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  2. 2. Menu Executive Branch Legislative Branch Judicial Branch Conclusion References
  3. 3. Executive Branch President is the Head of the The Executive Branch also Executive Branch includes Vice President and • He makes laws official cabinet Members. • He is elected by the entire • The Cabinet is made up of country 15 major departments of • He approves and carries out government laws passed from the • Cabinet gives advice to the legislative branch president about important • He is commander and chief matters. of the armed forces NEXT
  4. 4. Executive Branch Cont. • The Cabinet consists of… – The Secretary of Defense – The secretary of commerce – The secretary of state – The Secretary of Treasury – And many more NEXT
  5. 5. Review •Who directly elects •Who is in charge of the the President? executive branch? Your answer: Your answer: -the people -Librarian -Executive Branch -The President -Congress -President Pro Tempore -Electoral College -Speaker of the House MENU
  6. 6. Legislative Branch • The Legislative Branches most important duty is to make laws. • This branch is made up of two houses. • The two houses are the Senate and the House of Representatives. NEXT
  7. 7. Legislative Branch House of Representatives Senate • There are 435 • There are 100 senators in representatives. the senate, two from each • The number of state. representatives each state • Senators serve six year gets is based on its terms and are elected by population. their state. • The speaker of the house is • The Vice President is the the head of the House of head of the Senate. Reps. NEXT
  8. 8. Review Congress is made up of ________ houses. There are _________ senators in the Senate. Men and women who belong to the Senate are called __________. Each senator is elected to office for a period of _______ years. MENU
  9. 9. Judicial Branch • The Judicial Branch oversees the court system of the U.S. • The Supreme court is the head of the Judicial Branch. • The Judicial Branch explains the meaning of the Constitution and laws passed by congress. NEXT
  10. 10. Judicial Branch • Supreme Court – On the Supreme Court there are 9 judges, 8 associate justices, and one chief justice. – The judges are nominated by the President and approved by the Senate. – They have no term limits. – It’s the highest court in the land, and it’s decisions are final. NEXT
  11. 11. REVIEW MENU
  12. 12. CONCLUSION • There are 3 main branches of the United States Government and it is very important for us to know about all of them and understand their roles. It will help us understand what goes on in the world today.
  13. 13. References • n_threebranches.htm • 7.html MENU