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MCC CASE Recipient Alyssa Marks Partners with Communities in Schools


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Michigan Campus Compact chose Alyssa Marks a graduate student in the School of Social Work from the University of Michigan as a recipient of the Carter Academic-Service Entrepreneur grant.The $1000 CASE grant was provided by the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Partnership Foundation and provides funding to establish or significantly further a partnership between a college student and a community nonprofit organization.
Working with Communities in Schools and the Detroit Parent Network, Alyssa Marks coordinated and administered classes to parents of students who attend Butzel Elementary and Middle school. Communities in Schools and the Detroit Parent Network will provide training for successful parenting and increase parents’ abilities to aide their children in completing their homework.

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MCC CASE Recipient Alyssa Marks Partners with Communities in Schools

  1. 1. BUTZEL ELEMENTARY/MIDDLE SCHOOL PARENT WORKSHOPS In collaboration with: Detroit Parent Network Communities In Schools University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Carter Academic Service Entrepreneur Grant Michigan Campus Compact
  2. 2. Needs Assessment <ul><li>In our initial assessment of what Communities In Schools would be able to bring to the community of and surrounding Butzel Elementary/Middle School there was a high assessed desire for parenting skills/homework help workshops for parents and families of Butzel students. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Detroit Parent Network
  4. 4. Detroit Parent Network <ul><li>We collaborated with Detroit Parent Network to administer the workshops and enroll the parents in their program so they could continue to receive services free of charge to the parents for the next year. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Flyers were sent and Incentives were purchased…
  6. 6. The workshops were scheduled and the parents came to learn…
  7. 7. Yolanda had some tricks up her sleeve!
  8. 8. The parents enjoyed food and each others’ company…
  9. 9. The tools shared were very useful…
  10. 10. And even the kids got to enjoy!
  11. 11. THANK YOU! <ul><li>To Michigan Campus Compact and the Carter Academic Service Entrepreneur Grant for allowing us this opportunity to include parents in learning activities at Butzel School! </li></ul><ul><li>Another Thank You to Communities In Schools for their support, Yolanda Eddins from DPN for her very hard work, DPN for the free child care services, Reyonna Orr for her continuous guidance, and Principal Wilson for providing dinner for our second workshop participants ☻ </li></ul>