Student affairs boo k 2009


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Student affairs boo k 2009

  1. 1. STUDENT AFFAIRS 1 Assumption University of Thailand
  2. 2. 2 STUDENT AFFAIRS Assumption University of Thailand
  3. 3. PREFACE Assumption University of Thai- ties, so that they will continue to We hope our students will love land’s fundamental aim is the to- grow in all aspects of human ma- and appreciate their institution, tal development of each student’s turity throughout their lives. and continue to grow in their human potential in physical, understanding of and esteem emotional, moral and intellectual The Student Affairs Department for the value of art, nature, the aspects. The Student Affairs De- is also responsible for establish- environment, and Thai and in- partment is responsible for ac- ing an atmosphere that looks ternational cultures for the rest tivities and services that develop beyond the usual limits of edu- of their lives. these capacities by integrating cation to promote maturity and a out-of-classroom learning with higher wisdom based on critical, the regular student course work. independent thinking, positive We hope that partaking in this in- attitudes and values, and the tegration of studies and outside freedom and courage to express activities will lead students to un- oneself in productive ways for derstand that learning must be a the good of society. lifelong process integrated with their personal and career activi- STUDENT AFFAIRS 3 Assumption University of Thailand
  4. 4. CONTENTS Preface AU Vision 2000 & Vision for Graduates 5 Student Affairs Vision & Mission 5 Student Affairs Organization Chart 6 Quality of Life Section 8 Experiential Learning Section 10 Moral & Value Education 11 Office of Vice President for Student Affairs 11 Student Affairs Administrators 12 Student Affairs Personnel 12 4 STUDENT AFFAIRS Assumption University of Thailand
  5. 5. VISION 2000 STUDENT AFFAIRS STUDENT AFFAIRS VISION MISSION Assumption University of Thailand envisions it self as: Since Student Affairs follows Student Affairs of Assumption » an international community University vision and mission, all University has a responsibility to of scholars, what Student Affairs presents in bring out smart graduates in both vision and mission below are the quantifiable and non-quantifiable » enlivened by Christian translation of University mission dimensions by means of inter- inspiration, and vision to guideline for opera- ventions, development programs » engaged in the pursuit of tion. and professional services that are believed to facilitate students’ Truth and Knowledge, In loyalty to Assumption Uni- growth in their fundamental four » serving human society, versity’s Vision, Student Affairs faculties viz. physical, intellec- especially through the regards itself as an organization tual, emotional and moral which creative use of for student develop-ment and will lead to the total development interdisciplinary approaches support, a leader who establish- of their human person. and cybertechnology. es benchmark and standard for Student Affairs which is charac- VISION FOR ASSUMPTION terized by the following : UNIVERSITY GRADUATES » Healthy and open-minded » Professional and Ethical Competence. persons, characterized by personal integrity, an » Integration with Academic independent mind, and through Method of creative thinking, Intervention and Activities. » Professionally competent, » Organization of Learning and willing to exercise Adaptability. responsible leadership for economic progress in a » Innovation that Meet the just society, Students’ Interest and Talent. » Able to communicate » Quality Assurance in effec-tively with people from Administration. other nations and to participate in globalization, STUDENT AFFAIRS 5 Assumption University of Thailand
  6. 6. Student Affairs Being committed to the educational process of student character formation, AU Student Affairs exists for the well-being of students’ lives and out-of- classroom learning. Wide ranges of services and interventions aiming at students’ growth and satisfaction are provided under the guidelines of Ser- vice Quality Standards and Professional Guidelines on the basis of individ- ual differences and preferences. The interpretation of its mission is visible in the tri-cluster sections that include: Student Quality Life Section, Moral and Value Education Section, and Student Experiential Learning Section. STUDENT AFFAIRS 7 Assumption University of Thailand
  7. 7. QUALITY OF LIFE SECTION tigates and adjudicates reports against students involving in al- Center for Student Personality leged violations of the Code. and Campus Life Personality Development and This center consists of various Counseling Service units upholding the promotion of both physical and mental well- A student’s mental health is one ness of students as guided by the of the important parts of suc- university mission. The services cess in academic achievement. offered are developed to nurture Students face tumultuous chal- students’ emotional and psycho- lenges involving adjustment logical strength for social adjust- and stress in studies. The unit ment; to cultivate civic value; to aims to help students achieve all residents by providing ori- provide safe and comfortable as much as success as pos- entation and information, giv- facilities that enable students to sible while studying at Assump- ing them advice and assistance achieve success in their intellec- tion University by fostering and when they experience difficulties tual and personal development. enhancing students’ emotional and encounter problems. Within Four main tasks are classified growth. Counseling and out- a short walk to classrooms, fac- as Student Right and Discipline, reach program provided by our ulty, library, academic resources Personality Development and counselors are designed to as- and recreation facilities, it helps Counseling Services, Residen- sist students to overcome those students enjoy their life at AU. tial life, and Student Welfare. difficulties. Student Welfare & Services Student Right and Discipline Residential Life This unit offers the following services to all AU students: The unit is responsible for es- Living on campus is one of the tablishing and administering the most exciting experiences of Health & Accident Insurance code by managing the universi- life. It is an opportunity to build Health insurance for non-Thai ty’s judicial system that focuses relationships with friends and students and accident insurance on individual right, fairness, and enhance the educational experi- for all AU students are arranged personal growth within an edu- ence. The residence halls pro- at registration in each academic cational and safe environment. vide an integration of excellent year. Non-Thai students who It takes a leadership role to en- facilities with internet technology have paid their health insurance force the policies and procedures and comfortable secure living fee will receive a health care concerning the behavior and conditions. It allows young schol- card within one month after the value of students as outlined in ar access to sources of knowl- registration. Students can re- the Code of Student Conduct; it edge available through campus quest accident insurance com- promotes the right of students to resources. It is also staffed with pensation by filing their claims exercise their freedom of choice instructors and officers who help and document at the student constructively; and also inves- make the university a home for welfare office. 8 STUDENT AFFAIRS Assumption University of Thailand
  8. 8. Military Services Letter of Recommendation facilities and use the equipment On reaching the age of 20, Students can request letter of for their physical development. all Thai male students who behavioral recommendation by Professional services and the re- have never been trained in the submitting the petition at the Dis- sponsive management welcome R.O.T.C Program (Reserved ciplinary Advisor. students and offer easy access Officer Training Corps) should is to guarantee that the facilities submit their request for military Center for Sports and are open to all equally. Various service postponement during the Physical Fitness sport lessons and professional specified period. The R.O.T.C. trainings are designed for users Program is also available for stu- The AU sports complex is on all skill levels, from beginners dents; those who choose to join well equipped with high qual- seeking sports to enhance their R.O.T.C program can contact the ity resources. Excellent fitness physical health to those who ROTC supervisor directly. equipment in beautiful facilities want to become professional reflects the university’s commit- athletes. Lost& Found ment to a ‘sound mind in a sound Lost & Found service is available body’. The Center for Sports and The International Center during the working hours for stu- Physical Fitness located inside dents who had lost or found any the Sports and Fitness complex As an International University property on campus. If advice of buildings is responsible for there are more than two thou- needed students are advised to encouraging all members of the sand non-Thai students and contact Disciplinary Advisor. AU community to access these hundreds of teaching staff from 56 nations around the world at Assumption University. The In- ternational Center becomes a mentor to help foreign students to settle into their new surround- ings and adjust to Thai customs and culture. Nevertheless they will never lose their national identity during the years in Thai- land, because many events and activities allow them to commu- nicate their cultural heritage to colleagues from different coun- tries. This in turn leads to cross cultural awareness, mutual un- derstanding, the appreciation of other cultures and unity in diver- sity among people in our multi- national community. Financial Aid and Scholarships Division Assumption University is com- mitted to the policy that “no AU students will terminate his or her education due to the lack of fi- nancial support.” The Financial Aid and Scholarships Division exists to assist students who are eligible for financial assistance or scholarships to access sources of funds and help students who are awarded financial assistance or scholarships manage their fi- nances. The University provides several types of financial aid STUDENT AFFAIRS 9 Assumption University of Thailand
  9. 9. programs and scholarships to We provide students and recent opportunities to students to form cover the difficulties and needs graduates with advice, informa- real business organizations as a of students tion, and on-campus services part of the Project. This project is regarding full-time and part-time run by students themselves as a EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING employment, career planning real business enterprise SECTION and development. Services and activities include Career-relat- The Center for Student Career Development ed Programs and Workshops, Leadership and Experiential Center (CDC) Job Placement, Career Week, Learning Summer Job Training Program, Career development is an ongo- Alumni Talk, Career Resources, Realizing that learning takes ing, life-long process. The Ca- and Company Relations and place both inside and outside reer Development Center (CDC) Services. of classrooms, the Center for is prepared to assist students in Students Leadership and Expe- applying their particular combina- Moreover, so as to create a sense riential Learning of the Student tion of interests, abilities, values, of entrepreneurship in students, Affairs center is assigned to and motivations to a systematic the Career Development Cen- create, develop, and maintain search of the working world and ter, with the cooperation of the out-of-classroom- learning ac- the potential professional and ABAC School of Management, tivities in various respects that fit educational opportunities avail- has established the ABAC Dum- students’ individual differences, able at AU. my Company Project that gives talents and interests. More than 10 STUDENT AFFAIRS Assumption University of Thailand
  10. 10. 40 student clubs on the campus provide gathering places for stu- dents who have the same inter- ests to share their talent and con- tribute to society within the club. The “Activities for All” provides opportunities for students to form either a small, middle size or big group for doing creative projects or activities of their special as- sociated with their interest. Ad- visors at the center are ready to provide guidance services, as- sist, coordinate, or disseminate information about student activi- ties/ projects to assure that even beginners can start and manage successful projects or activities on their own initiative. Learning Support Center The Learning Support Center (LSC) strives to help students “learn how to learn”, to help solve academic problems; and to pro- mote positive attitude towards academic achievement. LSC believes that through innovative student-centered educations, all students can achieve academic excellence. MORAL & VALUE EDUCATION St. Martin Center for Professional Ethics & Service OFFICE OF VICE PRESIDENT Learning FOR STUDENT AFFAIRS St. Martin Center for Profes- The Office of the Vice President sional Ethics and Service Learn- for AU Student Affairs is a core ing is responsible for fulfilling unit that coordinates the tri- Assumption University’s vision cluster division into one whole of “continuous improvement” of organism of AU Student Affairs students’ personal integrity and and links them all to other units professional ethics. The center inside the University and other utilizes both in-classroom learn- organizations outside the univer- ing, and “Service Learning” to sity, and it creates and maintains facilitate students’ growth in self- relationships with Student Affairs’ discipline, self-control, personal stakeholders. In addition, it facili- and social responsibility, moral tates professional development maturity, cognitive moral reason- of Student Affairs’ personnel ing and social awareness. and provides them with admin- istrative and budgetary services that enhance their performances and their student services. STUDENT AFFAIRS 11 Assumption University of Thailand
  11. 11. STUDENT AFFAIRS ADMINISTRATORS STUDENT AFFAIRS PERSONNEL 1. A.Bancha Skuldee Quality of Life Section Deputy Vice President for Student Affairs Center for Student Personality and Campus Life (Tel. 0-2723-2138) 2. Dr. Chirapa Srikalasin 1. A. Uraiwan Hocharoen (Director) Assistant to Vice President for Student Affairs 2. A. Pramote Pewngoen 3. A. Nopadon Tongra-ar 3. A. Sorana Arunrat 4. A. Daranee Prasatsorn Assistant to Vice President for Student Affairs 5. A. Arthisak Pratheepsurat 6. A. Thossawan Deesomchitr 4. A. Chukiat Kiatdherarat 7. A. Amarawadee Na ubol Director, Center for Sports & Physical Fitness 8. Ms. Wanwisa Sukudom 5. A. Pattana Jaroenwatanamongkol Center for Sports &Physical Fitness Director, Center for Student Leadership & (Tel. 0-2723-7977) Experiential Learning 1. A. Chukiat Kiatdherarat (Director) 2. A. Nukul Chaisuriya 6. A. Charn Mayot 3. A. Maneenet Verarutanamanee Director, St. Martin Center for Professional 4. A. Pavarisa Thuresure Ethics & Service Learning Center for International Student 7. A. Uraiwan Hocharoen (Tel. 0-2300-3726) Director, Center for Student Personality and 1. Dr. Samusa Nakasingh Campus Life 2. A. Siriporn Kiatpapan 3. A. Tanchanok Prombut Financial Aid & Scholarships Division (Tel. 0-2723-2147) 1. A. Naiyana Kitsawad 2. A. Krisananan Kruawan 3. Mrs. Nuttamon Jongjit 12 STUDENT AFFAIRS Assumption University of Thailand
  12. 12. Experiential Learning Section Moral and Value Education Section Career Development Center (CDC) St. Martin Center for Professional Ethics & (Tel. 0-2723-2136) Service Learning 1. Dr.Chirapa Srikalasin (Director) (Tel. 0-2723-2140) 2. A. Sunisa Borribanbureebhand 1. A. Charn Mayot (Director) 3. A. Suwannee Sao-ong 2. A. Ratsame Jaroensap 4. A. Supavadee Vongthumma 3. A. Phatsara Phongphit 5. A. Jeerawat Sukkishot 4. A. Boontham Sornsawat 6. Mrs. Maneerat Sittisathidanggol 5. A. Weeraphan Phanwilai 7. Ms. Sukanlaya Muennarin 6. A. Anek Khamta 7. Mr. Supachart Simasalit Center for Student Leadership & 8. Ms. Chantharat Suwanpimon Experiential Learning (Tel. 0-2723-7292) Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs 1. A. Pattana Jaroenwatanamongkol (Tel. 0-2723-2145) (Director) 1. A. Sriraporn Chantanotoke 2. A. Sakhon Ounla 2. Ms. Weena Mahusen 3. A. Porntirat Tisajaroensuk 3. Mr. Sutha Pharsom 4. A. Yotsawee Chaopaknam 5. A. Saharath Daopiset 6. A. Tana Kaipunlert 7. Mrs. Chamaiporn Kanchanalaka Learning Support Center (Tel. 0-2723-2137) 1. A. Peenithi Siritheeratharadol 2. A. Walaiphan Thongkhambanchong 3. A. Piya Sailomraksa 4. A. Watinee Janarge STUDENT AFFAIRS 13 Assumption University of Thailand
  13. 13. Labor Omnia Vincit 14 STUDENT AFFAIRS Assumption University of Thailand
  14. 14. STUDENT AFFAIRS 15 Assumption University of Thailand
  15. 15. 16 STUDENT AFFAIRS Assumption University of Thailand