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Jordan 5D

  1. 1. Jordan 5-D
  2. 2.  My birthday is really cool. on my birthday there was a waxing crescent moon. And a book writer named Arnold Addoff was born on my birthday. He wrote the book "Birds". in the year 1999 the most famous song was "Kiss Me", the most famous TV show was "Survivor" and the most money making movie was "Star Wars 1". Michael Jordan shares the same name as me. I will tell you 1 more cool thing about my birthday. My name means Descend or Flow down, because of the Jordan River. Well that's all I am going to tell you.
  3. 3. Bam!!! It happened, the picture was made. My photograph was taken by my mother (the fanatic photo taker). It was of me and my sister. We were all dressed up in outfits for the fourth of July. Anyways, I will try to tell you the story. It was the 4th of July. And so my parents took my sister and I to Williamsburg on vacation. It is really cool=http://! That night there were going to be awesome fireworks. And Later in the day there was going to be a special, giant, lunch slash dinner. But later that day it started raining. The food wan outdoor buffet so it was wet. But we still ate the food. It was pretty good. That night it was still raining but we still stayed out to watch the fireworks. THEY WERE AWESOME=http://=http://=http://=h ttp://=http://=http://!! But the main reason I have this photograph is because my mom is a fanatic photographer. That is my story!
  4. 4. Now that I think about it, I am different and alike to others in many ways. I look pretty. I have blue-green eyes, short, dirty blonde hair, and I am pretty tall. I am alike to other people that are my age because we do the same thing. but I am different because we don't have the same personality. The most unusual thing about me is that I always have to be making a noise. My biggest pet peeve is when styrofoam rubs together. If I am sad I go to my dogs and they always make me feel better. The things I really value are my family and pets. Well, there's me for ya. Amazing, Amazing me.
  5. 5.  I am about to be eleven. You are about to learn about everything happening in that time. The really cool thing was bottle cap jewelry. I loved the movie “The Last Song”. Some shows I liked to watch were: Wizards Of Waverly Place, icarly, and Full House. We have to wear uniforms. BLAH!!!!!! Everybody has different hair, but mine is short and blonde.  Now you will learn more about me. A typical school day for me was boring. I have to wake up every day at 6:00!!!! When I get to school I have about ten minutes to get my books and get settled in. From there on It is WORK!!!!!! School is not the most important thing to me. I mean some subjects are but others, not so much. The worst part of the day is when people lose their temper and be MEAN. The only other thing I have to live with is being around my sister. She is awful. Just awful. She just makes me sad on purpose. But she gets in trouble a lot. When I am not in school I play with my dogs, ride my bike, play outside, or paint. A typical weekday evening in my life is like this: I go home and eat a snack. Then I play. A LOT!!!!! Then I eat dinner, watch some TV, get ready for bed and read. Then I fall asleep. A typical Saturday depends. If I am on a sleepover, I get up around 7:00. I f not it’s more like 11:00. Then I eat breakfast. Go to my soccer game [which we usually win]. Then we usually get some ice cream. After that I either play or go to a friend’s house. On a typical Sunday, I usually sleep LATE. Then, I eat breakfast and do whatever I have planned for them.   I do many activities outside of school, such as: soccer, basketball, and more. I am not in clubs or organizations and I’m not in a major church group. My hobbies are making people happy. In my view little boys are, well, little. They are energetic and crazy. Trust me, I have a little cousin. He’s 2 years old. But what’s really confusing is how he has all of the energy he does. I think the future will be brighter. Nothing will stay the same. Everything will change.
  6. 6.  I am very bragworthy. I was most pleased with myself when I got my report card back last year. The good grades in math was the most pleasing. I was most proud of myself when I found out that I got accepted to the jrnylc.(junior national young leadership conference). I have received many awards: many swim team ribbons, swim team trophies, soccer trophies, and basketball trophies and certificates. I also got a typing certificate, and a certificate for perfect attendance. The other things I got were many certificates from KUMON. I only have a couple of talents. I can sew and I am a great artist. I am also an animal LOVER!!! I am unique because I can make an out of this world pig noise. It is crazy. I don’t even know how I do it. I get complimented a lot. I usually get complemented on my eyes, my niceness, or my organization. The most frequent compliment was “ that was soooo nice of you”. That was when I recently cut my neighbor’s yard for him when he broke his foot. or graphic
  7. 7.  Have a hot tub  Have a jello pool  Have a puppy that would stay a puppy  Have a whip cream fight  Eat spinach without barfing  Have a heated, lazy river/pool surrounding my house  Snap and my chores would be done  Have a robot  Have a genie  10.Have no school  11. Live on the beach  12. Swim like a dolphin  13. Find buried treasure  14. Have a little brother  15. Say the answer to my homework and it magically appears on paper  16.Have a birthday every month
  8. 8. I love to listen to music. I don’t have a favorite type of music though. But I do have a favorite song. Gypsy is my song. It is my song because it is fast and upbeat. It is also my favorite song. It is by Shakira. She is my favorite song writer. 1 line of the song is “Cause I’m a gypsy, are you coming with me, I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me, I don’t make agreements, cause I’m a gypsy. That is why gypsy is my song.