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  1. 1. Open Web Messenger Copyright (c) 2005-2009 Web Messenger Creators Community. All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0 which accompanies this distribution, and is available at REQUIREMENTS * Apache web server 1.3.34 or above * MySQL database 5.0 or above * PHP 4.x or above with MySQL support QUICK INSTALLATION 1. Create folder with name 'webim' in the root of your website. 2. Upload all the files contained in this archive (retaining the directory structure) into created folder. 3. Add a MySQL database with the name 'webim' 4. Edit /webim/libs/config.php to the information needed to connect to the database 5. Using your web browser visit http://<yourdomain>/webim/install/ and hit 'Create tables' 6. Remove /webim/install/ directory from your server 7. Logon as user: admin password: <empty> 7. Get button code and setup it on your site. 8. Change your password and name. 9. Wait for your visitors on 'Pending users' page. On unix/linux platforms change the owner of /webim/images/avatar folder to the user, under which the web server is running (for instance, www). The owner should have all rights on the folder /webim/images/avatar (chmod 700 /webim/images/avatar). UPDATE 1. Backup your /webim/libs/config.php 2. Backup your /webim/images/avatar folder. 3. Delete the items in the webim folder on the server. 4. Upload all the files contained in the downloaded archive (retaining the directory structure) into webim folder. 5. Re-edit the MySQL database settings you config.php 6. Visit http://<yourdomain>/webim/install/ and follow the instructions to update database (if needed). 7. Remove /webim/install/ directory from your server 8. Restore contents of /webim/images/avatar folder.