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  1. 1. Street of happy town with Alice in her car
  2. 2. The travel to happy town One day in a place called wonderland there was a girl named Anna she was five feet seven inches tall” she had blond hair And green eyes she had on a yellow summer dress her and her mother lived in a big house in a beautiful meadow called the magical valley one day Anna saw a road in a forest and then she asked her mom if she could borrow her car so she took her moms car to the end of the road then she saw this big grass maze she got out of her car and went into the maze when she came to the end she noticed that she was in another city she didn’t know what city she was in so she asked a local citizen and he said “you are in the lovely city of happy town” and it was lovely the sky was always blue the people were always friendly it was like a fairy tale in a dream.
  3. 3. Were am i You are in Happy town