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Reverse Mortgage


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A Power Point presentation of what is a reverse mortgage.

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Reverse Mortgage

  1. 1. A new source of Retirement Cash Flow $$$$ Federally Insured Reverse Mortgages Peace of mind for life! Value Financial (C) 2007-2008
  2. 2. You’ve worked hard for many years to pay for your home. Now your home can pay you back with a unique and new source of extra cash. Value Financial (C) 2007-2008
  3. 3. How do these new programs work? They tap the equity in your home. You make No Monthly payments, EVER! Take a Lump sum, monthly payment , line of credit, or any combination of these – it’s your money. They only become due when you pass away or sell the home. And your heirs are NEVER liable. The house is the only source of re-payment. Most programs are federally insured. Most programs leave an equity cushion for your heirs. You can choose from FIXED RATE or ADJUSTABLE. Value Financial (C) 2007-2008
  4. 4. It’s YOUR Money !!! Use the CASH benefits any way you want to! Pay medical bills. Buy a second home! Make those home repairs. Pay your taxes or insurance. In-Home Health Care. Buy a new car. Give gifts to your heirs tax free. Value Financial (C) 2007-2008
  5. 5. Sounds too good to be true? NO monthly payments. EVER. NO hidden costs, federally regulated. SAFE! Stop worrying about money! Peace of mind for the rest of your life. Confidential. Privacy assured! Value Financial (C) 2007-2008
  6. 6. WHO IS ELIGIBLE? At least 62 years old. Own home free and clear - OR Have a low mortgage balance. Live there as primary residence. No income or credit needed. No personal guarantee required. Value Financial (C) 2007-2008
  7. 7. Does my House QUALIFY? Single Family House – or Condo/Town House – with “reserves” or “segregated fund accounting” to insure good maintenance, or Planned Unit Development (PUD) – or HUD approved Double-wide. You must own the lot where you live. Duplex or 3 to 4 family also OK, as long as YOU live there. Value Financial (C) 2007-2008
  8. 8. Do I need any “up front” money? No application fees ever. You might have to pay for your appraisal up front, but if you do you will get your money back at closing. Normal costs include taxes, title insurance, HUD Insurance fees, and the origination fee. ALL are subject to federal guidelines. We NEVER charge any up-front fees! Value Financial (C) 2007-2008
  9. 9. What about Social Security? These programs will usually not effect Social Security or Medicare benefits. They might affect your SSI payments if your total LIQUID resources are greater than $2,000 for individuals or $3,000 for couples. There is a way to make this work without risking your SSI. Value Financial (C) 2007-2008
  10. 10. Do you keep the title to your home? YES, you do! But, It must remain your primary residence….. You continue to take good care of it….. You pay the taxes and insurance on time….. Your reward? NO monthly payments ever ! Value Financial (C) 2007-2008
  11. 11. How safe is the program? Federally Insured. Closely regulated. The Reverse Mortgage concept is endorsed by HUD and the AARP. We are nationally recognized and HUD approved. Our employees are subject to a strict code of ethics regarding working with Seniors. All our staff are Reverse Mortgage Specialists, no beginners here! Don’t trust your home to a beginner! Value Financial (C) 2007-2008
  12. 12. How Do You Learn More? One of our Reverse Mortgage Specialists will tell you how! You can also visit our web site at the address below, and you can apply on line! (800) 760-5363 Value Financial (C) 2007-2008