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SDT Global Brochure

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Sdt Brochure V2.0

  1. 1. Positive Change through innovation London Dubai Cape Town Hong Kong
  2. 2. Index • About Us • Overview of Services • Strategic Space Planning • Outsourcing • Reporting and Space Allocation • CAD Services • CAFM Application Development and Support • Tactical Planning
  3. 3. About Space Data Technology Space Data Technology provides space management consulting, technology solutions and outsourcing services to companies striving to optimise the efficiency of their office design, space utilisation and space administration functions. We can either augment a client’s in-house service group or take complete responsibility for areas such as strategic studies, tactical space planning and design, project co-ordination, drawing production, and space and occupancy Collaboration management information. Our emphasis is on helping clients to increase productivity and lower costs. Our ongoing focus is on achieving creative design solutions, timely delivery of projects and other work products, and the efficient collection, organization and provision of space management information. Space Data Technology was founded in 2000 and now has offices in London, Dubai, Cape Town and Hong Kong. Assistance
  4. 4. Overview of Services Space Data Technology is a full-service specialist in Space Management with a well established international track record. We offer a one-stop shop to organizations ranging from small companies and architectural practices to mayor blue-chip corporations operating on a global basis. Our services include: • Strategic Planning & Analysis • Outsourcing • Space Reporting • CAD Services • Application Development & Support • Tactical Planning Keeping an eye on space No limits
  5. 5. Strategic Space Planning Strategic space planning is the key to cost effective long term space management across a company’s real estate portfolio. Strategic Reviews encompass:- • Workplace design development • Position and headcount surveys • Long term growth projections • Restacking options These elements can be combined to identify opportunities to:- • Improve occupation density Analysing your world • Enhance the working environment • Forecast opportunities for building consolidations • Predict your future requirements Strategic planning reviews can result in optimised leasing costs, improved efficiency and enhanced risk management. Modeling your kingdom
  6. 6. Outsourcing Space Data Technology has established a cost effective out-sourced CAD and Design Team based in Cape Town South Africa. The team is English speaking professionally managed and providing a global service. Our Outsourcing and Remote Assistance service cover: • Provision and management of professional CAD drafting teams • Large scale CAD projects such as:- I CAD Standardisation I Schematic Planning and test fits I Detailed Planning I Managing Block Libraries I Mapping boundaries and inserting CAD assets I CAD Conversion to ARCHIBUSRT • Ad hoc support for on-site peak workloads • Supply of space management tools • Scanning and paper drawing conversion to CAD • CAD Customisation and Development Team integration
  7. 7. Reporting and Space Allocation Accuracy, timely delivery and consistency are fundamental to effective space and occupancy data reporting. Space Data Technology provides a wide range of custom reports that are usually built upon the specific needs of the individual client. Typical areas of interest include:- • Space analysis • Space utilization • Personnel occupancy • Cost allocation Our reporting experts use a variety of products which vary from traditional packages such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel to the latest web based applications including Business Objects, Proclarity and Intelligent Apps. Space Data Technology has successfully delivered extensive, complex and fully integrated Space Management systems with global capability as well as smaller regional and local solutions.
  8. 8. CAD Services Space Data Technology employs highly skilled CAD technicians who are available to support your day-to-day needs for the production and updating of office space layout drawings, building and IT infrastructure plans, names-to-desks information, project support and other key requirements. Our technicians work with architects, engineers, Qualifying developers, surveyors, facility managers and building occupiers, both on site and remotely. Our skills help clients increase productivity, improve response times and maintain flexibility whether the work requires a full outsourcing solution or overload design and drafting. Tailored professional CAD Services we offer to Simplifying our clients, include: • Preliminary, construction, as-built and presentation drawings • Schematic and detailed layout plans • Building surveys to CIS standards • Drawing practice standardisation • Drawing conversion and boundary mapping Improvising
  9. 9. CAFM Application Development and Support Space Data Technology has extensive experience in the design and implementation of Computer Aided Facilities Management applications and solutions based on leading industry standard software and our own bespoke applications. Our expertise includes:- • AutoCAD Development (LISP, VBA and .NET) • ARCHIBUSRT the worlds leading FM Solution • Bespoke applications • Database design • Integration with other systems and applications • Web based reporting (Business Objects, .NET, Cold Fusion) Our Services include:- • Needs analysis and feasibility studies • Business case development (costs, benefits, risks, ROI etc.) • Statement of requirements • Proof of Concept and Pilots • Analysis of existing standards and processes • Application design and development • Implementation, UAT and training • Software Sales (ARCHIBUSRT & AutoCADRT) • Support
  10. 10. Tactical Planning Tactical Planning concentrates on the cost effective provision of new or modified office layouts in response to dynamic changes in a company’s operational requirements. Space Data Technology has a proven track record in planning efficient and functional space designs and achieving value-for-money results. Our Tactical Planners are skilled in all aspects of the move and change project process, including: • Transition of changing business needs and strategy into physical designs, layouts, adjacencies and environments • Appraisal of the technical implications for building infrastructure and systems • Conformance with statutory and regulatory requirements • Move planning • Budgeting and cost management 8002/12 mms Managing change Scheduling
  11. 11. The Future is Space Data Technology
  12. 12. Unit 7, 3 Birchfield Street Unit 7, 3 Birchfield Street PO Box 500033 PO Box 500033 PO Box 974 PO Box 974 Canary Wharf Canary Wharf Dubai Internet City Dubai Internet City Milnerton Milnerton London E14 8ED London E14 8ED Dubai Dubai Cape Town Cape Town England England UAE UAE South Africa 7435 South Africa 7435 For other locations and contact details see