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Im A Chatterer Done For Wiki


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Im A Chatterer Done For Wiki

  1. 1. Internet Safety<br />By: Senja<br />
  2. 2. Chat: a place where different people from all over the world can go to talk to one another in a public setting<br />If you find something inappropriate or that makes you uncomfortable, shut it off and tell an adult<br />IM a Chatterer<br />By: Senja<br />Benefits of a chat room:<br /><ul><li> you can connect with old friends
  3. 3. it generates a lot of writing
  4. 4. can create ideas not usually made in a classroom</li></ul>Two problems someone could encounter in a chat room:<br />1: Some one you don’t know is trying to talk to you<br />2: Someone you don’t know is saying things that make you uncomfortable<br />Downfalls/Risks:<br /><ul><li>you could accidentally give out personal information
  5. 5. people could lie to you and end up being completely different from who you thought they were
  6. 6. “Flaming” – a form of cyber bullying where strong emotion is spread about someone</li></ul>You should never give out your:<br /><ul><li>real name
  7. 7. home/school/email address
  8. 8. phone #
  9. 9. a picture
  10. 10. Your parents credit card details
  11. 11. passwords
  12. 12. age
  13. 13. sex</li></ul>In a chat room, you can only give out information that CANNOT be used to identify you<br />Two ways to stay safe In a chat room:<br />1: never give out any personal information<br />2: only talk to people you know<br />
  14. 14. Five Things I think that should be on the top ten list of internet safety tips:<br />By: Senja<br />