Getting Started With Fashion Stock Photography


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Getting Started With Fashion Stock Photography

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  2. 2. Getting Started With Fashion Stock Photography On fashion magazines, fashion websites, clothing catalogs, and more, many of the photos you see are known as fashion stock photography. Fashion stock photography can consist of photographs of models as well as clothing, jewelry, and other accessories.
  3. 3. Browsing the internet you can find many websites Browsing the internet you can find many websites dedicated to fashion stock photography and eventually find a photo that meets your needs. Here is a background on fashion stock photography and how you can ease your search for that perfect photo.
  4. 4. Stock Photography:The Basicsof Fashion Stock Photography Make sure to learn the rules and regulations for each photo you are interested in. Rules will vary from photo to photo and from company to company. When you buy a stock photograph, traditionally you are charged for one-time, non-exclusive rights. If you are going to use the image in a famous publication or advertisement for a big company, buying the rights of the image will cost you more.
  5. 5. For A Publication That also holds true if you are going to print the same photo numerous times for a publication such as a catalog. Depending on the supplier, you can lower the price if you are going to print a high quantity. If you are using the photo for a local or low- circulation publication, the price will be relatively lower.
  6. 6. Figure Out What You Need Before Searching There are an overwhelming number of photos on fashion stock photography sites and resolutions of the photos will vary. Prior to your search, make sure you know what image size you need for your publication. Decide on the kind of tone you are looking for in your photo whether it be black and white, colorful, or glamorous.
  7. 7. Keep Up With The Latest Trends If you need to keep up with the latest trends, sign up with a fashion stock photography company so you can receive updates when the newest photos come in. There are plenty of people waiting to snatch up the latest and greatest photos so be ready.
  8. 8. Connect with Photographers A way to find the best photos in fashion stock photography is to look for sites that connect you directly to the original photographer’s website. Some photographers will be willing to license their photos directly to you. You may even find photos taken by students or recent graduates of fashion photography schools. You will find that it is possible to find quality photographs taken by photographers of all different experience levels.
  9. 9. Stock Photography Fashion stock photography has come a long way since its first days. With the advent of the internet, it is easy to search for photos but it can also be overwhelming. The key is to know what you are looking for and make sure you are informed about how to purchase the rights of each particular photo you are interested in. With some searching, you are sure to find the perfect fashion photograph for your catalog or publication.
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