Winter Story


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Winter Story

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Winter Story

  1. 1. Winter Story
  2. 2. It's winter. Fluffy flakes sprinkle on Earth wrap it with a white and soft coat. Through a miracle of God, only he knew, the snow keeps cold and hot field pasture, vineyards and gardens, along their sleep until spring, when will the thread grass.
  3. 3. In a mountain little village , hidden under the lap forest, children are playing with the huge snowballs. Some of them are hurrying to the snow hill, others are making snowmen.
  4. 4. Christmas is coming. Preparations are in heat. In each house, Christians are preparing for the most beautiful holiday of the year. Mothers have kitchens filled with everything you need for a festive dinner. Children, helped by daddies and grandparents, set the house with the same kind of embroidery for everything to shine wonderful nights like the baby Jesus was born.
  5. 5. On that day, all children listen to the story of Jesus birth. They say that in one night, the angel of God revealed in Carpenter Joseph’s dream, Mary’s fiance and advised him that Virgin will have a baby, a son of God.
  6. 6. At that time, Joseph and Mary to have started to Bethleem. How the road was long and hard for Maria, they took with them a donkey. Bethleem reached the threshold of the night, never found accommodation in the city and were sheltered in a cold cave where shepherds have been a crib. In that place poor in one of the longest nights of the year, came into the world of Light Baby Jesus, the son of God. At his mother pack and slept in the manger, among cattle, which were gently blowing hot air on the third and heated body holy. Meanwhile, the head of heaven is like a star shine no longer mention until then.
  7. 7. As the story to finally reach a peace mysterious sit around the village. On vault violins first stars appear. It sews full moon with silver coat of snow the city. E evening Eve. In each house, with little lights lit, expects the arrival of Santa Claus.
  8. 8. In heaven, seated on a fluffy cloud, two angels talk to Santa Claus: 'Santa Claus, and you will be late! It 's not nice to leave the children to wait! -Take on down there on Earth! Here's how the little noses stay glued to the window, just-out-or only see in the big sacks full of gifts. No longer put to the test your patience, really fun! Climb up in the sled, slide down a moonbeam and fulfilling your mission!
  9. 9. Up there in heaven, with playful clouds, Santa Claus read the letters, put in the pockets prepare children and addresses for each toy you want. Reindeer look at the wonder how Santa comes with bags full and I crammed into the poor coast is ready to go.
  10. 10. Waiting is difficult. The children were asleep. But on the windows, who believe that occur? Is Santa Claus, loaded with bags and toys, which are approaching steal. Climb slowly the house’s horn with the big bag in the back. Get tough, because the bag is full of toys. His desire most is that all children happy smile to the world.
  11. 11. Under the beautiful decorated Christmas tree, Santa Claus empties his bag. He placed under the tree gifts and toys for all those who believe in the Son of God.
  12. 12. Then, go ahead, stops at other houses and places, Christmas, a gift desired. Smile, and starts flying floater to his house, happy and satisfied knowing that is loved by all people on earth.
  13. 13. Every year, the beautifully decorated Christmas tree reminds us of a light festival, a holy night in which Christ was born.