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Welcome To Wealthcare Solutions, Llc

  1. 1. Financial Planning and Investment Advisory services offered through Wealthcare Solutions, LLC, aRegistered Investment Advisor; Securities offered through Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments, memberFINRA and SIPC, 18 Corporate Woods Blvd., Albany NY 12211 (518) 436-3536.
  2. 2. IntroductionWealthcare Solutions, LLC is a registered investment advisor as well as aregistered FINRA branch office of Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments,member FINRA and SIPC. Drawing on our experience and that of our teamof allied professionals, we help our clients make sound financial decisions.Our clients are successful business owners, executives, professionals andretirees who have a minimum of $500,000 of investable assets and at least a$1,000,000 net worth. They are looking for and value our advice becausethey realize that there are pursuits more important to them than worryingabout their finances, so they hire us to provide sound financial guidance.As a registered investment advisor we are able to offer fee-based financialplanning and investment advisory services to our clients. We utilize FidelityInvestment’s Institutional Brokerage Group to serve as the custodian of ourclient’s assets and to facilitate all of our trading and clearing requirements.Our affiliation with Purshe Kaplan Sterling allows us to provide our clientsalternative solutions to our fee-based business. Purshe Kaplan Sterling alsouses National Financial Services, LLC a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments, astheir clearing firm. Wealthcare Solutions, LLC
  3. 3. The Financial Planning ProcessThe Prime SolutionSMKraig R. Null developed The Prime SolutionSM as a means to standardizeand systematize the financial planning process. This process was developedto address the planning needs of our clients and to deliver to them acomprehensive financial strategy that consistently results in a high degree ofclient satisfaction.1) Initial Client Meeting a) Prior to our initial meeting we ask that our prospective clients gather together all of their important documents and statements and to be prepared to discuss them at our initial meeting. b) We incorporate a values-based conversation into the initial meeting to helps us identify what is truly important to our clients. c) During this phase we establish and prioritize the financial goals; determining timeframes, amounts needed and amounts currently available. d) At the conclusion of this meeting the client is asked for a commitment to hire us to prepare a comprehensive financial plan.2) Plan Presentation/ Implementation Meeting a) At our second meeting we are prepared to present our financial planning strategies and begin the implementation process. During this meeting we will: i) Review their Personal Investment Policy Statement; ii) Review their Wealth Development Index score; iii) Review our recommendations; iv) Identify and disclose all costs associated with our recommendations. Wealthcare Solutions, LLC
  4. 4. The Financial Planning Process3) Progress Meetings a) Depending on the type of relationship the client elects to have with us, we will conduct regularly scheduled progress meetings to review what we have accomplished and what still needs to be completed. b) During the first year of a client relationship we typically have a minimum of 6 meetings and then transition into a tri-annual meeting cycle in subsequent years. (1) At each meeting we review the progress towards the stated goals and discuss any changes which may be warranted. (2) Typically in September and October we will examine the client’s current tax situation in order to anticipate any actions which may need to be taken before yearend. (3) Once a year we will conduct a Comprehensive Safety Review; Review, update or revise your stated Goals; and Update your Financial Road Map® to reflect your current reality. Wealthcare Solutions, LLC
  5. 5. Wealthcare Solutions, LLC   Financial Planning Process    Goal Planning Estate  Investment  Planning Planning Risk Management  Tax & Income  & Insurance  Planning Planning    Goal Planning   Identify, quantify and prioritize goals for the highest probability of successful achievement. Investment Planning   Create a Personal Investment Policy Statement; develop a Personal Risk Profile and Personal Asset Allocation  Recommendation Risk Management & Insurance Planning   Develop a Comprehensive Risk Management Plan addressing all aspects of risks which may impact an individual. Tax Planning & Income Planning   Identify potential tax strategies and coordinate with tax advisor to ensure maximum tax benefit.   Develop an Anticipated Income Plan for both current and future income requirements. Estate Planning   Coordinate with an Estate Attorney the development of a Comprehensive Estate Plan and monitor its  implementation.  
  6. 6.   Wealthcare Solutions, LLC  Meeting Cycle    Discovery Meeting Initial Client Meeting The Implementation Meeting Begin Implementing the Financial Plan  Target:  14 Days  Initial Progress Meeting Follow‐up on Actions Taken Target:  45 Days      Target:   45 Days     The Comprehensive  Safety Review Target: 4 Months The Financial Road  The Goals Map Update Progress Meeting Target:  4 Months Target:  4 Months  
  7. 7. Our Ideal Client ProfileThe types of clients that we enjoy working with and whombenefit the most from working with us have the followingattributes…  They are serious about making smart financial choices about their money;  They realize that a well developed financial strategy properly implemented and monitored is essential to enjoying life;  They want a relationship with a financial advisor to whom they can delegate the management of their financial assets so they can pursue other interests;  They are willing to cooperate with us and take responsibility for providing us with information relative to their financial wellbeing;  They have at least $500,000 in investible assets and recognize that sound advice and guidance has a related cost which they are willing to pay.