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6th Agenda For 3 8 10


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Published in: Sports, Health & Medicine
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6th Agenda For 3 8 10

  1. 1. Trail Guide 3.8.10 6th Afternoon Hike : New Tables: Billy, Dominick and Steve are Bureau Buck winners for last quarter. Schedule a party for next week New Tables: Ben, Steven, Noah Dominick, Teddy, Branden Alex, Freddie, Billy Notes: Importance of Bacteria Check your petrie dishes DEAR Progress reports HW: recite notes!
  2. 2. Trail Guide 3.9.10 6th Afternoon Hike: on pg#82 write the following question and answer it. Why is decomposition important? Check your petrie dishes Please photocopy your page of observations for me to see Comparing disinfectants Homework: Practice quiz on bacteria
  3. 3. Comparing Disinfectants Pick a disinfectant to try Using a paper hole puncher make a punch hole with the filter paper Soak the hole with the disinfectant Place the paper hole punch in the middle of you plate
  4. 4. Trail Guide 3.10.10 6th Afternoon Hike: Practice quiz on bacteria Notes: Infectious Disease pg # 81 or 83 Your observations Check your petrie dishes. Make observations Homework: Read in Sciencesaurus Section 098 about the immune system
  5. 5. Trail Guide 3.11.10 6th Afternoon Hike: on pg# 84 Write the following questions and answer it. Explain what a pathogen is. Infectious Diseases How do they travel? How do they get in? Check your petrie dishes. Record observations HW: Final quiz on bacteria
  6. 6. Trail Guide 3.12.10 6th Afternoon Hike: pg #84. What one of the 4 ways infectious diseases are spread did we use to spread that powder on our tables yesterday? Go over bacteria quiz Reporting out on your disinfectant experiment Homework: Final quiz on bacteria Monday