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Sample quiz


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sample PPT test on Ohm's Law

Published in: Education
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Sample quiz

  1. 1. TEST (created by Randall C Forehand) This is an interactive 4 question test Let’s Begin
  2. 2. Let’s Get Started
  3. 3. Question 1. In electronics DC stands for? STOP TEST
  4. 4. STOP TEST
  5. 5. Fantastic!!! You are Correct!!! Next Question STOP TEST
  6. 6. The formula for Ohm's Law is? STOP TEST
  7. 7. STOP TEST
  8. 8. Great!!! You are correct. Next Question STOP TEST
  9. 9. Metal, like copper or gold makes a good ________? STOP TEST
  10. 10. STOP TEST
  11. 11. Wonderful!!! You are Correct. Next Question STOP TEST
  12. 12. If you compare an electrical circuit to plumbing, Voltage would be? STOP TEST
  13. 13. STOP TEST
  14. 14. Super!!! You are Correct