Introduction To Blackboard Training


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Learn how to work with Blackboard.

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Introduction To Blackboard Training

  1. 1. WELCOME TO DISTANCE LEARNING Supported by Blackboard
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION TO BLACKBOARD Florida National College Online Courses Platform Opens Doors to the Future Author Sandra Lomena Created July, 2009
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS • Blackboard System • Acceptable Document Types Requirements • Discussion Board Forums • Internet Explorer Compatibility • Sending E-Mails •Accessing Blackboard • Digital Drop Box • Logging Into Blackboard • Assignments • Changing Your Password • Taking a Test in Blackboard • Accessing Your Courses • Common Issues • Viewing Your Grades • Getting Help with • View Posted Documents Blackboard Online Classes • Distance Learning
  4. 4. System Requirements  MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS 10.3 or better  Internet Explorer 5.5 or better, Netscape 7.1  Needs adjustments for compatibility with IE 8 upgrade (*)  Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or better, Apple Safari 1.1 or better  Java 6 installed & enabled  High speed Internet strongly recommended for efficient use of all the applications (*) See the following for more information Online Classes • Distance Learning
  5. 5. IE 8 Compatibility Compatibility View Internet Explorer 8 is a new release and some websites may not yet be ready for the new browser. Blackboard is one of this websites. To correct this problem : -Click the Compatibility View toolbar button to display the website as viewed in Internet Explorer 7, which will correct display problems like misaligned text, images, or text boxes. This option is on a per site basis and all other sites will continue to display with Internet Explorer 8 functionality. The "Compatibility View" toolbar button is located next to the Refresh button on the Address Bar: For more information click on the following link: Compatibility View Video Online Classes • Distance Learning
  6. 6. Accessing Blackboard •You can access Blackboard in the following ways: - Using FNC Website: http://www.fnc. edu Click on the “Distance Learning” Online Classes • Distance Learning
  7. 7. Accessing Blackboard • After you click Distance Learning link: Click the “Blackboard Login “ Online Classes • Distance Learning
  8. 8. Accessing Blackboard - Click the “Login “ button Online Classes • Distance Learning
  9. 9. Accessing Blackboard • Or you can also access Blackboard using: - Click on the “User Login” button: Online Classes • Distance Learning
  10. 10. Logging into Blackboard • Typical Blackboard login and password: – User Name: your student ID number (no spaces) – Password: your last four digits of your SS# In case that your last four digits of your social Security Number starts with a zero use the number 1 instead Online Classes • Distance Learning
  11. 11. Changing Your Password • To change your Blackboard password: (recommended after you have logged in the first time) - Under “Tools”, click “Personal Information” - Click on “Change Password” - Change your password and click “Submit” Online Classes • Distance Learning
  12. 12. Accessing Your Courses • When you log into Blackboard, you are taken to the “My Institution” tab • Courses in which you are enrolled are shown on the right side under “My Courses” Online Classes • Distance Learning
  13. 13. Accessing Your Courses • You can also click on the “Courses” tab for a list of your courses • Click on a course name to view the selected course Online Classes • Distance Learning
  14. 14. Viewing Your Grades • Blackboard’s Gradebook stores your grades for each course in which you are enrolled • To access the Gradebook for any of your courses, click on the “Tools” button in the course menu, then click on “My Grades” Online Classes • Distance Learning
  15. 15. Viewing Your Grades • You can also access your Gradebook when you login into blackboard and then click on “View Grades” under Tools in “My Institution” tab Online Classes • Distance Learning
  16. 16. Viewing Your Grades • Blackboard’s Gradebook lists detailed information in spreadsheet format for every test or assignment in your course Gradebook Icons Online Classes • Distance Learning
  17. 17. View Posted Documents • To view a posted document, click on a content section (Course Documents, Course Information, Assignments…) then click on the desired link. Content in Blackboard can be a Word Processor document, PDF document, a PowerPoint presentation, a video or an image • After you clicked on the desired link you will prompt to Open or SAVE the document in your computer Click on the link Online Classes • Distance Learning
  18. 18. Documents Types • Several document types can be uploaded to your course in Blackboard including: - Images: .jpg, .gif, .png - Microsoft Office Documents: .doc, .docx .rtf, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx - Adobe® Acrobat Documents: .pdf - Flash Player files: .swf - Streaming video: .wmv, .rm (users must have the appropriate media player installed on their computer to view these types of videos) - Web pages: .htm, html (complete web sites must be packaged into a .zip file for use in Blackboard) Note: File size is restricted to 3.5 Mb. This applies to instructors and students whether it is a document or an attachment in an e-mail or Discussion Board posting. Files larger than 3.5 Mb will either need to be split into parts or optimized to reduce file size Online Classes • Distance Learning
  19. 19. Discussion Board • Blackboard’s Discussion forums are the best way for instructors and students to communicate • To access the Discussion Board, click the “Discussion Board” button, at your left side of your course menu, then choose a forum (your instructor creates forums in the Discussion Board) Forums Online Classes • Distance Learning
  20. 20. Discussion Board •Topics in a forum are called a “Thread”. Click on a thread to view posts by other students and instructors in your course Click on here Threads Online Classes • Distance Learning
  21. 21. Discussion Board • Ways to view the Discussion Board in Blackboard: - List View - Tree View •You can toggle between these two types of views as often as you like List Tree View View Online Classes • Distance Learning
  22. 22. Discussion Board • Creating a new thread and replying to an existing thread are very similar. • To create a new thread: click the “Add New Thread” button Online Classes • Distance Learning
  23. 23. Discussion Board • Type a subject, then your message and click the “Submit” button • You can even attach files to your posting just like you can with e-mail (Note: your attached file must be less than 3.5 Mb in size or it will not be attached to your posting) Subject Message Attachment Submit Online Classes • Distance Learning
  24. 24. Sending E-mails • You can send e-mails to anyone in your course through Blackboard • E-mails can only be sent to those enrolled in your course. You cannot e-mail someone in a different course or send e-mails to an address outside of Blackboard (ex. A friend in Vancouver who uses an Yahoo e-mail address) Online Classes • Distance Learning
  25. 25. Sending e-mail • To send e-mail through Blackboard click on the “Communication” button in the course menu, then click “Messages ” Online Classes • Distance Learning
  26. 26. Sending e-mail • Click on “New Message” button to start writing your email Online Classes • Distance Learning
  27. 27. Sending e-mail • To choose the recipient (s): to whom you wish to send the e- mail click on the “To” button Online Classes • Distance Learning
  28. 28. Sending e-mail • Choose from the recipients’ list and then click the small right arrow to add recipients • Click on the small left arrow to remove recipients Add & remove users Online Classes • Distance Learning
  29. 29. Sending e-mail •Type the subject of your message into the “Subject” field •Type your message into the “Message Field” • You will be able to use advanced text formatting tools like spelling check, change font size, style, etc. •To send your message, click “Submit” Formatting Tools Type your message Online Classes • Distance Learning
  30. 30. Using Digital Drop Box • Used to electronically submit documents to your instructor •File names cannot contain any special characters such as #, $, @, %, &, or * • Use only the letters a – z, numbers 0 – 9 and hyphens or underscores, otherwise your document will not be successfully received by your instructor (ex: for file names, use “assignment- 01.doc” and not “assignment #1.doc”). • Include you first and last name in the name of your document. • File must be less than 3.5 Mb in size Online Classes • Distance Learning
  31. 31. Using Digital Drop Box • To use the Digital Drop Box click on “Tools” • Click on “Digital Drop Box Click Here Online Classes • Distance Learning
  32. 32. Using Digital Drop Box • There are two buttons: “Add File” and “Send File” • “Add File” posts your file to your Digital Drop Box but will not send it to your instructor. It can be sent at a later date using the “Send File” button • “Send File” will post your file to your Digital Drop Box and send it to your instructor Using “Add File “ Notice the “Received “ status Using “Send File “ Notice the “Submitted” status Online Classes • Distance Learning
  33. 33. Using Digital Drop Box • How to add a file to your Digital Drop Box: - Click “Add File” - Give your file a name in the “Name” field, then click “Browse” and navigate through your computer until you find the desired file and click “Submit” Online Classes • Distance Learning
  34. 34. Using Digital Drop Box • When you click “Submit”, an alert window will pop up telling you that you are only adding the file, not sending it to your instructor. You may still send your file at a later date. Click “Ok” to return to the Digital Drop Box Alert window informing the user that the file will only Be posted…not sent to the instructor Online Classes • Distance Learning
  35. 35. Using Digital Drop Box • Your will receive a confirmation message on your document “Posted” to the Digital Drop Box • Note there is a “Remove” button next to your file • Because it has not been submitted to your instructor, you can remove the file, make revisions and add it to your Digital Drop Box again Confirmation Message Online Classes • Distance Learning
  36. 36. Using Digital Drop Box • How to send a file to your instructor: - Click “Send File” button - Give your file a name in the “Name” field, then click “Browse” and navigate to choose the desired file; or you can choose from a drop-down list of files already posted to your Digital Drop Box - Click “Submit” Online Classes • Distance Learning
  37. 37. Using Digital Drop Box • After receiving the confirmation message then click “Ok” • Your file appears as being “Submitted” in your Digital Drop Box Note: there is no “Remove” button next to your file when you use “Send File”…the file has been submitted to your instructor. No “Remove” • You may not make any more changes once you have button submitted an assignment to your instructor! Online Classes • Distance Learning
  38. 38. Assignments • In addition to documents, instructors can add an assignment as an item into the Assignments section in Blackboard • Each assignment item also appears as an entry in your Gradebook •To submit an assignment, click on the “Assignments” button and then click on the link “View/Complete Assignment” that appears below to your assignment Click here Online Classes • Distance Learning
  39. 39. Assignments • The details of your assignment will be contained in a document provided by your instructor in step 1 or will be display on “Assignment Information” section. • You can type any comments related to the document containing your completed assignment in the “Comments” field (optional) Add your comment s Online Classes • Distance Learning
  40. 40. Assignments • Click the “Browse” button to locate the document containing your completed assignment, then click “Open” to attach your document Online Classes • Distance Learning
  41. 41. Assignments • Click “Add Another File” if you have more than one file to submit to your instructor for the assignment (Note: each of your files must be less than 3.5 Mb in size) • Click the “Submit” button if you wish to submit your completed assignment to your instructor. No further changes can be made once the assignment has been submitted Online Classes • Distance Learning
  42. 42. Assignments • Click “OK” button after you receive the confirmation message to return to your assignments content area • Once an Assignment has been submitted, only the results can be viewed. Your grade appears as a “!” until your instructor has reviewed and graded your assignment Online Classes • Distance Learning
  43. 43. Assignments • You can also view the results of your assignment in your Gradebook • Your grade appears as a until your instructor has reviewed and graded your Assignment Your grade Online Classes • Distance Learning
  44. 44. Taking a Test Before Taking a Blackboard Test: • Check your computer setting like: - Disable popup blockers - Disable firewalls - Make sure your computer is free of viruses and/or spyware - Check your internet connection • Close all other programs running on your computer before you start a Blackboard exam. Do not take a test with other applications running in the background, such as movies, music, e-mail, or IM (instant messaging). Online Classes • Distance Learning
  45. 45. Taking a Test Before Taking a Blackboard Test: (Cont’d) • Be certain that you are ready to take the test and set aside time in which you will be free from interruptions BEFORE clicking on the link to the test. • Do not enter any test or exam until you are ready to take it! Once you click “OK” to enter a test, Blackboard counts this as an attempt at the test, even if you only look at the test and do not answer any questions. (Your instructor is the only one who can clear an incomplete attempt from your record) • Find out the dates that the test will be available in the course and take your test as soon as you are ready. DO NOT wait until the last day to take a test in Blackboard. • (If you have technical difficulties or lose your connection, there may not be enough time for you to resolve the issue, and you may not be permitted to complete or re-take your exam.)Classes • Distance Learning Online
  46. 46. Taking a Test Before Taking a Blackboard Test: (Cont’d) • Read the instructions for the test carefully: each Blackboard test may be set up differently by your instructors. The options for each test will be listed at the top in the Instructions area. It is very important that you read your instructor's directions carefully. - Some tests may be taken more than once, while others can only be taken once. Your instructor will inform you if the test can be taken more than once. - Some tests may be timed :The instructor has set a time limit. The elapsed time appears at the top of the browser window, and you will receive a 1-minute warning when time is up. It is recommended to finish the test before the time elapsed to prevent technical problems. Online Classes • Distance Learning
  47. 47. Taking a Test While You Are Taking a Blackboard Test • Once you begin taking the test, you are required to work until you finish it. As soon as you leave the test, whether or not you have actually clicked the “Submit” button, your attempt is recorded in the Gradebook as complete. • If you leave the quiz without completing it, you will not be able to come back and finish it. If this happens, contact your Instructor via the “Questions & Concerns” forum or send her/him an email. • All of the questions appear on one web page. Each question has a “Save” button next to it, you can save each question as you go. Doing so should help protect you in case of technical difficulties. Online Classes • Distance Learning
  48. 48. Taking a Test While You Are Taking a Blackboard Test: (Cont’d) DO NOT! Do not resize or refresh the window during a test Do not click anywhere outside the test area during an exam Never click the “Back” button or the “Refresh” button on your web browser while you’re taking a test Do not click the “Submit”, button more than once Do not close the window of the test for any reason Online Classes • Distance Learning
  49. 49. Taking a Test While You Are Taking a Blackboard Test: (Cont’d) • Stay active in the test window – The assessment feature in Blackboard is set to time out after a certain number of minutes of inactivity. You must do more than just type or click answers to keep the test active. Save individual questions periodically to reset the activity clock. Click Here periodicall y Online Classes • Distance Learning
  50. 50. Taking a Test Submitting the Test • Review all of your answers before submitting the test. • Make sure to click the “Submit” button ONLY ONCE when you are done with the test. You will not get credit for your answers unless you have clicked “Submit”. Click Do not click this once “Save “button Online Classes • Distance Learning
  51. 51. Taking a Test Confirmation of Test Submission • After you click the “Submit” button you should see a confirmation and/or feedback for the test results. • To check your test grade – Go to Course Tools > My Grades and you should see one of the following: - Your score for the exam (if enabled by your instructor) – or- - An exclamation point, which means the test is submitted but not yet graded by the instructor • If you cannot confirm that your test has been successfully submitted, contact your instructor. •If your instructor is not available contact the Distance Learning Department for immediate assistance. Online Classes • Distance Learning
  52. 52. Common Issues • Timer box covers save and submission buttons in a timed test: Users of Internet Explorer 8 are unable to save or submit timed tests due to the timer box covering the entire right side of the window Solution: click located next to the Refresh button on the Address Bar. • No access to an assignment or test: Only applicable to Human Growth & Development and General Psychology User are unable to access an assignment o test in their course due to not completion of a corresponding course’s section. Solution: First review the information within corresponding folder , when finished click the “Mark Reviewed” button to the right of the folder which will release the next activities folder. Continue doing this for each lesson. Please see next slide Online Classes • Distance Learning
  53. 53. Common Issues •No access to an assignment or test: (Cont’d) Online Classes • Distance Learning
  54. 54. Getting Help • There are several ways to get help from Distance Learning’s Blackboard Support: • You can visit us : Hialeah Campus: South Campus: Room 143 Room 224 Monday to Thursday Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8:30AM to 10:00PM 11:30 AM to 8:30PM Friday: 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM Online Classes • Distance Learning
  55. 55. Getting Help • Calling the Distance Learning Department in both campus during business hours: South Campus Hialeah Campus (305) 226-9999 ext. 1345 (305) 821 – 3333 Ext. 1066 & 1047 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Monday to Thursday Thursday Hours 8:30AM to 10:00PM Hours 11:30AM to 8:30PM Friday: 8:00AM to 8:30PM Online Classes • Distance Learning
  56. 56. Getting Help • Send an e-mail to:  Juan Denoriega DL Student Support  Sandra Lomena Blackboard Administrador  Nestor Castellanos Director of Distance Learning Online Classes • Distance Learning