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Web Analytics Demystified Presentation

  1. 1. Presentation by: Cambrie Titus Web Analytics Weblog: Eric T. Peterson & Aurélie Pols Guest Blogs: Judah Phillips & Paul Holstein
  2. 2. Introduction   Web Analytics Demystified, Inc. is a strategic consulting group in Portland, Oregon   Blogs are among the most widely read and respected in the industry and serve as a resource for the entire audience measurement community worldwide.   Maintained by founder, blogger, consultant, and author Eric T. Peterson   Web Analytics Demystified   Web Site Measurement Hacks   The Big Book of Key Performance Indicators
  3. 3. Research & Analysis   Free Research and Tools   Published Research   Measuring the Immeasurable- Visitor Engagement   The Problem with Free Analytics   Web Analytics Salaries 2007: Insights and Observations   Published Presentations   The Future of Web Analytics   Measurement in a Web 2.0 World   Why Web Analytics?
  4. 4. Research & Analysis   Twitter Influence Calculator- @erictpeterson   Google Analytics + Twitalyzer = Twitter Analytics!   Salary Data Explorer Free downloadable report Web Analytics Salaries 2007: Insights and Observations
  5. 5. Blogs   Eric Peterson   Aurélie Pols   Added to the company in 2009 as the Principal Consultant in Europe   Judah Phillips (guest blogger)   Paul Holstein (guest blogger)
  6. 6. Blogs   Track Visitor Engagement Using Google Analytics   Anyone can use calculation to explore engagement patters on their site   Measuring the Immeasurable   (Ci + Di + Ri + Li + Bi + Fi + Ii)- visitor engagement   Visitor Engagement + comScore = Audience Engagement!   (Ci + Di + Ri + Li)- audience engagement   Unique visitors only come in one size   Unique Visitors vs. Unique Cookies
  7. 7. So you want to be a web analyst?   Need to be…   technology-savvy, but business-minded;   good at writing, but great at presenting;   enthusiastic about data, but recognize that not everyone else is;   patient, but unwavering in their desire to improve the current situation;   willing to pay their dues, but unwilling to generate great analysis that is ignored;   Able to recognize that reports are a necessary evil, but know the real value is in the analysis
  8. 8. Web Analytics Salaries 2007   More than ever, web analytics skills are high in demand   The net result of this talent crunch is increasingly high salaries being paid to professionals having even only entry level experience in the field
  9. 9. 5 Insights… 1.  Vendors pay the best salaries 2.  Size of company doesn’t matter 3.  Three tenure groups appear to exist 1.  Less than 3 years [$80,000] 2.  3-5 years [$90,500] 3.  More than 5 years [$102,543] 4.  Organizational approach towards analytics really does matter! 1.  Web analytics is primarily AD HOC [$84,322] 2.  Primarily driven by EMPLOYEES [$86,010] 3.  Primarily driven by BUSINESS PROCESS [$103,182] 5.  There may be hope on the horizon
  10. 10.   In some strange way I wish I could just wave my hands and say “never mind, you don’t need bright folks to run this software … the software is great and it will provide all the answers you’re looking for if you just read the documentation” but we all know I cannot. Web analytics is hard, and it takes smart people to make it work. Technology, people, and process in appropriate servings is the recipe for success.
  11. 11. You’re Invited! Web Analytics Wednesday is the world's largest social network for web analytics professionals.
  12. 12.   “The unique thing about this web analytics blog is that posts and comments are basically peer; we’re looking for long, well thought out comments that add something to the conversation.” -Eric T. Peterson