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CIC IWOM watch 1st Half Year Review

  1. 1. 网论观察 上半 年 2009 IWOM watch Half Year Review - An Overview of Chinese IWOM trends from January to June, 2009 Report Period: January – June, 2009 CIC Contact:
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE 1st SUMMARY 2009 This IWOM watch Half year review covers some of the more notable topics in our regular IWOM watch reports from the first half of 2009. First, CIC has been watching the expansion of “Video Sharing.” Video sharing sites contain a wide variety of information from user generated content to the latest TV and movies which is easy to share in BBS, SNS and via Instant Messaging. CIC‟s IWOM Watch is a Secondly, we see how serious offline social issues and events have been regular Internet Word of discussed online. The internet offers a free and accessible platform where Mouth Guide and trend netizens can share information, upload pictures and videos and share their watch providing a opinions, all in real time. qualitative overview of Web 2.0 buzz in China CIC has also been seeing the emergence of better digital campaigns as brands start to realize the importance of having a strong Internet presence which they can use to effectively connect with their customers,. For more on these topics, continue reading below. Previous IWOM watch half year review reports are available here. If you‟d like more information about CIC‟s products and services, please click here or contact us directly. © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 2
  3. 3. IWOM watch, the timely IWOM guide for brands and marketers, with in-depth review and insights HOT BUZZ Topic Listen to the buzz, and find out what’s hot online. IN CULTURE E-Culture Know the culture and context of THE internet community. NEW MARCOM Communication Participate in the conversation. © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 3
  4. 4. HOT BUZZ Part One: Video Sharing Carries Huge Potential Video sharing is:  A big share-folder for netizens to record and share their favorite tv shows: Spring Festival Gala performance videos spread online  A source of ideation and engagement for events, even Government events: Expo spoof entertains and educates netizens  A platform to deliver Brands’ viral TVCs: Brands leverage viral videos to connect with netizens  A source of content for producers to attract brand sponsorship: “What is An looking for?” is a platform to connect fashion brands with netizens  A stage for netizens to get inspired, show off and compete: Everybody is dancing “I Want Nobody Nobody but You” © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 4
  5. 5. IN CULTURE Part Two: Social Issues - from Offline to Online  E-commerce is now extending to food and beverage: Spring Festival online markets explode in popularity  News reports online in real time: Social media played an important role in reporting CCTV burning building  Job hunting reviews show impact of recession: New net language terms reflect graduates‟ views towards recession  Social responsibility activities were favored by netizens Netizens shared „Earth Hour‟ experiences online  Spoofing is a common expression for netizens to comment on social events: A collapsed building in Shanghai initiates netizens online creativity © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 5
  6. 6. NEW MARCOM Part Three: New Digital Marketing Strategy Digging  Education industry also entering the 2.0 ERA : Education 2.0, New Oriental Promotes Q&A services  Exhibitions need to incorporate online communication: Sina‟s virtual exhibition hall helped consumers check out new cars at home during the 2009 Shanghai auto show  Net novels become an opportunity for branded content: Online Chinese literature, a virgin land for in-depth branding implantation  Evasive questions are an effective way for search engine marketing: Intel uses Baidu‟s homepage to drive traffic to its site  Social game applications are the key channel for brands targeting SNS communities: Brands enter SNS sites to connect with netizens © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 6
  7. 7. HOT BUZZ Video Sharing Carries Huge Potential In last 6 months, CIC watched the popularity of video sharing increase exponentially and there is no doubt that video sharing has become an indispensable part of social media today. Video sharing sites like Tudou and Yoku include user generated content and popular movies, tv shows and new castings. In addition, the information is easily shared within BBS, SNS and via Instant Messaging, making the information viral.
  8. 8. HOT BUZZ Spring Festival Gala performance videos spread online 2009 Spring Festival Gala featured popular performances such as “I‟ve got money” (不差钱) and Close-up magic (近景魔术) which were well received by Chinese netizens‟ and created new idols Xiao shengyang and Liu Qian overnight. Netizens shared and spread the video clips of these performances online. In addition, netizens also inspired the *“Ying Lun Cooperation” (英伦组合) which was created based on a spoofing video created by netizens the previous year. „Ying Lun Cooperation‟ (Song Zuying & Jay Zhou) Xiao Shenyang and Liu Qian Sample quote 哈哈,衔接的天衣无缝啊, 太有才了/ It’s cool that Jay’s song could be mixed with Song Zu Ying’s such well. link Chief director Lang Kun publicly appreciated netizens‟ Xiao Shenyang, who is a Chinese xiaopin actor, was contribution for SFGE programs and confirmed netizens‟ actively discussed online following the success of his discussion facilitated the implement of “Ying Lun Spring Festival Gala Evening (SFGE) program, “I‟ve got Cooperation”(英伦配)(Song Zuying & Jay Zhou). money” (不差钱). *Actually, the genesis of “Ying Lun Cooperation” could be found On the other hand, the magician Liu Qian‟s buzz was on an Egao MTV which netizens combined Jay‟s hot rap-pop mostly driven by his magic tricks, which were widely song “Ben Cao Gang Mu”(本草纲目) with Song‟s Chinese reposted online. traditional folk song “La Mei Zi”(辣妹子) in 2006. © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 8
  9. 9. HOT BUZZ Expo spoof entertains and educates netizens 2010 World Expo Spoof Netizens made a video about the 2010 World Expo that generated significant buzz. The video spoofed many familiar movies, including Stephen Chow comedies and others popular movies. It was widely praised by netizens as a high quality and fun video. Clip from a Stephen Chow Clip from „Kung Fu Panda‟ Spoofing videos are not only a form of comedy entertainment but also an information channel for netizens. This particular video was full of information about the World Expo and served to educate many netizens about the upcoming event. Netizens also actively compare this video with the official one, and some felt that the spoof was even better than the The most shanzhai 2010 Do you know about the Expo? original. Netizens can relate to spoofing videos, Expo propaganda video which can serve to entertain, educate, and perhaps Sample Quotes perform other roles. 太棒了,做这个恶搞视频的绝对是个天才,真是太牛B In addition to netizens, official organizations also 了。。/ This is a terrific spoof. Whoever made it was a expressed their interest in the spoofing video. CCTV freaking genius. link broadcast the video, and Expo officials are 呵呵不错,山寨得有水平! / Haha, this spoof was pretty considering adding netizens‟ user generated content well done. link for its on promotional activity. NB 比官方的好! / It’s better than the official video! link © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 9
  10. 10. HOT BUZZ Brands leverage viral videos to connect with netizens Starting from 2009 Q2, many brands have started to use viral videos as a way to promote certain products. Unlike traditional advertisements, the videos are often shot from a user‟s point of view helping to create that authentic feel that netizens find engaging. In addition, as for viral ads, clear information delivery is also important to make sure netizens do not misunderstand the branding and other key elements. “Arm-Swinging Man” gains rapid popularity online Nokia‟s viral videos featuring magician Liu Qian Netizens‟ feedback towards “Arm-Swinging Man” after knowing it was a viral ad An online video called “Beijing Arm-Swinging Man” (甩手男) Nokia invited Liu Qian who became well known after recently earned quick popularity online. Online discussions performing tricks on the 2009 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, around the video focused on what phone was in the video and to become their new spokesmen. whether it was a commercial ad or user generated content. It was soon discovered to be a viral ad produced by Sony Nokia along with Liu then proceeded to release two viral Ericsson for its F305c mobile phone. videos of Liu performing street magic to a large crowd. In addition to Liu using the Nokia E71 and N85 as magical After the truth turned out, the buzz becomed negative. Some props (link: 1, 2), in each video Liu also makes sure to felt that they were cheated, some thought the ad was highlight a different feature of the phones i.e. the mp3 unsuccessful since it looks like an ad for iphone rather than player and the camera. for Sony Erisson. © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 10
  11. 11. HOT BUZZ “What is An looking for?” is a platform to connect fashion brands with netizens Ochirly clothes collocation Sponsors game Online Media Recommended producst for this chapter: P&G beauty Link “What is An looking for?” (安与安寻) is a campaign created by the famous fashion magazine 25ans and is China‟s first multi-channel user interactive mini-series. It played out both on TV and online media. Netizens were also encouraged to start discussions about topics related to the show and to come up with dialogue for the actors and actresses (see here). The“What is An looking for?” campaign received large amounts of exposure on many different media channels allowing them to be sponsored by many well-known fashion related brands such as Ochirly, P&G, Olay, SK II and MaxFactor; all of who‟s logo‟s can be seen on the campaign‟s website (see here). Ochirly even used this campaign‟s popularity as a springboard to launch their own online clothes collection game, a game that will continue to bring awareness to Ochirly‟s products even after the “What is An looking for?” campaign has finished. © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 11
  12. 12. HOT BUZZ Everybody is dancing “I Want Nobody Nobody but You” UP: University students‟ imitate show DOWN: Some Special “Nobody” Dance Videos A Korean music video with a catchy melody, the simple lyrics “I want nobody nobody but you” and a strange dance resulted in a range of imitation videos found widely online. Now it has become fashionable among the young generation, especially university students, to team up and perform the dance “Nobody”, just like the original singers the „Wonder Girls‟ did. Netizens shared different versions of “Nobody Dance” videos online with others. © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 12
  13. 13. IN CULTURE Social Issues - from Offline to Online During last 6 months, several offline events were heavily discussed and shared online such as the burning of the CCTV building, “Earth Hour” (a global environmental protection activity) and the collapsed building in Shanghai. With the speed and reach of the internet, netizens were able to learn about the events in real time and share their offline experiences with the online community.
  14. 14. IN CULTURE Spring Festival online markets explode in popularity Hangzhou Spring Festival Goods Online Market Recommended brands Hot products As the global recession drags on, netizens have found a new, cheaper, and more convenient way to purchase their Spring Festival goods – e-shops and online trading communities, which have become very common this year. According to the statistics released by Taobao, there was an average of 200 million RMB per day spent on Spring Festival goods from Jan. 1st to Jan. 22nd, with the highest daily sales peaking at 250 million RMB. Among all Spring Festival goods, nuts, tea leaves and dry fruit were the top 3 hottest products, followed by chocolate, bird's nest, meats, natural powders, rice, cooking oil, and fresh fruits. From “Group Purchase” to “Spring Exchange & Resell”, the internet plays an important role in people‟s consumption habits. Keeping up with the latest online trends can help inspire brands and turn them on to opportunities. © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 14
  15. 15. IN CULTURE Social media played an important role in reporting CCTV burning building In February, news of the fire in the Mandarin Oriental CCTV building in Beijing was uploaded and spread quickly throughout various social media channels. Netizens broadcasted the news of the fire via Twitter and Fanfou in real time. By utilizing microblogging platforms, netizens were able to share news and updated pictures of the event faster than most traditional media channels. Throughout the following days, netizens uploaded videos and pictures to Youtube and Picasa. This is an example of a bigger trend for Internet, in which microblogging platforms are able to provide updated information in real time and will likely have an increasingly important role in reporting on events in the future. Sample Quotes 在youtube的视频,twitter以及一个第一时间发布的博客上我看到了许 多的评论.而大家也都可以去看看,到底有多少人关心一下损失,伤亡? / I saw many comments (about the fire) at the first moment via Youtube and Twitter. Everyone cares about this issue can go there to see the extent of loss and casualties. link © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 15
  16. 16. IN CULTURE New net language terms reflect graduates‟ views towards recession Due to the current global economic crisis, many companies in China have started to cut jobs, making it more difficult for this year‟s graduates to find jobs. New net language terms have emerged to refer to situations related to this issue. While some are concerned, most graduates still remain optimistic about their future opportunities and career options. Below are some examples of new net language terms: This year‟s popular net language among graduates* Graduates show positive attitudes toward recession • 海投 (resume flooding) : • 金融风暴不可怕,可怕的是你的信心也被卷进了风暴之中。 As the job market turns grim, job hunters send their 失败也不可怕,可怕的是你不敢再面对失败,绕道而行。坚 resumes in large numbers randomly to various companies 持,就是风暴中为你指明方向的灯塔;就是道路上为你披荆 in the hope of attaining a few interviews for candidates. 斩棘的镰刀;就是人一生应该都保持的信念……/Economic crisis is not scary, what’s scary is your confidence has • 百搭简历 (all-fitting resume): been shattered. Losing is not scary, what’s scary is that This is a kind of resume that job seekers prepare in such you have become afraid of losing again. Persistence is an ambiguous way that it apparently meets the your light in the darkness, it should be your belief and requirements of many kinds of job. motto for life link • 裁员滚滚 (continuous layoff): -- After being turned down by 20+ companies and was just This concocted phrase sounds similar to a popular term about to give up, a graduate got the offer meaning "having fortune flooding to you" in Chinese. However, the first two characters have changed from "fortune" in the popular saying to "laying off." So, in the • 欣赏并想成为这样的女子,清楚自己想要什么,并努力地为之 face of economic downturn, Chinese jokingly used this new 奋斗./ I like who I am right now, knowing exactly what I phrase to replace the popular one as a greeting during the want, and try very hard to fight for it link recent Chinese New Year holidays. -- After going through so many challenges, a graduate finally received an offer at her dream company *Note: credit from Shanghai Daily‟s blog © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 16
  17. 17. IN CULTURE Netizens shared „Earth Hour‟ experiences online Link How will my wedding go during the Earth Hour? Sample Replies 点着蜡烛,深情地对着新郎唱一首Tank的新歌《全世界都停电》 Surrounded with candles, tenderly sing Tank’s new song “Switch off around the world” to your sweetheart 用歌星演唱会上的荧光棒每人发1-2跟,既安全又浪漫,呵呵 / It’s safe and romantic to use glo-sticks. Sponsored by WWF(World Wildlife Fund), Earth Hour is a global activity aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of climate change. Individuals and companies alike joined in the activities. A post written by a netizen with the username “CindyQ” mentioning that her wedding ceremony would take place at Earth Hour received much attention from other netizens, with approximately 350 replies in only two days from netizens contributing romantic ideas for the occasion. Following this initial post, other posts related to Earth Hour began to spread throughout various online communities(see here, here and here). Online platforms can be a good channel to spread the word and gather support for events around important causes like the environment. © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 17
  18. 18. IN CULTURE A collapsed building in Shanghai initiates netizens online creativity DIY Story on 29th June Sample Quotes 原来是这样啊 都跑中国来打架了。。。/ And so it was! They came to China to fight….link 很无语啊 / I have nothing to say link 作者是人才 / You are a genius. link 我想当第五副图里的那只猫啊 / I want to be the cat in the Picture 5. link On the June 27th in Shanghai, a 13-floor apartment building collapsed due to the cheap materials and poor workmanship by the buildings developers and contractors. As owners of the flats sought ways to seek compensation, netizens started to seek out the real reasons behind the building‟s collapse. Immediately following the incident, creative netizens started to come up with their own reasons for the building‟s collapse – for example some joked it was due to a fight between Ultraman and Optimus Prime (Transformers). PS (photoshop) pictures of this imaginary battle began to be spread by the netizens over BBS, blogs and SNS sites. Online Spoofing/PS is starting to become the most popular way for netizens to sarcastically criticize different social crises without having to resort to direct criticism. This PS example is also interesting as by incorporating movie heroes in the story, it helped to generated buzz for the movie. © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 18
  19. 19. NEW MARCOM New Digital Marketing Strategy Digging CIC has been seeing the emergence of better and better digital campaigns as brands start to realize the importance of having a strong Internet presence which they can use to effectively connect with their customers. Brands are branching out within existing channels to find new and profitable applications for these social media tools.
  20. 20. NEW MARCOM Education 2.0, New Oriental Promotes Q&A services Q&A platform of New Oriental Koolearn Teacher- Study materials offered by learner teachers interactive community Curriculum Center Replies by learners In addition to setting up an online forum, New Oriental launched a Q&A platform, designed for e-learning. We previously introduced this type of platform in our white paper here as an emerging IWOM channel. New Oriental‟s Koolearn mainly includes sections for teacher-student interaction and curriculum evaluation. Students, especially “e-learners,” can use the platform to post questions on their specific study topic and New Oriental‟s senior teachers or experts will provide timely answers to these questions. We have found that students in are passionate and active when posing questions or discussing topics. For example, the topic “How to get over oral English barriers” by well known teacher Qiang Wang is popular, and has evoked more than 1,200 replies and more than 12,600 PVs (Link). As a famous and successful educational institution in China, New Oriental decision to integrate a Q&A platforms into their communication model shows that they recognize the importance of this as a new IWOM channel and as a strategic way to connect directly with students. © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 20
  21. 21. NEW MARCOM Sina‟s virtual exhibition hall helped consumers check out new cars at home during the 2009 Shanghai auto show Hi, I‟m the sales representative, welcome to Sina online 4S store. We can offer online video & voice communication service to you. PV Today: 4,962 PV Total: 1,193,846 Link Netizens could view the car from multiple angles online Sina launched an online 4S store to give netizens the opportunity to purchase the cars displayed at the store online. The store provides a 360 degree experience for consumers to view every angle of car models in 3D using a mouse drag-and-drop function. In addition, the platform also offers customer service and detailed information through an online introduction, user comments, and even live online chat with sales personnel. The online 4S store received more than more than 1 million PV as of April 30th . Virtual exhibitions and online stores can provide an opportunity for brands to display their models at a lower cost than real 4S store, and interact with consumers in geographically diverse locations. © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 21
  22. 22. NEW MARCOM Online Chinese literature, a virgin land for in-depth branding implantation ‘I love α ladies’ 夏依语录: 做人其实也很简单,不就是一直寻找着自己的PH值,图一个酸碱平衡嘛。 Summer‟s Eve‟s quotation: It is simple to be a human, isn't just looking for the PH Value of your body, and reach the balance of human acidity and alkali. Link Summer‟s Eve, a feminine hygiene products brand, collaborated with the popular online novel, „I love α ladies,‟ regarded as the first Web 2.0 novel in China. Summer‟s Eve sponsored the novel and included its brand logo on promotional material, giving it access to the novel‟s wide readership base. This case set the stage for future collaboration between brands and online novels going forward. Meanwhile, Summer‟s Eve also cooperated with blogbus, the leading BSP in China, targeting white-collar workers. Together they launched an interactive novel campaign described by many as the Chinese version of „Sex and the City.‟ This novel is considered unique because it created a virtual female character called “acid lady” who also serves as the spokesperson for the brand, Summer‟s Eve. “Acid lady” represents the image of a healthy woman who takes care of herself and ensures she is PH-balanced. As a virtual spokesperson for the brand, she helps to communicate the brands‟ message in a lively and passionate way. . © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 22
  23. 23. NEW MARCOM Intel uses Baidu‟s homepage to drive traffic to its site Intel, creating tomorrow with you Who is responsible for tomorrow? In May, Baidu placed a text advertisement on its homepage asking “Who is responsible for tomorrow? ”(影响明天 的是谁?). By clicking on the link netizens (via the ad service DoubleClick) are then taken to Intel‟s official site where this question is answered: „Intel, creating tomorrow with you‟ (英特尔与你共创明天). With this being the first time that Baidu has allowed an external ad to be featured on its homepage and by the ad having no visible brand information, naturally it cause many netizens to click on the link. So many in fact that the subsequent flood of traffic to Intel‟s site caused it to temporarily shut down. Buzz about this campaign quickly spread across the internet and in addition to talking about the campaign, some then proceeded to discuss the actual question itself concluding that “those who will be responsible for the future of Internet is not Baidu or Intel, or even the site administrators, but the actual netizens themselves. ” (see here). © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 23
  24. 24. NEW MARCOM Brands enter SNS sites to connect with netizens Social Game Applications Group A “Real” Person Virtual Gifts Parking War Link Link With the rapid development of Chinese Social Network Sites (SNS), marketers have begun to pay more attention to these communities. In first half of 2009, Kaixin001 became China‟s most popular SNS with over 83 million registered. We see brands, media and organizations using different approaches to connect with the community and target its netizens. Below are the 3 most impressive and representative cases: • “Pink Lady” Lancôme‟s online beauty contest held receives widespread exposure • Lohas juice successfully promotes its brand on the game „Kaixin Garden‟ • “Xinhua TV” registers itself on Kaixin and explores a new way to broadcast the news © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 24
  25. 25. NEW MARCOM Lohas juice successfully promotes its brand in the popular SNS game „Kaixin Garden‟ One of its hottest applications in SNS is „Kaixin Lohas Garden Game Flow Garden‟ where netizens must plant and grow fruit, convert it into juice and then sell it, all the while trying to stop their friends from stealing their goods. 3. Produce virtual Lohas, the new fruit juice brand owned by *COFCO Lohas juice launched a branding campaign with Kaixin and by using its leveraged this popular social game “Kaixin Garden”. fruit 2. Harvest virtual Lohas fruit Lohas encouraged players to plant Lohas seeds, harvest Lohas fruit and produce Lohas juice. If netizens then present this juice to their Kaixin friends, they are given the opportunity of winning either a virtual rabbit or a bottle of real life Lohas juice. 4. Present Lohas juice to In order to win these prizes, netizens enthusiastically friends to win a lucky draw produced Lohas juice and gave it to their friends. Making the „Lohas‟ brand and its products well known 1. Plant virtual Lohas online among these users, even before it hit the seeds in Kaixin garden market. This new approach to brand promotion has started a trend where brands can strategically implant themselves in SNS sites, by becoming part of the 5. The award is a virtual rabbit or Lohas juice online cultures, and effectively communicating and engaging with their target consumers via hottest social game applications. © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 25
  26. 26. NEW MARCOM Lancôme‟s online beauty contest “Pink Lady” gathered over 10,000 brand fans via Kaixin Group Link Link In April, Lancôme leveraged Kaixin to launch their online beauty contest campaign "Pink Lady". The purpose of the campaign was to promote and encourage users to join Lancôme‟s fan group. The beauty contestants were recommended and voted for by Lancôme fans, with both the successful candidates and their referrers receiving rewards from Lancôme. Netizens praised the campaign all over the Kaixin site and on many other beauty forums as well. In total, more than 10,000 netizens participated in the campaign, with the vote count reaching over two million. No matter what activities the brands engage in, after the campaign season, maintaining the fan group is also important for brands, and offering real value to the group members, rather than just using it as a platform to market goods is the key to maintaining a healthy fan group. © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 26
  27. 27. NEW MARCOM “Xinhua TV” starts a new trend for broadcasting news by cooperating with Kaixin On June 16th 2009, Xinhua TV, one of China‟s most famous official online media channels announced that they would cooperate with to explore new ways for broadcasting the news. Registering with the Kaixin user ID “Xinhua TV,” they created their own user name allowing Kaixin users to now become a fan of “Xinhua TV” and subscribe directly to news content. As of July15th, Xinhua TV already had 260,953 fans. Xinhua TV is famous for being one of China‟s largest news broadcasters. By cooperating with Kaixin, they have created a new way in which to interact and build affinity with their audience. It is a win-win strategy for both Xinhua TV and Kaixin. For Xinhua TV, they have enlarged their audience as they now have the ability to interact with users in a p2p way. For Kaixin, they have a content provider who can help them build up their online „stickiness‟. Link Following Xinhua TV, we found that 55 other media had already joint in Kaixin001 by end of Aug,2009. © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 27
  28. 28. OUR IWOM INDUSTRY INTELLIGENCE • Leading industry white papers and trend watch reports, released every month • Co-branded white papers • Latest white paper: Making Sense of IWOM (洞察网络口 碑) – Topic One: The Role of IWOM in Purchase Decisions © 2009 CIC IWOM Watch Half Year Review, Jan-Jun 2009 28
  29. 29. ABOUT CIC CIC is the leading Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) research and consulting firm in China. Since 2004, CIC has pioneered the concept of Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) that is redefining the relationship between brands and consumers. CIC coined the term Internet Word of Mouth and is the thought leader in utilizing it for strategy planning and application in marketing communications. CIC is committed to both providing objective third party strategic advice to clients and promoting the healthy development of the Internet Community in China. CIC’s research and discussion of IWOM’s impact and best practices can be found on company blogs, IWOM white papers and IWOM watch reports and through its IWOM roundtable events such as IWOM summit and IWOM classroom. CIC offers customized research and consulting service to its stable of retainer clients through its expert IWOM analysts supported by proprietary Chinese language based text mining technology (patent pending), data processing technology and data visualization technology. CIC’s retainer relationships stretch over multiple years with multinational clients from Fortune 500 companies. CIC’s continual development and evolution is driven by a unique, powerful and open mindset and learning culture which at its foundation continually seeks to understand how the Internet, and Internet Word of mouth, is redefining the relationships between brands and consumers. For more information, please visit (CIC website), (CIC Company blog in Chinese) and (CEO's company blog in English).
  30. 30. OUR BLOGS: (Chinese) (English) OUR WEBSITE: OUR SERVICE PLATFORM CONTACT US: This report is copyrighted material owned by CIC. Any improper use of this document or its content will be considered a violation of CIC IP copyright and CIC has the right to take legal action. 本研究报告归CIC公司版权所有。任何对本研究报告或报告中任何内容的不当 使用都将被视为对CIC知识产权的侵犯,CIC有权诉诸于法律。