Simple machines scavenger hunt


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The simple machine scavenger hunt.

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Simple machines scavenger hunt

  1. 1. Simple MACHINES scavenger hunt By: Shaun Mujtaba
  2. 2. Wedge A knife is a wedge because it can cut Scissors are a wedge and that things as that is what its used for. means that it can cut things or push Found at home among other knives. materials apart. Found at home and it is used to cut certain objects.
  3. 3. Wheel and Axle
  4. 4. Lever A broom is a lever because the handle is a fulcrum that redirects force from a long distance. A hammer is a lever because when Used to you want to remove a nail it helps to sweep pry it out of the place. Used to pull dirt. nails out. Located at home. Located at home.
  5. 5. Inclined plane Stairs are an inclined plane because it makes it easier for us to walk on it to get where we need. Located at home. This treadmill is an exercising machine and it has the option to be inclined upward and it’s an inclined plane because it makes it easier to move things upward. Located at home.
  6. 6. Screws This spinning stool is like an ordinary stool except the seat moves in a circle. It is a screw because it turns rotation into a lengthwise movement. It is used for fun mostly, but it can be used to get items that are close without getting up. Located at home. A jar lid is a cap on jars that keep whatever's inside sealed. It is a screw because it turns rotation into a lengthwise movement. Used to keep items preserved. Located at home.
  7. 7. Pulley A fishnet is a type of net that Blinds are used to keep sunlight out of a catches many fishes at one time. room or just keep little light in a room. It is That is what is used for and it is a a pulley because it lifts with a rope and it pulley because it makes things redirects force. lifting with a rope easier. Located outside, near ports.
  8. 8. Complex machines Simple machines that make up can opener: 1. Wedge 2. Wheel and Axle 3. Lever Located in my house/drawer
  9. 9. Complex machines Cont. A wheel barrow is mad up of: 1. Wheel Axle 2. Lever Located in my garage
  10. 10. The end • The end