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"What makes Quantum Challenge (QC) special?


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"What makes Quantum Challenge (QC) special?

  1. 1. What makes Quantum Challenge (QC) special?
  2. 2. QC is purposefully built to help Gen Y advance employability during university stage Employee capacity Transferable skill coaching for university students Employer expectation QC skills are organized around 3 areas which drives work effectiveness 3. Planning and execution 2. Communication 1. Accountability
  3. 3. All 20+ transferrable skills are research-backed, packaged and continually renewed with leading employers <ul><li>More …. </li></ul>Accountability Planning and Execution Communication Good to Great <ul><li>Goal setting </li></ul>7 habits of highly effective people <ul><li>Take responsibility (Time mgnt) </li></ul>Pyramid principle <ul><li>Problem solving / Goal setting </li></ul>High output mgnt. <ul><li>Conduct effective meeting </li></ul>High output mgnt. <ul><li>Build and drive project schedule </li></ul>SPIN <ul><li>Lead consultative dialogue </li></ul>Experience economy <ul><li>Deliver presentation on stage </li></ul>Pyramid principle <ul><li>Organize presentation content </li></ul>Base of research and localization What skills are available? Each skill is coached in a 3-hours workshop for 15-30 learners, with tailored examples & level of abstraction. What’s the workshop format? Continual renewal Review requirement with employers & educators. Previous survey involves Chief Marketing Officer, Executive Director (IT), HR Director, Learning Manager of Morgan Stanley, Starbucks, Deloitte, Allianz …
  4. 4. QC focuses on Learning outcome, Applicability & Learning experience An Outcome Document (OD) is designed for each workshop, filled if and only if the skills are applied Pre-set table designed for most method. Learners easily apply a method through filling the corresponding table 1. Learning outcome Quantum skills are … 1. Methodized : Step by step towards an outcome 2. Transferable: Applicable in many contexts 3. Research-backed : Base on world renowned management concepts. 4. Tabulated : Pre-set table designed for most method. Learners easily apply a method through filling the corresponding table 2. Applicability Experience learning through drama & other activities 3. Learning experience - Interactive QC is not traditional content-focused training with lengthy curriculum, note …
  5. 5. Evolved with various universities since 2005 More … Communication, Job hunting 2008/4 UST Project schedule 2007/1 MBA, CUHK Presentation, Writing, Dialoguing, Problem solving 2007/1 SENG, HKUST Project management 2007/3 HKBU Entrepreneurship 2007/3, 4 CUHK Time management 2007/11 PolyU Entrepreneurship 2008/2,3 HKU Writing, `Dialoguing 2006/12 HKUST Presentation 2006/10 CUHK Presentation 2006/9,10 HKUST Project schedule, Communication 2006/6,7,8 SBM, HKUST Entrepreneurship 2006/3 CUHK Self management 2006/1 HKUST Self management 2005/6 HKUST Scopes Timeframe University / programs The training sessions are very interactive and the students learnt by trying/applying through receiving very timely feedbacks.. Ms. Ruby Chan, Assistant Director, SBM, HKUST The interactive training sessions, practical quantum tools, and relevant real life examples arouse students' interest and help them to better assimilate the concept. Dr. Ludwig Chang, Associate Director, BBA, HKBU FDMT has delivered a useful and interactive Quantum Challenge workshop on managing project schedule for CUMBA full-time and part-time students. The student feedback‘s very positive. Prof. Kevin Au, Associate Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, CUHK FDMT had helped our center deliver a quality entrepreneurship workshop, Quantum Challenge, to our MBA and UG students. The course integrates practical experience, and the delivery is interactive and interesting. Ms. Marjorie Chang, Administrative Director (Career Services), MBA Program, CUHK
  6. 6. 600+ video & text testimonials from 1,000+ participants of 55+ majors of all local universities
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  8. 8. Who’s behind QC?
  9. 9. Our teams, steering the development of transferable skill education for all university students in HK Anyone who deeply cares about advancing Gen Y employability during university stage Extended team Prof. YS Chan, Former Vice President (Academic Affairs), HKUST Dr. Peter CY Lee, Former Member of Court and Council, HKU Prof. Helen Shen, Former Associate Dean, School of Engineering, HKUST Dr. Bee Leng Chua, Associate Professor, Department of Management, CUHK Mr. SC Liu, Managing Director, Pearl River Hang Cheong Real Estate Consulting Ltd. Mr. Almon Kwan, Action Learning Coach Core team Experienced coach Working executives Honorary advisors
  10. 10. Team goal Become the most comprehensive & functional cross-universities graduate career services network You are cordially invited to be our partners. Please email [email_address] to share your views and vision.