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Robert Sandstone


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Robert Sandstone

  1. 2. It was a flaming hot day in the desert. Robert Sandstone prayed that there would be rain on that exhausting day. Luckily it did rain, but it also didn't do any good. The rain was too strong and knocked Robert off his footing and he fell into the river. Please let It rain!
  2. 3. Robert landed in the water with a big splash. Robert cried for help. He was bouncing off the walls like a hockey puck. A lot of him was chipped off. He started to calm down as the river started to die down. HELP!
  3. 4. Once Robert Sandstone was completely calmed he started to meander around. He had found very interesting stuff and also thought that he could find a delta if he looked hard enough. This is kind of nice and cool!
  4. 5. Robert Sandstone found a delta. It looked like meandering around paid off. But when he went through the delta it was very peaceful after that.
  5. 6. When Robert got out of the delta he started to look for land. Meanwhile he found another lost rock and his name was Gary, Gary the Gravel. They worked together to find land Gary saw land and they used the waves to move toward the land. Hi my name is Gary Mine is Robert
  6. 7. When they got there they were little tiny grains of sand. They became friends and they sat next to each other and day after day, year after year, century after century, and all that they did was talk and shrink when the waves hit them. And that is the story of Robert Sandstone. Best friends