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Brooke Carter


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Brooke Carter

  1. 1. Brooke Carter Education 356.002 March 17, 2010 Field Experience Reflection I have really enjoyed the time that our class has spent at West Terrace Elementary School. For starters, I feel like the entire school has been extremely receptive and welcoming to our class. Their enthusiasm is definitely contagious! I also feel that by visiting Mrs. Gooch’s class, we are gaining valuable experience that we can use when working with students in the future. It is also nice to have the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with the students, and build a relationship with them. My student (Alex) is wonderful. My original lesson plan was over the different land habitats. I did not know if the lesson would be too complicated or detailed for him. I could not have been more wrong! On the very first day that we met, Alex informed me that he was reading at a fourth grade reading level. He already knew everything that I was telling him! At first I was panicking, then I realized that I would simply need to adapt. The next day that we met I made sure to tailor the lesson to Alex’s individual needs. This incident taught me a lot about the role of the teacher. Sometimes things are not going to go as you thought they would. During these times, it is the job of the teacher to simply go with the flow. In conclusion, I feel extremely fortunate that we have been given the opportunity to tutor the students at West Terrace. This experience has allowed me to reflect on my educational beliefs and practices. Also, I know that I am gaining valuable knowledge that will help me to increase my awareness of students. I look forward to continuing our tutoring after the students return from their Spring Break!