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Re Structure Proposal Website2

  1. 1. Associated Students’ Restructure Proposal
  2. 2. Background! • In the Spring of 2009, the AS Executive board hired a consultant team to evaluate the effectiveness of Associated Students • The review team looked at important documents (constitution and by-laws), gathered surveys and interviewed students and administrators • The information was fairly consistent across the various groups of students and administrators
  3. 3. Strong Themes! • All parties have a readiness for change • Associated Students focuses mainly on programming • Associated Students has too many positions • Desire for AS to play a greater student advocacy, representation and governance • Simple financial processes • Weak Senate that does not act as a governance group • AS is well funded but current emphasis on programming limits the ability to use money more creatively • Associated Students is not a representative body because its primary emphasis is on student organizations
  4. 4. Fall 2009! • In the Fall of 2009, the AS Executive board created a Review Committee composing of different student leaders. • With these findings, the Review Committee has begun to discuss structural and substantive changes to the AS Team. • The AS Executive Board reviewed the materials with the AS team • The AS Advisors team made a series of recommendations
  5. 5. Current Organizational Chart! President Vice President Vice President Vice President Vice President Vice President Vice President Multicultural Student Academics Programming Finance Marketing Relations Organizations Community Multicultural Academics Alumni Relations Controller Issues Sports Orgs Relations Honor Council Multicultural Arts Elections Programming (2) Chair Athletics Historian Asst. Concerts Marketers (2) University Concerts Relations Showcase Web Technical
  6. 6. Proposed new structure - Executive Board! • The Executive Board will act as executors of the Senate’s legislation. It will focus on advocating student issues and administering elections and finances. • Divided into four separate branches: -  Vice-President (elected) ! -  Speaker of the Senate (elected) ! -  Communications (appointed) ! -  Finance (appointed)!
  7. 7. Organizational Chart! President Speaker of the Communication Vice President Finance Chair Senate Chair Academics Senators (30) Historian Controller Strategic Elections Sub-Committees* Information Parliamentarian Chief Of Staff Web (one of 30 Senators *(from the 30 Senators) Speaker Pro-Tem (Academic, Inclusion & (one of 30 Diversity, Student Life, Senators) Student Orgs)
  8. 8. Vice President! • Enforce the constitution • Attend faculty meetings • Elections • Academics • Chief of Staff
  9. 9. Senate " • Senators based on residency and college to allow (30 total) »  More united feeling, better advocacy! »  Proportionally represented based upon statistics ! • Four mandatory committees: Academic, Inclusion and Diversity, Student Organizations, and Student Life. »  Additional Ad-hoc committees ! • Senators will report to the Speaker of the Senate and are not a part of the AS team • Leadership Councils (IFC, Panhellenic, RHA, UFLC, and WCLC) act as liaisons to the Senate
  10. 10. Senate Break Down! • Based on USD 2009-2010 Data! •  Academic Senators! -  College of Arts and Sciences (11)! -  School of Business Administration (3)! -  School of Business Administration, Engineering (1) ! •  Residency Senators! -  Camino/Founders (1)! -  Commuter (8)! -  Maher (1)! -  Missions A (1)! -  Missions B (1)! -  Vistas (2)! -  UTAs/Manchester/SAPs/San Buenaventura (1)!
  11. 11. Non-Student Organization Senate v. Student Organization based Senate! Resolutions Passed USD Vanderbilt SMU Florida (SO) (non SO) (non SO) (non SO) 2009/2010 1 9 10 5 2008/2009 0 25 15 28 2007/2008 0 22 18 22 2006/2007 0 N/A 14 N/A
  12. 12. Selection Process - Committee Chair! • An elected Senator must apply and undergo an interview process • To ensure the most skilled and passionate for the position • Interview process by AS Executive board • Concerning the Inclusion and Diversity chair, the selection committee shall be composed of the Director of the UFMC and any student representative deemed necessary
  13. 13. Chair of Inclusion and Diversity Committee ! • Job Description states that individual will work with United Front Multicultural Center and UF Leadership Council • Encouraged to be a member of the United Front Multicultural Center
  14. 14. Inclusion and Diversity Committee! • Example of Job Description •  7-8 Senators will choose to be a part of the Inclusion and Diversity committee based on interest! •  Diversity and Inclusion Training (does not occur on current senate)! •  Committee will meet with student representatives from the United Front (similar to current MRB)! •  Allows for empowerment of the newly created UFLC! •  Committee members will attend important meetings such as PABID ! •  Will legislate on behalf of the students (occurred once in past three years on current senate)!
  15. 15. Communications! • Focus more on advocating for student issues, instead of advertising for student group events • Strategic information position to innovate new ways to advertise and collect information • Additionally, Web and Historian • Marketing designers will report directly to the Creative Zone and will not be under Associated Students. » Responsibility: produce paper marketing products (posters, flyers, etc.)! » Allows flexibility for AS, Student Orgs, and the Program Board ! » Creative Zone can supervise and not advise the process !
  16. 16. Finance ! • Streamline current AS Financial procedures • ASBC and ICC combined into at least monthly distribution meetings • Finance committee - no longer AS Executive Branch
  17. 17. How are Student Organizations Represented?! • Within the Senate -  Constitutional Sub-Committee focused on Student Organizations! -  Vice President Branch responsible for ICC meetings!
  18. 18. How are Multicultural Issues, Programming, and Relations represented?! • Multicultural Issues and Relations -  Constitutional subcommittee focused on Multicultural issues and relations ! • Multicultural Programming -  Position remains under the Program Board!
  19. 19. Program Board! • Separate programming board entirely from Associated Students • The program board chair would be: – appointed ! – given substantial funds ! – have separate advisors! – appoint his/her own program board allowing independence and discretion of programming! • Aimed to reduce over-programming and specialize for better, larger events • While programming offers instant returns for student issues, it is not necessarily the best method to advocate for student issues
  20. 20. Program Board - Positions! • Academics • Multicultural • Athletics (NCAA and Club) • Concerts • Homecoming • Arts • Special Events • Weekend Programming • Class Programming • Films • Wellness • Sustainability
  21. 21. Why a Separate Program Board?! • Aimed to reduce over-programming and specialize for better, larger events • While programming offers instant returns for student issues, it is not necessarily the best method to advocate for student issues • By separating the boards. Both aspects of governance can be tackled
  22. 22. Important Dates! Thursday, February 18 - Proposed in AS Student Senate Thursday, March 4 - Voted on in AS Student Senate (needs 51%) Thursday, March 18 - Campus wide vote (needs 67%) March 22-26 - Election Information Meetings March 29-March 31 - Turn in Eligibility Packets Tuesday, April 6 - Campaigns begin Tuesday, April 13 - Election Thursday, April 15 - Runoff (if needed)
  23. 23. Where to learn more!! • Visit our Website -! • Upcoming Events -  Tuesday, February 16 - Informational, Outside of SLP, Dead Hours !
  24. 24. Questions?