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  1. 1. Pag REQUEST FOR QUOTE NO.: 57477 e1 of 5 DATE RELEASED: December 10, 2007 BID CLOSES: December 17, 2007, 2:00 P.M., local time INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS: 1. When communicating, always refer to the above quotation number. 2. To be considered, one copy of this quotation, with your bid properly filled in, must be signed and returned to the KU Purchasing Services by the specified closing date. E-mail and late bids cannot be considered. 3. Fax bids are acceptable if they do not exceed $25,000. Bids exceeding $25,000 must be mailed in separate, marked envelopes. 4. Bid must be in U.S. Dollars ($US) excluding Federal Excise/State Sales Taxes. RETURN SIGNED QUOTATION TO: 5. All prices and conditions must be shown. Additions or conditions KU PURCHASING SERVICES not shown on this bid will not be allowed. CARRUTH-O'LEARY HALL, RM. 7 6. Bids for comparable merchandise will be considered, unless the 1246 WEST CAMPUS ROAD specifications indicate “no substitution.” 7. Bidder must specify exceptions to any requirement or specification LAWRENCE, KS 66045-7505 in the bid. 8. Bid must include complete specifications and/or descriptive FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, CONTACT: literature to facilitate consideration. Kathy Jansen C.P.M. kjansen@ku.edu 9. Please visit www.purchasing.ku.edu for similar pending requests. Tel: 785/864-3063 Fax: 785/864-3454 10. THIS IS NOT AN ORDER. ITEM UNIT TOTAL QTY UNIT DESCRIPTION OF Item(s) NO. PRICE AMOUNT 1 2 ea Auto Scrubbers, battery powered, self-propelled. An Advance (Infinity) X20D or equal meets specifications. Mfr & Model No.:_________________________________________ TOTAL DELIVERED PRICE $ TO BE CONSIDERED, THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION MUST BE PROVIDED: Please print or type in black ink DATE ____________________________________________ SIGNED BY ___________________________________________________ TERMS 30 Days PRINT OR TYPE NAME ______________________________________ DELIVERY WILL BE MADE ______________ DAYS A.R.O. TITLE ________________________________________________________ F.O.B. DEST.: University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045 TELEPHONE NO. _____________________________________________ F.E.I.N. OR S.S.N. FAX NO. ______________________________________________________ NAME ________________________________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS ____________________________________________ ADDRESS ____________________________________ CHECK IF APPLICABLE: □ Small Business □ Woman-Owned □ Minority-Owned CITY ______________________ ST _____ ZIP___________ The terms and conditions contained in the quote provided for this bid shall not apply to any purchase order awarded as a result of this bid. State of Kansas Department of Administration DA-146a Contractual Provisions Attachment shall apply. http://www.da.ks.gov/purch/DA-146a.doc.
  2. 2. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: RFQ 57477 Page 2 of 5 TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. It is the intent of The University of Kansas to permit competitive bidding. It is the bidder’s responsibility to advise the University Purchasing Office, in writing no later than three (3) days before the bid closing date, if any specification or requirement described herein limits bidding to a single source. 2. Unless otherwise specified, The University of Kansas reserves the right to accept or reject all or any part of your quotation, and to waive technicalities. 3. Offered payment discounts will NOT be considered in determining the low bid. The discount period begins on the date of delivery, or acceptance, or receipt of a correct invoice by the receiving agency, whichever is later. 4. Except as otherwise indicated, the merchandise quoted is in new condition. 5. The University of Kansas reserves the right to award purchases by item, by group, or by lot, whichever is deemed to be in the university’s best interest. 6. In the event of a tie for the low bid, the award will be made to the Kansas bidder. 7. Unit price will prevail in the event of extension error(s). 8. If awarded a purchase order, the bidder agrees to furnish the item(s) or provide the service(s) enumerated hereon at the price(s) quoted and in accordance with the conditions indicated. 9. If a bid indicates that an item quoted is functionally equivalent and it is purchased and found not to be comparable, The University of Kansas reserves the right to return that item at the bidder’s expense, and the bidder will be billed for the difference in cost between this bid and the successful bid. 10. If any portion of this bid is provided by a vendor other than the bidder, the bidder remains the prime contractor responsible for fulfilling all requirements of this bid. 11. Contracts or purchase orders resulting from this quotation may not be assigned without prior written consent of the University Director of Purchasing. 12. The seller agrees to protect The University of Kansas from all damages arising out of alleged patent infringement. 13. Partial payments will not be made, unless otherwise specified. 14. Bid results are available by written request with a check payable to The University of Kansas for three dollars ($3.00) per request, tax included, with a stamped, pre-addressed. A packet of ten (10) coupons may be purchased for thirty dollars ($30), tax included. Unless otherwise requested, your canceled check will serve as your receipt. 15. Any conviction for a criminal or civil offense that indicates a lack of business integrity or business honesty which currently, seriously and directly affects responsibility as a state contractor must be disclosed. This is to include (1) conviction of a criminal offense as an incident to obtaining or attempting to obtain a public or private contract of subcontract or in the performance of such contract of subcontract; (2) conviction under state or federal statutes of embezzlement, theft, forgery, bribery, falsification or destruction of records, receiving stolen property; (3) conviction under state or federal antitrust statutes; and (4) any other offense to be serious and compelling as to affect responsibility as a state contractor. For the purpose of this section, an individual or entity shall be presumed to have control of a company or organization if the individual or entity directly or indirectly, or action in concert with one or more individuals or entities, owns or controls twenty-five percent (25%) or more of its equity, or otherwise controls its management or policies. Failure to disclose an offense may result in disqualification of the bid or termination of the contract. 16. If any part of this contract (including any required installation) is fulfilled by any other contractor, the successful bidder remains responsible for completing all aspects of the work described herein. Purchasing Services 1246 West Campus Road | Lawrence, KS 66045-7505 | (785)864-3790 | Fax (785)864-3454 | www.ku.edu
  3. 3. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: RFQ 57477 Page 3 of 5 SPECIFICATIONS The University is requesting two (2) auto scrubbers, battery powered and self-propelled. General: • Machine shall be the type generally described as an “automatic scrubber” or equal. • The machine will hold solution, apply it to the floor, scrub the floor and pick up the scrubbing solution in a single pass. • This machine shall have an onboard charger system as standard. • This scrubber shall have a 20-inch rotary disk scrub deck. • This scrubber shall have an onboard detergent system, standard. • All deck types available shall be interchangeable between all models. • The scrubber shall be of current design and production. • Upon acceptance of the award the following shall be provided: • A comprehensive installation including delivery and operator training. • Two complete parts/service & operational manuals. Detergent System: • Shall have onboard detergent dispensing system compatible with any manufacturers automatic scrubber detergent. • Dilution rate shall be variable and controlled through a dashboard control system. • Machine will automatically adjust dilution ratio of detergent when solution is changed. Solution system: • Machine shall be equipped with a water calibration system. Brush Motor: • Shall have one heavy-duty, 24 volt, permanent magnet DC motor rated at not less than 0.65 horsepower (480 Watt). • Machine shall be equipped with automatic brush shutoff when machine motion comes to rest. Vacuum Motor: • Shall be 24 Volt, 0.44 horsepower (330 Watt), 2-stage, DC motor with tangential discharge and with a quick change modular design and sound reduction system such that it yields no more pressure at the operator’s ear than 65.8 decibels. • Vacuum system must be capable of 44 inches of waterlift at 54 cubic feet per minute. Drive System: • Shall be a 0.3 horsepower 200 Watt) motor providing drive to the front high traction wheels. • Shall have operating speed up to 3.5 mph that is easily adjusted with a speed control dial on the drive paddle. • The machine shall have a fully variable forward and reverse electronic control. • The forward and reverse control shall be operated by means of an ergonomic paddle that allows the operator to utilize multiple hand positions as well as serve as a safety device to prevent operators from being pinned between the machine and an immovable object. Construction: • Shall be built with corrosion and impact-resistant polyethylene tanks and sturdy steel frame will have a minimum corrosion protection of powder coated steel. Electrical: • Shall have a key switch and circuit breakers or fuses to protect motors. Solution Tank: • Shall have 14.5 gallon capacity, constructed of linear high-density rotationally molded polyethylene. • Shall have both a front and rear fill and be capable of installing an optional remote hose filling kit capable of filling the machine from most any faucet. • Solution tank shall also have a sight gage with graduations clearly marked on it. • Sight gage shall also function as the solution drain hose. Solution Control: Purchasing Services 1246 West Campus Road | Lawrence, KS 66045-7505 | (785)864-3790 | Fax (785)864-3454 | www.ku.edu
  4. 4. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: RFQ 57477 Page 4 of 5 • Solution shall be pump fed through an in-line filter. • Flow rate shall be variable from a rate of 0.15 gallons per minute up to 0.3 gallons per minute. • Shall have an automatic solution shut off in neutral. • Must have smart solutions of equivalent; an engineered pre-calibrated flow rate designed for highly productive and environmentally responsible scrubbing that is capable of efficiently cleaning the majority of floor types and average soil levels in the industry. • By using this setting the productivity per tank full must exceed 90 minutes of run time. Recovery Tank: • Shall have 14.5 gallon capacity, constructed of linear high-density rotationally molded polyethylene, with a float shut-off system to prevent tank overflow, and variable-flow control drain hose. • Shall have a cover that can be removed without tools for cleaning. • Recovery tank must have a large enough opening that allows an operator to inspect and access all the geometry in the recovery tank for proper cleaning. • Tank must hinge open to allow full access to the batteries and to ease service to the batteries, deck, and solution system. Brush/Pad System: • Shall include one 20-inch pad to cover a 20-inch scrubbing path. • A tools free removable skirt must come standard with the machine. • Pad shall be put on or removable without tools or by using “Click-on/Click-off” functionality. • All deck types should be interchangeable between models. Brush Pressure: • Shall have two brush pressure settings of 50 lbs and 70 lbs. Brush Speed: • Shall be not less than 170 rpm. Sound Level: • Shall be 65.8 dB(A) @ operators position. Squeegee: • Shall be curved or Parabolic style squeegee with 4-sided wiping blades and a center-pivot mounting that raises/lowers mechanically. • Squeegee mounting bracket must have a “break away” design to prevent damage in the event that it contacts an immovable object. • Shall not require tools to remove assembly or to flip/replace squeegee blades. • Shall be 29.9 inches wide. Casters: • Shall have two 9.8 inch diameter with 5 inch rear caster. Drive Wheels: • Drive wheels shall have a diameter of at least 9.8 inches and be made of a high traction non-marking compound. Handle: • Shall have an ergonomic, wrap around handle for operator comfort. Dimensions: • Machine dimensions shall be no larger than follows (L x W x H): 52.0 x 21.3 x 42.9 inches. Power Source: • 24 Volt system: shall have two 12 volt/98 amp hour maintenance free gel batteries. The machine shall be equipped with a low voltage cutout feature that can be set for the battery type (80% discharge for wet acid; 70% discharge for maintenance free gel. Charger: • Shall have an on-board charger as standard equipment, 24VDC, • 13 Amps. Weight: • Shall be no more that the following: Machine only 244 lbs, Purchasing Services 1246 West Campus Road | Lawrence, KS 66045-7505 | (785)864-3790 | Fax (785)864-3454 | www.ku.edu
  5. 5. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: RFQ 57477 Page 5 of 5 • Machine with batteries 350 lbs. Approvals: • Shall meet or exceed worldwide safety and electrical approvals (ETL, CSA, CE) Certification: • Shall be NFSI certified. (National Floor Safety Institute) DELIVERY Inside delivery of all items will be made within thirty days, after receipt of order (due 30 days, ARO). SUGGESTED ITEM For information purposes only, a properly configured Advance (Infinity) X20D meets these specifications. Bids on goods and services comparable to those specified herein are invited. Whenever a material, article or piece of equipment is identified in the specifications by reference to a manufacturer's or vendor's name, trade name, catalog number, etc., it is intended to establish a standard, unless otherwise specifically stated. Any material, article or equipment of other manufacturers or vendors shall perform to the standard of the item specified. Equivalent bids must be accompanied by sufficient descriptive literature and/or specifications to provide for detailed comparison. Samples of items, if required, shall be furnished at no expense to the University and if not destroyed in the evaluation process, shall be returned at vendor's expense, if requested. The University of Kansas reserves the right to determine and approve or deny “equivalency” in comparison of alternate bids. WARRANTY This machine must be delivered with the manufacturers warranty. The vendor for the machine that is bid must be an approved distributor or dealer or the manufacturer of the machine that is offered for bid, have repair parts for the machine and be able to honor the manufacturers warranty. Successful bidder must be able to provide warranty service within five working days of verbal notification. Purchasing Services 1246 West Campus Road | Lawrence, KS 66045-7505 | (785)864-3790 | Fax (785)864-3454 | www.ku.edu