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Proactive Displays, UW, 16 July 2008


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Latest incarnation of the ever-evolving proactive display presentation, presented at the University of Washington DUB group's weekly seminar, 16 July 2008

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Proactive Displays, UW, 16 July 2008

  1. 1. Proactive Displays: Bridging the Gaps between Online Social Networks and Shared Physical Spaces Joe McCarthy Principal Instigator Strands Labs, Seattle
  2. 2. Outline • A few shameless plugs • Overview: A brief history of Proactive Displays • An example: the Context, Content Community Collage • Related work: commercial academic • Future plans (Slides available online at ht t p:/ / www.slidesha / gumpt ion)
  3. 3. Strands: social recommendation discovery ht t p:/ / www.s t ra nds .com/ corp ht t p:/ / ra nds .com
  4. 4. Strands: social recommendation discovery
  5. 5. Strands: social recommendation discovery “What you play counts!”