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Benji and Harishan's presentation of energy from biomass. Packed with information, a really great presentation. Made as part of 2R's project on renewable energy.

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Biomass Harishan And Benji

  1. 1. By Harishan And Benji Biomass
  2. 2. What is biomass Biomass is biological material derived apply from living, or recently living organisms. In the context of biomass for energy this is often plant based material, but biomass can equally to both animal and vegetable derived material used to mean
  3. 3. Examples Wood Trees Shrubs Wood Residue Sawdust, bark, etc. from forest clearings and mills Wastes Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Paper, food and yard wastes, platics, wood, and tires Livestock Waste Process Waste Sewage Crops Starch crops Corn, wheat, and barley Sugar crops Cane and beet Forage crops Grasses, alfalfa, and clover Oilseed crops soybean, sunflower, safflower Aquatic Plants Algae Water weed Water hyacinth Reed and rushes
  4. 4. More information for now. The biomass is a material from plants and animals it can be used as an energy ressources the energy in the biomass comes from the sun. The plants trap the suns energy to make the food and grow. The animals eat the plants or the animals that ate plants. We produce a lot of rubbish that can be rotted to make methane. We can replace biomass as we use it. The biomass burns in the boiler of the power station burning gives out thermal energy that heats water and turn it into steam. The steam turns the turbine which turns the generator and makes electricity.
  5. 5. It makes sense to use waste materials where we can. The fuel tends to be cheap. Less demand on the fossil fuels. adavantages on biomass Dry biomass can be grown on a large scale in the form of: wheat oats barley oilseed cake
  6. 6. Disadvantages Collecting or growing the fuel in sufficient quantities can be difficult. We burn the biofuel, so it makes greenhouse gases just like fossil fuels do. Some waste materials are not available all year round.
  7. 7. how does it work
  8. 8. Who is it supplied <ul><li>Fuel is either supplied by an external contractor or as a self supply operation, for example a farm or estate with its own wood harvesting operation. There are a number of mechanisms to deliver the fuel to the bunker. The simplest option is to tip the chips or pellets directly from a tipper truck or trailer into a subterranean bunker. Other options include dump bag systems, front-end loaders, purpose built containers, or pneumatic delivery. The options for fuel delivery and storage are mostly determined by the position of the boiler and the access to the premises being heated. The fuel delivery and storage system can account for a large proportion of the overall cost of installing biomass heating systems. In new building applications, consideration to the location and operation of a biomass boiler and store should be undertaken as early as possible to avoid additional costs in the future. </li></ul>
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