kaiti can be. To my knowledge there have been many incidents including seven fatal car accidents and four fatal cycle accidents. In later years a new faster straighter highway has been built allowing the logging and sweetcorn trucks to travel faster causing a vacuum of powerful suction that whips anything from the side of the Highway. So far we have been lucky that it hasn’t been a cyclist or a walker but it is only a matter of time. I recently had a narrow escape with a logging truck going over his speed limit and I was fortunate enough to have a car with power steering and had to hit 120kmh to get out of his way. In the 1940s my father fought for the Wainui School bus route to be altered for its own safety. It took the death of an Okitu child named Biddy Wall to get that route changed. How many more deaths do the Powers That Be need to see reason? Maybe Wainui residents should challenge them to a bike ride along the said Highway! A CARING RESIDENT BACK IN SEPTEMBER – DEVASTATING news, the Wainui cycleway-walkway has been sunk! Many locals have been waiting with patience since the proposed project was first talked about nearly 20 years ago. In fact this writer was cycling along the highway with his children (then aged 10 and 4) back in 1994 – last century – when Gray Clapham stopped and took our photo to promote the idea of the cycling track in an earlier version of BeachLife Magazine. BeachLife website helps family research It is very unfortunate that our MP is AFTER DOING A GOOGLE search on an ancestor by the name of Charles William Ferris, I was Gisborne based yet she does not support pleasantly surprised to come across the BeachLife website, where I eagerly read the article about health and safety for her own constituents. the history of the Wainui area. What a fantastic article! Since the photograph taken by then I have only been to Gisborne once in my life but knew that the Ferris family were from there. I Beachside in 1994 the volume of traffic has myself am from Northland and in the past it has been difficult and costly to do family research increased, the school’s roll has increased, from afar. Sponge Bay subdivision has been developed. Charles William Ferris Jnr, who married Raiha Kamau was the half-brother to my great In this carbon footprint driven world we live grandfather who was John Sydney Ferris. It is fantastic to me that people are publishing more in more people want to exercise and save fuel. history like this and making it available to people on line. Sadly not all of us will be able to use John I was also surprised and delighted to see photos of Charles’ family, and this helped me identify Key’s cycleway developments. an ’unknown’ photograph I had in my possession that I think now is of Charles Ferris. This district wants this to go ahead so This website was a wonderful find to me and I think it is great how there are current articles our community must not say, "oh well never about people in the community, some of whom must be distant relatives. Thanks again to the mind" – we must force the issue. writers, I will be sharing this with family! KEVIN MASTROVICH MENA FERRIS 6 | BeachLife
  7. 7. intro Publisher’s Comments | by Gray Clapham Stating the project was of low priority Government pulled funding for the Wainui-Gisborne cycle and walkway just as it looked like finally becoming a reality. No cycleway ... and then the bar closes NEVER BEFORE HAVE I felt so right about We definitely have too many cars on the road Rutledge and Maurice Judd, bought the believing something is so wrong. at a time when petrol engine emissions are Sandbar and its lease from Brent Mitchell The photograph above – taken just ten being part-blamed for the increase in global in 2006 to save it from closing back then. minutes after deciding to see if I could take warming. They put a lot of money and passion into a photograph to illustrate the real need There are people in our community who renovating and reinvigorating the bar in for a cycleway and walking track between would love to bike to work in town or let the hope that the citizens of Wainui would Wainui Beach and Gisborne – rams home the their children bike into town for sports events. respond and give it full support. Unfortunately argument. The highway between Wainui Beach Families would love to bike to town at the this never really happened except for and Gisborne is dangerous. weekend for whatever reason. But they are patronage from a handful of hardy regulars. Whoever decided that providing a safe now just too scared to take on the logging Present owners, Rutledge and Judd, threw pathway for cyclists and pedestrians between trucks and other traffic. an all-you-can-drink-free night for the regulars the beach and the city was “of low priority” Somewhere in a desk drawer or on a to thank them for their patronage on Friday has not done his or her home work. computer at NZTA there is an amazing, finished November 20 – and then bolted the doors. It’s not about providing a feel-good design plan for the Wainui-Gisborne cycleway. Guy Rutledge says firmly: "The bar has recreational asset for beach-loving cyclists and Transit New Zealand, the Government, Anne closed because the people of Wainui Beach get-fit mothers out power-walking. It’s about Tolley – whoever you are with the power to did not see fit to support it." the protection of lives. It’s a life and death move and shake – you have to put this project While BeachLife tends to take a positive issue. back on the top of the list. view of life here at the beach, it makes us It was so close – BeachLife spoke to The reality is that the cycleway won’t be wonder why a seaside settlement of over 700 NZTA before the project was canned and built – with Government funding at least – for homes could not make one small café and bar a spokesman said there were just a few many years to come. Unless someone comes viable. “consultation issues” to sort out. It was felt up with a really good argument. I guess Even the smallest village anywhere in the that construction would probably have started its over to the newly formed Wainui-Okitu world has some sort of local inn, café or bar in 2010. Residents and Ratepayers Association to take where locals can socialise on neutral ground, The Wainui cycle track and walkway concept up the cause. dine out occasionally, take friends for a drink was put forward over 20 years ago and even It was also a bitter blow to see the Tsunami or just get out of the house for a while. then – before the logging trucks took over our Bar close its doors. A bar and café at the And imagine holidaying at a Mediterranean country road – the highway between Sponge Oneroa Road end of the beach has been seaside village without a local taverna or café Bay and Oneroa Road was dangerous in heavy an institution at Wainui since 1994 when it to relax at with a bottle of wine or to sample traffic. Now it is a nightmare. It was then – and opened as Waves Café and Bar. It later became the local cuisine at the end of the day. is now – about road safety. Off The Wall, then the Sandbar and most lately Once the chattels have been sold it’s Today cycling is back in vogue as an Tsunami Bar and Brasserie. unlikely our local bar will open again anytime environmentally friendly method of transport. Locals Ray and Gail Dalton, with Guy soon. BeachLife | 7
  8. 8. beach news Pacific generated tsunamis do Wainui surf not require local evacuation club popular TWO RECENT PACIFIC earthquakes have pointed to a general lack of awareness about the reality public, which adds to the confusion, is that an alert from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Station in event venue of the risk from tsunamis at Wainui and Makorori beaches, according to Gisborne Civil Defence Hawaii is not information that should be acted upon by the public here in Gisborne, neither is THE WAINUI SURF LIVE Saving Club officer Richard Steele. the information released by the national media clubhouse at Okitu is proving very At the time of the Samoa tsunami Gisborne from Wellington. popular for events and celebrations. emergency services and civil defence agreed early “Information from both these organisations is Club manager Mike King says the that while there was no safety risk, or need for general and not specific to local areas,” he says. club receives constant enquiries from evacuations, however it would be prudent to “Local people should only follow the directions people wanting to hire the clubhouse advise people to stay off the beach. issued by the local Civil Defence organisation and and its facilities for functions such as This was done by the police and broadcasting the police. weddings or birthdays. over the local radio stations. Studies, including one just completed for “Because of its popularity with "Unfortunately the national media was painting Gisborne District Council by GNS scientists, show locals, out-of-towner’s and even a different picture of potential mayhem and that this region’s real risk comes from major international guests – we are almost destruction which muddied the clear instructions earthquakes in the South American region, completely booked out for the that were being delivered locally," says Mr Steele. especially Peru. But even then they would affect summer months of December, January "This led to some people taking actions that were only limited areas, with sand dunes and banks and February for the next two years,” inappropriate and unnecessarily disrupted their acting as buffers. They would take 12-14 hours to he says. normal daily routines." get here. The rates for hiring the expansive Mr Steele says there will never be a situation Richard Steele says in the event of a local clubrooms with its commercial where a tsunami from the Pacific Islands requires tsunami, caused by a major earthquake generated catering kitchen and stunning views any evacuations from Wainui. very close to New Zealand, there will be no time out over Wainui Beach to Tuahine "The sand dunes give protection for events up for an official warning. Point are $1000 for a wedding to about 10 metres high and that’s not going to If such a Tsunami is generated it will probably or function that requires the day happen from an earthquake from that region of arrive 20-30 minutes after the earthquake. prior for setting up; $500 for an the Pacific. The only action people need to take is The earthquake itself will be the warning. See evening function and $300 for a day to stay off the beach." GDC’s tsunami alert information on page 41. corporate function. “One issue not widely understood by the Locals and former members, who have an involvement with the club, can enquire about a variation on Call for volunteers for Sponge Bay clean-up these rates. KIWI CHARITY SUSTAINABLE COASTLINES has set recyclables and organising a celebration for However, if you are planning a their sights on the East Coast area for a major volunteers after the cleanup. summer wedding – with the surf coastline rubbish clean-up on January 2. “With so many people here who love their club in mind as the venue – or any One of the beach areas identified by locals coastline – be it for surfing, diving, fishing and large scale celebration in the next as in need of a clean-up is Sponge Bay which generally enjoying the beach – it’s great for few years – it would pay to enquire has been used as an illegal dump site for many everyone to have a chance to give something early to avoid disappointment as years. Other targets for the clean-up include the back and enjoy themselves while they’re at it,” the beachside clubhouse may soon Turanganui, Taruheru and Waimata river beds says charity co-founder Sam Judd. become completely booked out – at which are affected by rubbish which flows from To register your support for the cleanup see the least through the summer months for the storm drains of Gisborne City. charity website or some years ahead. Sustainable Coastlines is working closely with contact Sam Judd at sam@sustainablecoastlines. Rhythm and Vines org – phone 021 058 9349. organisors, who Laser Electrical thanks the many homeowners at have supported Wainui Beach who have supported and trusted the idea since our electrical and air-conditioning services conception, to offer a special deal on ELECTRICAL tickets for those who register for the • Domestic cleanup. • Commercial Sustainable Coastlines are AIR CONDITIONING working with the • Mitsubishi Gisborne District • Fujitsu Council on a logistical plan for transporting the Phone 868 6720 resulting collected Sam Judd surveys the clean-up required at Sponge Bay. rubbish, separating 8 | BeachLife
  9. 9. beach news Cycle and walk track abandoned IT WAS THE WORST NEWS possible. Just as it was in the final consultation stages the pin was pulled on the Wainui to Gisborne cycleway. For those in the community who have been lobbying for this project for nearly 20 years there is a feeling of bitter disappointment. Transit New Zealand had actually given its approval to spend $500,000 for the Wainui cycleway when in early September the National government announced its decision to reprioritise road funding for this district – a decision that put Wainui cycleway project on the backburner after years of planning. The New Zealand Transport Association had already invested around $40,000 carrying out investigation and preliminary design into the project at the time it was shelved. Gisborne MP Anne Tolley said while it would have been nice to have a cycleway from Wainui to Gisborne, it was more important for the economic strength of the region that priority be given to sorting out State Highway 35 and ensuring it was in good condition. “It is disappointing to lose some of our favourite projects but when the cycleways were put in the forecasts, we were in much different times. It has had to be reprioritised.” Labour MP Moana Mackey said it was “ridiculous” the cycleway project was being canned for economic development reasons. Damon Gunness was one of a crew of surfers “The Wainui cycleway is a great initiative for our region — it’s a kick in the guts to all those who recently took on the biggest waves ever who have worked so hard for a number of years now to get it going, to have the funding pulled ridden in New Zealand. at the last minute,” she said. The Gisborne District has been “done in the eye” by the change in criteria says regional transport committee chairman Bill Burdett. Local wave riders Mr Burdett said he and the whole committee were extremely disappointed by the change that had seen the replacement of the one-way Motu Bridge, the Wainui cycleway and the extension of conquer new giant the riverbank walkway to Taruheru taken out of the region’s roading programme. WAINUI SURFER DAMON GUNNESS has had Gisborne district councillors and staff recently met with Minister of Transport Steven Joyce where his share of coverage in surf magazines over he was made aware of local feelings about his Goverment’s about-turn on funding for the Wainui the years – but his picture on the latest cycleway. cover of New Zealand Surfer is once-in-a- Manager Engineering and Works Peter Higgs told BeachLife that the National-led government lifetime historically stupendous. has altered the funding criteria to reflect their priority – which is concerned about economic Damon is pictured – on the cover and growth and improvements in productivity. inside the magazine – riding what they "Consequently funds are being put into those areas. Funds for cycleways are targeted for areas are claiming as the biggest waves ever where they will assist in relieving congestion.” ridden ever in New Zealand. And the waves However Mr Higgs says the Minister did agreed to ask the agency to re-look at the project." he and a crew of tow-in adventurers and Mr Higgs says the cycleway is still on the list of works to be done in this region but there is no photographer Cory Scott pioneered are not funding for it within the next three years at least. The project has dropped to a very low priority that far from Wainui, somewhere out in the and has a long way to go in moving up the list in competition with other projects around the ocean off our coastline. More about this in country. Kelly’s Wave Rave on pages 43-46. When asked if the Council could "pick up" the project he says the Council is struggling to fund Damon is not alone in the latest issue – basic infrastructure and to keep rates to a minimum. The Council was not in a position to fund it may as well be renamed Wainui Surfing this project. It had to be funded by regional roading funds rather than rates. magazine. Wainui waves feature throughout He says the cycleway design will be retained by NZTA so that if funding does become available with appearances from Bobby Hansen, Dane in future the project will be ready to proceed. Simpson, Maz Quinn, Buck Woods, Blair The chairperson of the local Ratepayers and Residents Association Norman Weiss says the Stewart, James Tanner, Buck again – and cycleway issue is high on the "things-to-do" list but no definite strategy has been decided yet. photographer Roghey delivers a 9-shot sequence of Craig Jenkins. Gisborne’s biggest range of framed photo prints & artworks MERCADOS Picture Framing & Laminating 57 Gladstone Road • Phone 867 4305 • BeachLife | 9
  10. 10. beach news "The wave-shaped structure conveys the school’s strong connection with the sea ..." Wainui School principal Nolian Andrew and architectural designer Chris Shaw checking progress of the new library in November. New school library arrives on the crest of a wave A STUNNING NEW LIBRARY building shaped like a Wainui Beach wave is point for outdoor gatherings at the school.” fast taking shape at Wainui Beach school. The original plan was to build a new classroom for the school but a The $186-thousand project certainly has eye appeal and everyone at concept was put together to turn the old library into a classroom and the school – teachers, students and parents – are totally excited. make use of the 78 square metres freed up in the school’s building area The concept is the work of school parent and local Wainui-based allowance to create the dedicated new library. architectural designer Chris Shaw of Pacific Modern Architecture. Using three curved laminated beams as the basic structure of the “The Wainui School library is more than just a place for books,” Chris building Chris was able to create a wave-like design. The roof area, says. “It’s the centre of technology, research, reading and learning. It’s which covers surrounding decks, makes the building look much bigger also a link to the playing fields and the front deck will act as a the focal than it really is. Two sides of the building beneath the wave structure will be constructed of glass from floor to ceiling with the library shelves built Redefining the art of coastal living into the walls so books can be seen from both inside and out. The roofing iron has been moulded to follow the wave shape and will finish overhanging a landscaped rock garden where rainwater will flow unimpeded by spouting with a waterfall effect. Chris says the design was inspired by Wainui with the concept that the wave-shaped structure conveys the school’s strong connection with the sea, which is considered part of the wider school learning area. He says its also a bonus that the children are being exposed to This dynamic coastal landscape inspired our name and inspires our creative architectural design and can observe the building’s construction. architecture. A modernist response to the South Pacific lifestyle. Principal Nolian Andrew says everyone is very pleased with the project with the board seeing the value of the creative design which has been 45 Wairere Road, Wainui Beach delivered economically thanks to Pacific Modern Architecture and the Phone 06 868 9381 Fax 06 868 9380 builders D. Stevens Ltd. Nolian says the school will be starting off with a role of 202 pupils next year with a ceiling at around 230, so any families in the school’s pacific modern architecture zoning area with children of school starting age should let the school know as soon as they can. 10 | BeachLife
  11. 11. beach news Designer Lauren moonlights “MODELING WAS NOT really something I was very interested in initially, but when I finished my studies I found myself with a lot more spare on the fashion runway time and after some persuasive words from friends I thought I’d give it a whirl,” says Wainui girl Lauren Marriott. Lauren (23) grew up at Wainui Beach, the daughter of Cliff and Lyn Marriott of Douglas Street. She is currently living and working in Auckland where with friend Charl Laubscher she runs her own design company called Super Et Cetera. “Currently we are based, in-house, at TBWA/Tequila, an ad agency in the Wellington CBD. Notable clients include Adidas, Playstation, ASB among others,” she says. “I was first involved as a model in Fashion Week in 2008. Being my first year I was not expecting to land many shows, if any. In the end I walked for seven designers (World, Sera Lilly, Stitch Ministry, Michael Pattison, Ana Steele, Duechar, Sable and Minx) and was involved over the weekend in all the public shows. “It was full-on, but a lot of fun. I actually made some great connections for my design work also as the place was crawling with photographers, designers, media etc. “Fashion week was on a much smaller scale this year with several designers opting for group shows to save on costs. I was only involved in one group show – walking for Barbara Lee, Starfish and Mild Red. “I was always used to being on the other side of the lens in a more creative or directive role – so to be the object of focus was an interesting and exciting change. In retrospect I haven’t actually been what you would call a hard working or full time model – I tend to just take jobs that engage my interest and will fit around my work.” Lauren’s younger sister Ana, who recently celebrated her 21st birthday, is back home for summer having graduated with a university degree in dental hygiene and dental therapy. Love your skin this summer "Our highly experienced team of aestheticians use the most effective techniques and equipment to ensure men and women receive the very best. We are Gisborne’s exclusive clinic for Environ, Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up and Joyce Blok." SALLY WRIGHT 24 LOWE STREET (upstairs) ~ PHONE 867 1234 Lauren Marriott models for Sera Lilly during Fashion Week 2008. Runway Finalist 2009 NZ Beauty Industry Best Clinic Awards modelling has become an interest, rather than a career, for this local girl. BeachLife | 11
  12. 12. 15 things to do this summer at Wainui Beach ➊ Get up early and take a photograph of the ➋ Walk over the Wainui Headland walkway for ➌ Go for a swim between the flags at The new day’s sunrise over Wainui Beach. great views of Wainui and Makorori beaches. Pines – Wainui’s version of Bondi Rescue. ➍ Go fishing! Try your luck surfcasting off the ➎ Walk to the end of the headland for a close ➏ Walk out on the reef and feed the stingrays beach or ring a mate with a boat. up view of the old Tuahine Lighthouse. at Tatapouri Bay. Phone 868 5153. ➐ Relax with your morning paper, takeaway ❽ Take a drive to Pouawa and walk out to ➒ Make a picnic lunch and find a quiet spot coffee and a muffin from the Wainui Store. the marine reserve. Take a snorkel and mask. in the sand dunes along Makorori Beach. ➓ Treat yourself to a cool ice cream from the ➊ Enjoy a hamburger, fish and chips or a ➊ ➊ Have a barbecue! Fire up the hot plate ➋ big selection of flavours at the Okitu Store. bacon and egg bap from the Wainui Store. for breakfast, lunch or dinner on the deck. ➊ Go on a mini bush walk along the shady ➌ ➊ Go surfing! Take out a longboard and ➍ ➊ Spend the day at the beach! Grab your ➎ paths of the Okitu Scenic Bush Reserve. hang five anywhere along the beachfront. beach gear and head for your favourite spot. 15 Things to do at Wainui Beach this Summer brought to you by Pak’nSave 12 | BeachLife
  13. 13. beach news Local couple Playful dolphin likes the Wainui lifestyle heading to town AFTER 23 YEARS AT the beach Mike and Lyn Griffiths of 99 Moana Road are moving to town. Their quaint two-storied "dolls-house" style beachfront property overlooking Whales sold in November – so they can now finally move to the convenience of a town house in Grey Street near Waikanae Beach. The Griffiths bought their Okitu house in 1986 after they had lived all over New Zealand following Mike's job as an insurance agent for Royal Insurance and later Farmers' Mutual Everyone's wondering if Moko the Friendly Dolphin might decide to call Wainui Beach home this summer. Insurance. He's certainly become settled around the Gisborne coastline since he arrived here during the winter and The couple were married in 1970, Lyn has been making numerous appearances at Wainui Beach in recent weeks. ABOVE: Moko teases Graham originally a Smyth from Ruatoria, and had two Falloon with a large kingfish. PHOTO BY TOM GRIMSON children. Mike was well-known as a coach of the HSOB senior rugby team and as a LEFT: Moko’s latest trick is to gets in on the surfing committee member of the Poverty Bay Golf action along the Wainui beach breaks. Club. In town the Griffiths hope to carry on their retirement interest of minding motels for motel owners on vacation. Chalet back as The Griffiths house sale is indicative of the property roller-coaster of recent years. For the seaside record they bought their beachfront home for $85,000 in 1986. It went on the market at accommodation $850,000 just at the end of the property boom THE CHALET RENDEZVOUS has reopened for – and finally sold in November for $550,000. business as a seaside accommodation lodge. Owner Nicola Watkins has given the former famous local restaurant an interior and exterior makeover and once again the distinctive Swiss-style building is providing "affordable" accommodation to the travelling public. Backpacker-style accommodation is available as well as more upmarket boutique rooms upstairs, all offering great views of Wainui Beach and the Pacific Ocean. With deference to the history of the building – which opened as New Zealand's first restaurant with a liquor license in 1957 – the business has been renamed Chalet Lyn and Mike Griffiths will soon be saying farewell Rendezvous (Seaside Accommodation) and to their Moana Road beach house. a new logo reminiscent of the original Chalet Rendezvous signage has been commissioned. CHRIS JAMES Let the sunshine in! PLUMBING & PUMP SERVICES Craftsman Plumber/Gasfitter & Reg. Drainlayer Free no obligation quotes • Installation & maintenance of all plumbing, gas & drainage services Fast, efficient, reliable window cleaning • Pump & irrigation systems designed, Phone 06 867 4686 installed & maintained CHRIS (FRED) JAMES Phone 027 483 1116 A/H 06 868 7444 SEAN McCORMICK Mobile 021 242 5456 BeachLife | 13
  14. 14. beach news Association provides collective voice for Wainui and Okitu residents THE WAINUI-OKITU RESIDENTS and Ratepayers the community to form a community group on Up and running Association Incorporated has finally been its own initiative. formed and registered. A committee was In December 2009 Council called for CONGRATULATIONS BEACH people. selected from the 30 people who attended the consultation on the Draft Gisborne City Urban We now have our own Residents and inaugural meeting on 13 September 2009. Development Strategy which contained a Ratepayers Association. The community is now invited to join the proposed change to the Gisborne Urban Not only that, the Association is also Association in working for the welfare of the Boundary – moving it from the 100kmh sign at officially registered with the Companies community. Sponge Bay to the north end of Moana Road. Office as an incorporated society. The main purposes of the Association is Council had actively pre-consulted and Our name is Wainui-Okitu Residents to promote and represent the views of the involved scores of “key stakeholders” but and Ratepayers Association Incorporated. Association’s members concerning all issues had ignored Wainui-Okitu organisations, Yes, it is long. But it is descriptive and affecting Wainui Beach and the community businesses, residents and ratepayers. inclusive. You can use the acronym, of Wainui-Okitu. These issues include the It was realised that Council did not consider WORRAI, on your subscription cheques. community’s unique characteristics, its the residents and property owners, nor The Association’s motto is “Beach Voice wellbeing, the environment, its sustainability even the school in our community, to be for Beach People.” This really says it all. and its future development. “key stakeholders” on an issue that – as it The people who love this community and The Association aims to protect and turned out – could have significant impact on choose to live, work and/or own property enhance the unique nature of the ecological, development in the community. here want to have a say in its future and geographical and social environments of This provided the final incentive to efforts destiny. Wainui Beach and Wainui-Okitu and to to form a residents association with or without The underlying and overriding intention provide a forum within which the Wainui-Okitu the Council’s assistance. in forming this Association is to provide a community can identify, discuss and deal with A group of about 25 residents met in April positive, unifying and proactive element local issues and concerns. 2009. There was wide ranging discussion on that will help to bring a greater sense of It also hopes to foster a community the structure and purposes of such a group. community to Wainui and Okitu spirit within Wainui-Okitu by organising and Out of this came a core of about 10 There will undoubtedly arise providing community activities open to all people who volunteered to research and contentious issues from time to time, and residents, ratepayers and visitors. investigate. The group got information from this new community group will be able to The Wainui Okitu Residents and Ratepayers the Companies Office on incorporation and a address them. At the same time, there Association has its genesis in the community’s sample constitution from the Piha Residents are many opportunities and proactive interactions with the Gisborne District Council Association. A survey was drafted and initiatives that can bring us together as during the Council’s 2008 efforts to reticulate distributed to residents and property owners. a community to celebrate this beautiful Wainui and Okitu with city water and The response from the survey was that most place in which we are so fortunate to live. wastewater when Council received over 400 people thought such an organisation was a We welcome all members of the written submissions opposing reticulation. good idea and supported it. community to join the Association, When the Council voted “no” to reticulation Over the next several months there were regardless of their views on any given it’s officers also recommended that Council working party meetings to write a constitution issue. The Association relishes the and our community develop a way to work and sort out other matters. opportunity to represent the views of the collaboratively on issues and initiatives With the paper work in order and the community, but can only do so if there is involving Wainui and Okitu. A group of constitution looking good a meeting was a broad cross section of the community residents worked with Council officers on this called for 13 September 2009. About 30 in the membership. Thus, each and every idea with a final recommendation that Council people attended. one of you is encouraged to join up. assist the community in the formation of such The motion to incorporate was put to the NORMAN WEISS – CHAIRPERSON a group. group and the group voted “yes”. Officers Councillors then did an "about turn" and were elected. The appropriate papers were rejected the concept with the argument that signed and sent off to the Companies Office. The committee it would be impossible for the community to select a group that would be totally On 1 October 2009 the Companies Office registered the Wainui-Okitu Residents and THE OFFICERS FOR THE FIRST YEAR ARE: representative. Ratepayers Association Incorporated as an Chairperson: Norman Weiss Out of this rejection was born the idea for incorporated society. Treasurer: Chris Charrington Secretary: Katherine Thompson Committee Members: Virginia Gunness, Just $10 to show support for your association Craig Jenkins and Gary Stevenson. Subscriptions to the Wainui-Okitu Residents and Ratepayers Association are $10 per year and There will also be a co-opted are now being received. Envelopes are available at the 2 Wainui Dairies, or you can pay online to committee member from the school the Assn Bank a/c ANZ 01 0641 0215837 00. If you pay online, please forward an email to the Board of Trustees. treasurer Chris Charrington at with your name, address, noting whether you are a ratepayer or resident and the date of the payment. 14 | BeachLife
  15. 15. beach news A long list of things to think about .... THE RESIDENTS AND RATEPAYERS Association officers have had two meetings to date. They looked at the survey about what people want the association to focus on. Here are some of those suggestions: • Retain the distinctive beach community character of Wainui and Okitu. • Actively initiate projects and events that support our sense of Community. • Encourage people to protect and live in harmony with the environment. • Keep regular communications going within the community. • Have a community notice board detailing community activities. • Monitor issues related to quality of life. • Draw neighbours together around issues of common concern to provide a ’reference Treasurer Chris Charrington, secretary Katherine Thompson, Craig Jenkins, chairperson Norman Weiss, point’ for GDC to hear a collective voice and Virginia Gunness and Gary Stevenson with our long-serving community advocate Muriel Jones. to keep GDC ’in check’. Joining Association is important • Organise community beach social gatherings. • Organise working-bees (sand dunes protection, beach clean up, composting, tree AT THE TIME OF THIS writing there were over get two votes. planting, etc). 70 paid memberships of the Association. Of course, the individual memberships are Some who have joined have paid one preferred as that gives greater support to the • Organize an on-site wastewater monitoring member subscription fee of $10 for their organization. system to ensure they are up to scratch. household It was decided early on that it would • Organise children’s activities and special Others have paid for two memberships so be difficult to represent the views of the days. that each adult in the family can have a vote community as a whole. • Develop the community’s own civil defense at meetings Realistically, an Association can only plan and warning system. You may join in either way. Each member- represent the views of its members and other • Make the ’main road’ and streets safer ship carries one vote. So if you subscribe to a people specifically and actively involved in a (decrease speed-limit, increase cycle and household membership, you get one vote, and particular project or issue. walking paths, etc). if both adults in the household subscribe, they The Association only represents and speaks on the behalf of the Association’s members. • Promote beach sports, a community market, So again we encourage everyone to join. a community garden, electric cars fueling A celebration ... It is not a political group. You are welcome regardless of your views. But it will deal with station, bicycle rental station, etc. • Coordinate a ’community bank’ to facilitate IT WAS DECIDED that a community get- political issues if they arise. Being a member the exchange of skills and talents. together to celebrate our environment, gives you a voice. The more members we • Help fund raise for the cycle/walkway to our community and ourselves would be have the more weight our voice will carry. town. our first collective activity. It will be a community BBQ in February 2010. Details will be available in the New Year. A project that has long been in the Competition to make a Wainui logo hearts of many beach residents is the EVERY GREAT ORGANISATION needs a striking logo. A logo contest has been suggested to draw cycle-walkway from Wainui to town. So more input from the community. There will be a vote at the next general meeting to select the there will be a raffle at the BBQ to help best logo. raise funds for that venture. So bring your Many people have commented on how long and non-catchy the Association’s name is. Yes, it is family, food, drinks, togs, toys and a little a real mouthful. So, we will also consider name change suggestions at the next general meeting. cash to buy a raffle ticket. Get your creative thinking caps on, put your logo and name ideas into the computer and email Anyone interested to help organise this them to event please contact Virginia Gunness The preamble to the Association’s constitution gives a sense of place to where we live and also (867-2634) or Diana Whakapapa (867- connects us to its Maori heritage. The preamble is Ko Te Wainui – ’Tis the great expanse of water, 2790). Ko Te Okitu – ’Tis the place of rest, Tihei Mauriora – ’Tis the breath of life. BeachLife | 15
  16. 16. beach babes RIGHT: The original photo of our inaugural babes ... ABOVE: To celebrate BeachLife Magazine’s second summer we asked some of our first mothers and babies to repose the group photo Phoebe Gander set up for us when the babies were mostly newborn. Here they are again as around-about one-year-olds – Hayley Dalton with Jett (18 months), Jade Gunness with China (15 months), Cathy Morley with Mac (13 months), Gina Robinson with Shea (13 months), Amy Campbell with Charlie (12 months), Phoebe Gander with Sennen (11.5 months), Rachael Williams with Kobe (11 months), Kelly Thorpe with Matai (11 months), Jane Moore with Poppy (11 months). Okay – everybody back again when the kids are 5! PHOTO BY PHOEBE GANDER RIGHT: Nick and Jo Webb of Douglas Street welcomed baby Finn into the world on 31 July 2009. A brother for 21/2 year old Hannah. Nick is the son of Tammy and Alan Webb of Gisborne and is in fact a great-grandson of Edward Rowley Murphy who subdivided the south end of Wainui and whom Murphy Road is named after. We can teach your baby to swim from just 9 months old If you live at the beach, chances are your children will want to surf as soon as they can walk. At Comet Swimming Club we can teach your child to swim before they can walk. We are a Swimming New Zealand Approved quality swim school with Learn To Swim programmes for all ages based at the Elgin School swimming pool which is heated to a comfortable 30 degrees. Babies, pre-schoolers and school aged children all gain water confidence and learn to swim with our highly qualified coaches. Head coach Greg Meade Phone 867 0698 Teach your baby a core skill that can potentially save their life! 16 | BeachLife
  17. 17. beach babes ABOVE: MEET Oscar Raniera Gerrard, first born child to Keri and Daniel Gerrard on 17 September 2009. The couple have lived in their own home in Douglas Street since moving to Gisborne four years ago. Daniel is CEO at Sport Gisborne. PHOTOS THIS PAGE BY PHOEBE GANDER LEFT: Cooper Spike Quinn, a son and future pro surfer for Maz Quinn and Hayley Hollander. Born 10 August 2009 in Queen Mary hospital, Dunedin at 4.34pm weighing an incredible 10lbs 7oz! (natural birth – go Hayley!) First grandchild for very proud Gary and Pip. RIGHT: AJ Hector Kinsella, born 23 April 2009 at 7lb 13oz. A son for Andy and Rebecca Kinsella of Moana Road, a brother for Eva (2), a cousin for Nia (2) and another grandchild for Nigel and Vicki O’Leary. GISBORNE’S LEADING INSURANCE BROKERS • Commercial • Livestock • Farm • Medical • Domestic • Forestry • Marine • Liability • Life • Superannuation 163 CARNARVON STREET • PHONE 867 9811 BeachLife | 17
  18. 18. beach life Ash Scott from Lloyd George Road and Troy Conole from Pare Street recently proved primitive methods can still catch a feed from the sea. Trailing a lure on five metres of line attached to their surfboard’s leg rope attachment the boys hauled in several Kahawai schooling off north Makorori in late October. The Kahawai were in such a feeding frenzy one latched on to Troy’s finger while he was paddling. Kahawai feeding frenzy WAINUI AND MAKORORI beaches during spring the poor treatment some fishermen inflict on Tony Bishop recommends this recipe from and summer are often the scene of one of the fish when it is first caught. New Zealand’s leading fish chef Ray McVinnie. nature’s most fascinating spectacles. A school of Right from the moment you catch Kahawai, Scale and fillet the Kahawai, leaving the skin Kahawai on a feeding frenzy. it needs care. It pays to kill the fish quickly and on. Liberally coat the flesh with sea salt – only The common Kahawai (Arripis trutta) are mercifully by spiking its brain – rather than to sea salt will do – and half a cup of tarragon, pound for pound – and if fished on appropriate let it fight itself to death while suffocating. It fresh if possible, but use less if you have dried gear – one of the hardest fighting sportfish also pays to quickly bleed the fish by running a tarragon. Place in refrigerator for at least six in any ocean, according to fishing writer Tony knife from just inside the gills and then straight hours, overnight is better. Skin the fillets and Bishop. through under the throat, you can also make a wipe and wash off salt and tarragon, then pat “Most kahawai weigh between 1kg (2lb) and small cut to bleed the fish at the tail end. dry the fillets thoroughly with paper towels. 2.5kg (5lb), but they fight well above When cooked fresh Cut the Kahawai fillets into serving portions Kill the fish their weight class. from the sea, kahawai and grill on barbecue, or under oven grill, for "There are few sights that stir the is delicious. If taking around two minutes each side. (The salting fishing blood more than a school of home, keep in an ice partly ’cures’ the fish). Do not overcook – Kahawai in full attack mode. When they are really on the bite, they can be mercifully slurry of seawater and ice. slightly underdone is better. Place on plates and dribble with a vinaigrette. almost too easy to catch.” Kahawai make lengthy migrations, & quickly... When filleting the fish immediately cut Kahawai also makes great raw fish. Slice fillets into thin slithers and put them in the probably associated with spawning and out the dark red-blood meat along the centre fridge for about 2 hours to ensure they’re seasonal changes in the abundance of food. of the fillet. Cut the fish into small fish-finger nice and cold. Marinate for 15 minutes in 1/2 They cover vast distances quickly because of size morsels and cook quickly. a cup each of olive oil and balsamic white or their speed. Kahawai may have a bad reputation as an Italian white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of capers, 1 Kahawai often school in an iceberg shape. eating fish because people try and cook fillets loosely chopped garlic clove and some loosely The fish that are showing on the surface may that are too big. By the time the fillet cooks chopped square leaf parsley. Eat on toasted represent only a small percentage of the total through, the flesh is dry and tasteless. ciabatta bread with a red onion, lettuce, school, which is invisible under the water. Smoked Kahawai is delicious, either by hot tomato salad. Also try sashimi style with any Many people have a low regard for the or cold smoking but other cooking methods dipping sauce. eating qualities of Kahawai. This often reflects can prove successful. 18 | BeachLife
  19. 19. beach life Tall tales from the Murphy Road ditch There wouldn’t be many magazines that would devote a page to the memory of a ditch. This year the infamous Murphy Road open drain was finally piped and buried and is now just that, a memory. Murphy Road resident Beverley Carswell takes us on a nostalgic and amusing trip down memory drain ... THE STORIES THAT OLD ditch could tell! biking past the Murphy Road ditch as these stolen. Her second attempt was when Cheryl As small children in the 1940s Eileen Phelps terrible boys would jump out of the ditch MacFarlane and friend did a U-turn landing and I use to scurry along the ditch and crawl calling: “Battleship! You are a destroyer.” head first in our ditch. My excited paramedic through the drainpipe going under the main At other times the children of the mother rushed to help Cheryl who appeared to road from Murphy Road into Cooper’s property neighborhood would have competitions to see be bleeding from the mouth only to discover by the church. The ditch continued on until it who could jump the ditch without falling in. that she had been eating a plum. reached the bullrushes where we use to meet I see this game was still carried on until the Later on, after we had been in a car accident Liz Allen from the Four Square Store to play recent covering in of the drain. ourselves up Northland, mum lost her nerve amongst the cow pats and stamp our tiny feet Not only the neighbourhood children but and refused to go out on ditch rescues. So in the puddles, then run through the thistles also adults over the years have stories to tell one night, after hearing a thud in our front chasing the sheep, while our brothers played about the ditch. drain, I wandered out to see that the ditch cricket in the paddock until it was time to go One night after a party at our parents’ had swallowed an entire small car and to my home for tea. home, as the guests were leaving, Mrs Joan delight found my ex-boss Mr Alistair Bryan, We, tiny and unseen, would walk along this Cornish missed the footbridge and fell into the trapped inside. Unhurt I must say – shaken muddy, subterranean pathway down Murphy ditch with a shriek. Her photographer husband and but not stirred – after a night at the Cossie Road towards Cooper Street to play with Lyn Mr Lloyd Cornish yelled back: “It’s alright. It’s Club (if you get my meaning). Ferris with Mr Chong from the next door market just the wife.” Sometime later we found his missing garden peering down at us from above. Wild The famous owner of J. Wattie Canneries, Mr spectacles at the bottom of the ditch which I stories were told about him not trusting banks Gordon Wattie, after celebrating his birthday, returned, much to his embarrassment. and burying his money in the garden. which happened to be on New Years Eve, The ditch flooded more than once. My The ditch carried on in a U-turn down the backed his brand new prestige car straight into brothers at the time ran the Twins’ Poultry Farm side of Chong’s house and down the back of the drain, which was lifted out manually by Mr and one day after heavy rain my brother Ross Pepper’s and Ferris’s, past Costain’s ducks and Warwick Spence and friends. phoned me to see how I was. Why, I asked? into King’s Creek where we caught eels and All sorts of cars were attracted to this ditch. The farm is flooded, he said. No, we are okay, paddled and played for hours. Our mother was well known for going to the I replied. I put the phone back on the hook The ditch was used as an imaginary castle rescue of many an injured soul. Mr Trafford, Mr and went out the back door stepping up to my moat from which Kevin Phelps and the twins Murray Torbet and even one Christmas morning knees in ditch water. would hurl balls made of mud while playing Santa delivered to me at 6am in a big red Mosquitoes and the odd frog lived in the war games against each other and any poor Mercedes no other than the entertainer Prince ditch except in droughts. It always held water soul that happened to pass by. Tui Teka, stuck in our ditch. as it actually ran uphill. In 1954, my father They would also hide in the ditch and Before the new main road went through, wrote to the Harry Barker council to have the spring up and scream at a poor Jenny on horse my mother put herself through a course at St. ditch filled in. Every time we’d see a surveyor back: “Who’s got the biggest backside (been Johns and was extremely disappointed when poking around in the ditch we would ask and polite) – you or the horse?” the next car crash happened. She rushed out be told. “Yes, we’re filling it in – next year”. Mary Shipp told me years later she dreaded to find the occupants had flown as the car was Finally, 55 years later, it’s gone. TERRY TAYLOR DRAINAGE Septic Tank Cleaning Services PHONE 868 5383 Mobile 0274 576 664 LOCALLY OWNED LICENSED OPERATOR Registered Drainlayer • Septic Tank Installations & Assessments •CCTV Camera 89 Customhouse Street Local installer for Aerated Sewage Treatment Systems Gisborne GDC Approved On-site Wastewater WasteTRACK compliant operator Site Assessor and System Designer BeachLife | 19
  20. 20. Surf club ready for new summer season THE 2009-2010 SURF LIFESAVING season is up and away at the Wainui Beach Surf Life Saving Club. Volunteer patrols have started and will run every weekend from 1pm to 5pm on Saturdays and 10am to 6pm on Sundays right through to mid- March. Regional surf lifeguarding starts on Monday 21 December and goes through to Friday 22 January. The paid lifeguards are employed and managed by Surf Lifesaving Gisborne, largely by funds received from the GDC, and they use the Wainui surf club as a base to patrol the beaches during the weekdays in the peak summer months of December and January. The positions are largely filled by university and secondary school students who are on their summer vacations and looking for work. The Wainui Nippers programme is now in full swing. It is provided for children from the ages of 5 through to 13 and is held at every Sunday starting at 10am and all children are welcome. There have been several personnel changes within the Wainui SLSC this year. Justin Martin our long-serving Club Captain and IRB steward has kling Carleen Hic moved out of town. His two positions have been filled by Rama Robertson (manager), : Sharel le Hindrup ds (technician), (IRB Steward) and Jeremy Lockwood (Club Captain). HAIR TEAM leigh Richar . HOUSE OF (owner), Ash David Isaacs arnie Evans each (technician) and Sue Quilter was awarded the Life membership award at this year’s AGM. (senior stylist), M B ), Christina Sue has been involved with the Wainui SLSC for many years and has (technician Emma Ruru contributed in many different areas. She is Wainui SLSC’s inaugural woman GHDS ... life member. Our Junior Athletes have been working hard out training over the winter Pink! Comes with a brush, sectioning clips and 2 bags — months and names to watch include Toby Harris in the beach sprint and plus a donation to breast cancer. flag races, Ollie Puddick in the ironman and board races, Ben Tinnelley for the ski events and Laura Quilter in the junior swimming events. Black and Silver! Comes with a hairdryer and a bag. Wainui committee members and officers are as follows: Patron – Alan Baylis; President – Grant Fussell; Vice presidents – Trevor Black! Comes with a blowdryer or heat mat. Williams, Murray Robertson, Kev Mastrovich; Club Captain – Jeremy Lockwood; Power craft officer and gear steward – Rama Robertson; Chief SUMMER IS HERE! instructors – Chrissy Robertson and Dieago Pedrioli; Youth Development– Fly Falwaaser-Logan; Caretaker – Alan Baylis; Committee – Lyn Grimson; Come and get treatment to protect your hair, control frizz, Honorary Solicitor – Neil Weatherhead; Auditor – Richard Coates; Manager protect colour and increase shine! – Mike King; Finance Manager – Nic Williams and Coach – Dion Williams. FACEBOOK ... Surf Lifeguard award courses have started again and we hope to get at least another 10 people through their surf lifeguard award. If you have any Check out House of Hair on Facebook for promotions, tips questions regarding any aspect of the Wainui Surf Lifesaving club please on hair care, photos and regular updates. feel free to contact our Manager Mike on or call 0274223364. Mike King COMING IN DECEMBER! New true organic colour .. watch this space for more info. ’80s nippers flashback WINNER! Sharelle Hindrup wins regional Photographic Award! Where were you in ’82? Chances are you were down at the beach hanging out at the surf club with this bunch of nippers. There are a few legends in this line-up 98b Awapuni Road ~ Phone 868 9306 who got their first taste for the waves with the Wainui Surf Club. Most of these Open Monday to Friday. Late nights Tuesday and Thursday. kids are in their late 20s and early 30s today. 20 | BeachLife
  21. 21. beach life Wainui runners Several locals including a contingent of 78 children from Wainui Beach School took part on the Gisborne Herald Quarter Marathon in November. LEFT: Rory Faulkner of Douglas Street celebrated his 12th birthday with a 10km run which he completed with his mum Nicky. RIGHT: Also completing his first ever 10km run was Jordan Grace of Douglas Street who did the run with his dad Steve. ABOVE: Wainui School children turned out en mass for the Gisborne Herald Quarter Marathon. On the day the 78 children taking part completed 2.2km. However in training for the event, running just 1km each day, the kids actually ran a full marathon distance. Carpet and upholster y cleaning to the highest standard Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services Wainui Beach owned and operated by Ray Morgan Freephone 0800 000 668 | 20 years experience in cleaning industry Mobile 0274 778 341 10 years in carpets & upholstery BeachLife | 21
  22. 22. beach life ABOVE: Michelle Nyholt of Pare Street celebrated her birthday recently by shouting a large group of friends to the opening of the new Matawhero Winery. A portion of the crowd is pictured waiting for the mini-bus to arrive to take them out to Matawhero. PHOTO BY TESSA McCORMICK ABOVE: Wainui’s Ferris family members went to Auckland recently to visit brother Dale who was having a housewarming party. What he didn’t know was sister Sher had won a night out with the group “Ladykillers” in an online fund raising auction and brought the ladies along to the party. Pictured from left are Margaret Ferris – Taisha, Tina Cross, Jackie Clarke, (3 of the Ladykillers) – Sigrid Reid, Dale Ferris, Don Green, Lou Thomson (obscured) and Wayne Ferris. PHOTO BY SHER GREEN LAWN MOWER SALES AND REPAIRS LAWN RANGER SHOP TM • Lawn Mowing • Edge Trimming Outdoor Power Equipment • Green waste removal Victa • Masport • Stihl Call Wainui’s “Lawn Ranger” Lawnmowers • Chainsaws • Weeders PETER ROUSE Formerly Clares Mower Centre 111 Wairere Road Cnr Palmerston Rd and Carnarvon St Phone 868 8045 Phone 868 1111 Mobile 021 062 1170 22 | BeachLife
  23. 23. beach life Having a celebration? Make sure you send in a photo or two to BeachLife Magazine. Email digital files to Beach Party! ABOVE: Tim Gander of Murphy Road as Captain Jack Sparrow at his 30th birthday celebration recently which had Smugglers and Wenches theme. BELOW: Joel Pollock and Willie Baty party pirate style. PHOTOS BY PHOEBE GANDER ABOVE: Local boys Blair Stewart, Tom Dalton and Dane Simpson who all grew up together at Wainui Beach celebrated a combined 30th birthday party earlier this year. BELOW: Local girls Jade Gunness, Analise Franks, Hayley Dalton, Dallas Boyce and Beth Tweedie were on hand to party with the local boys at the combined 30th. PHOTOS BY HAYLEY DALTON BeachLife | 23