Media Magazine Presentation2


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Media Magazine Presentation2

  1. 1. Media Evaluation Presented to you by Gemma Whitehead
  2. 2. Target audience <ul><li>My target audience is males aged between 16- 21 however it may appeal to females between that age too. I chose the genre rock because I feel most comfortable with that type of music and feel that it appeals to a lot of people in the 21 st century. I decided to make sure my magazine wasn’t too main stream and wanted to make the front cover really stand out. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Front Cover Masthead Band name Barcode Price Slogo My Magazine represents a rock social group by having strong colours throughout and the doll having make up on shows a thriller-like theme which would mainly appeal to males who listen to rock music.
  4. 4. Contents page My contents follows the colour scheme and I made sure that I had a lot of pictures to go alongside the descriptions. I wanted to make use of the Photoshop skills I had learnt over the process and decided to use smoke brushes as my background.
  5. 5. Double Page Spread My double page spread is naturalistic but bold. I wanted the band to stand out more than the actual interview as I feel that the image says more about the band than the interview. I wanted the name of the band ‘Dead Secretary’ to stand out so I put it in the middle of the text.
  6. 6. My results from: (Evidence of Audience feedback) I am very pleased with the feedback I have got. I have achieved everything that I wanted to in my USP.
  7. 7. I contacted my audience through and I used survey monkey to collect my results.
  8. 9. My magazine is similar to Kerrang and uses similar fonts.
  9. 11. Where would you find Revolution? <ul><li>The media institution that might distribute my magazine would most probably be a record store such as HMV as its not very mainstream. </li></ul>IPC distribute my magazine to HMV so I would not have to worry about delivering the magazine myself.
  10. 12. What have I learnt about technologies during the making of my magazine? <ul><li>I have learnt a lot about different technology's from the process of constructing this product. Before I came to AS media I had only used Photoshop by helping my mum with her Village Connection magazine – a local magazine distributed to 6000 homes, over this course I have used my Photoshop skills outside of my college hours to help with the design of her magazine. </li></ul>My Photoshop skills have improved for instance I now know how to download brushes from the internet and include them in my work, I know how to use layers which are crucial when designing a magazine.
  11. 13. What have I learnt overall? <ul><li>I have learnt a lot during my Media AS course looking back at my preliminary task I didn’t know how to use layers in the correct way, I didn’t use enough layers so if I found a spelling mistake in a particular part of my work I would have to delete a far amount of work in order to rectify my mistake. </li></ul>
  12. 14. <ul><li>Thank you for listening. </li></ul>