Assure model lesson plans


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Assure model lesson plans

  1. 1. Day 1: <br />Have the students go to the web site.  This web site is interactive and uses both text and animated graphics.  Have the students complete <br /><ul><li>Activity 1
  2. 2. Exercise 1
  3. 3. Exercise 2
  4. 4. Activity 2
  5. 5. Exercises 1
  6. 6. Exercises 2
  7. 7. Exercises 3
  8. 8. Exercises 4
  9. 9. Activity 3
  10. 10. Exercise 1
  11. 11. Exercise 2
  12. 12. Exercise 3</li></ul>Day 2:<br />Have student continue working at the previous day’s web site,, completing the following, which is on Ohm’s Law:<br /><ul><li>Activity 4
  13. 13. Exercise 1
  14. 14. Exercise 2
  15. 15. Exercise 3
  16. 16. Ecercise 4</li></ul>Day 3:<br />The students will each create a 5 question quiz. They will use any of the information about electricity or basic electrical circuits that has been either covered in class or from the activities they have accomplished. The 5 questions can be multiple choice, true/false, matching, or fill in the blank. The student may choose to do all 5 questions in the same format of they can mix them up. The students will also need to make an answer key for their five questions. The questions for all of the students will be combined to produce a test which will be given during the class period on the last day of the week. The students may use the following example test for guidance.Day 4:<br />Day 5: <br />The students will be arranged into groups of 3, 4 or 5 students each. Each group will first choose a leader and a recorder. The leader will direct the discussion of the group and also input the groups information into the Wikispaces pages. The recorder will record the main points of the groups discussion. The group will then choose a topic based on electronics. They (the group) will spend 10 to 15 minutes discussing the chosen topic. After the discussion the group will then post there topic and discussion on a Wikispaces page. They will create a 2 page Wikispaces. The first page will have the name a their group, a list of the members (first names ONLY), and the title of their topic. The second page will have the highlights and, time permitting, more specific ideas that the group came p with during their discussion. To access the Wikispaces to create one for the group go to Wikispaces Sign up. For an example of what the project should look like use the Wikispace sample.<br />